What Sustainable Clothes Shopping Means Today

Navigating the intricate world of fashion can be overwhelming—with so many advances in technology, the fashion world is always expanding. From e-commerce to a host of new materials, fashionable clothing is always just a click of a button away. However, with fast fashion companies and consumerism
at an all-time high, making sure your shopping practices are eco-friendly and sustainable becomes more important by the minute.

We understand that adding another facet to an already lengthy shopping process can be a lot to take in, so we have found three ways that you can start to implement sustainability into your shopping habits.

1. Recycle Your Clothes

The first one is the most well-known one: recycling. No, I’m not just talking about that green bin you have at your house—I’m talking about your clothes! In addition to taking items you no longer wear or have outgrown to a charity shop or passing them onto friends who can find good use of them, you can
also sell them at secondhand online retailers. This is a great model for clothing that you only wear for a short period, like maternity clothes or formal wear. Take extra care of these pieces while you have them, as this will increase their chances of being able to be resold. That means less of a chance that they’ll end up in a landfill!

On the other hand, if you’re itching to shop but know you should avoid the stores at the mall, check out consignment shops and online thrift stores. You’ll get new-to-you clothing without contributing to the toll that fast fashion manufacturing takes on the environment.

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2. Choose Pieces that Will Stand the Test of Time

The second way that you can practice sustainable shopping is by shopping for materials and styles that will stand the test of time. Like I mentioned, taking good care of your clothing will prevent it from becoming waste earlier than necessary. Try to buy well-made, high-quality pieces that can make a
lasting impact on the life of your closet and can be passed on to vintage shops or friends and family.

3. Go for Sustainable Materials

Last but not least, if you’re buying new clothing, look for materials that are eco-friendly and sustainable. What makes a textile sustainable? They must have quality production practices and worker’s rights, employ waste reduction and come from renewable sources. Look for organic, eco-friendly materials—anything that is gentle on Mother Earth and her inhabitants is preferable.

Fortunately, a lot of these materials are popping up in the fashion industry today. For example, pineapple byproduct is used to create a leather-like material from the leaves of pineapples. Not only does this create a use for what would otherwise be waste, but it also is an extra source of income for
farmers! How cool is that? Other sustainable choices include bionic yarn, which is made from plastic found in our waters and can be used in everything from denim to dresses, and hemp, which is comparable to cotton but uses less water and land to grow.

From taking better care of your clothing and reselling it to another home or purchasing sustainable textiles instead of fast fashion, taking an environmentally friendly approach to your closet will help keep the earth healthy. Whether you enjoy trendy pieces or need to purchase maternity clothing, there is a
sustainable option for everyone today.

As a stylist, Catherine Claire provides tips for staying fashionable and reducing your carbon footprint. Catherine curates content for The Crystal Press and writes for thredUP.com, an online thrift store. Buying used maternity clothes is a great way to reuse and save some money. Visit thredUP here or at their new retail location in San Marcos, TX.

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