What is the Healthiest Sweetener?

Diana Compares 5 Sugars

Sugar! Yes – that is one big topic for many of us and certainly has been for me all of my adult life. I am a confirmed sugar addict.

In the following video I compare stevia, brown rice syrup, honey, molasses and agave. and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each.  I also deal with specific questions.

Once you admit to an addiction, that is a good beginning.  An honest sugar addict sees that it is important to take practical steps, like not having cupboards full of candies, cookies or cakes made with sugar.  I have not bought white sugar for over 30 years. See: 7 Tips to Reduce Sugar Cravings

I have spent a good part of my adult life figuring out how to have sweet yummies in my life without them being harmful to my well being.

The main one I use is a properly processed stevia because I know that one is the best for my body as it has no calories and does not put my blood sugar into swings.  It’s also one of the most alkaline sugars.  There are a few others I use occasionally.

There are other sugars I use occasionally but did not highlight them in this class since we were about to make uncooked sweets like Raw Apricot Coconut Balls, Carob Bliss Balls and Peanut Butter Bliss Balls (these recipes are coming soon).

I had no idea that it was going to be filmed; Randy just showed up with his camera and started filming my class.

More great articles on sugar and recipes with healthy sugar on next page.

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Healthy Sugar Recipes:

Banana Pudding: You won’t believe how simple and good this is. (gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free and sweetened with a bit of stevia)

Pear Hazelnut Crumble: I think all crumbles are delicious! (wheat-free, dairy-free, egg-free, and sweetened with stevia and rice syrup)

Hermit Cookies: A childhood favorite: (gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, and uses three different sweeteners)

Learn How to Cook With Healthy Sugars:

I am so passionate about getting people on the right sugars that I offer Healthy Online Trainings where you get focused support in eating perfectly balanced healthy meals with only health sugars. There is even a Healthy Chocolate Project!

These  includes shopping lists, menus, video training, plus personal and group support.   Sometimes just knowing what to do is not enough.  A person has to feel  confident enough to do it easily.


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