What Your Body Tells the Healer

An Ayurvedic healer starts reading your personality type as soon as you walk into his room. How does he do that? Well, ancient ayurvedic treatises have lengthy explanations of how your physical appearance is linked to your doshas.

First, your build:

  • A light, thin frame and unsure gait immediately classifies you as Vata
  • A medium frame with sharp features and a confident strideóthatís Pitta walking in.
  • A heavy set, shortish build with a leaisurely gait and a gentle smile: meet Kapha.

So now youíre sitting in front of the vaidya. He is noticing every facial feature. It’s fun (and informative!) to do this on your own, in front of a mirror:


  • Sharp nose: Pitta personality.
  • Stubby, blunt nose: Kapha dosha predominance.
  • A crooked, pert nose indicates Vata


  • Dry, scanty eyelashes and small, muddy-ish eyes are a sign of Vata.
  • Long, moist eyelashes and sharp, reddish eyes: Pitta
  • Dark, lush eyelashes and large, limpid eyes: Kapha


  • Dry, chapped lips: Vata
  • Red lips with signs of inflammation along the corners: Pitta
  • Thick, moist lips: Kapha

Skin and Hair:

  • Rough, dry, thin skin and hair: Vata
  • Light-coloured hair, signs of greying or balding; reddish skin: Pitta
  • Wavy, thick and lustrous hair, shiny and dewy skin: Kapha

Putting his fingers on your pulse to read the inside story of your body, the vaidya is able to confirm what his eyes have told him. I find it fascinating that ayurvedic healers have arrived at these methods of diagnosis by sheer observation of humans across centuries. Can† laboratory research ever stand up against what time and wisdom have tested?



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