What’s Your Coffee IQ? (Quiz)

You know it gets you out of bed in the morning, but do you know all the facts about your cup of Joe? Take our quiz and find out:

If you brew your own java at home, you’re paying about:

A. 30 cents a cup.
B. 50 cents a cup.
C. $1 a cup.
D. $1.50 a cup.

Answer: A., 30 cents a cup. A pound of beans makes about 40 cups, so at $11 per pound—an estimated average for organic fair-trade java—that breaks down to less than 30 cents a cup.

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TRUE OR FALSE: Coffee can make you smarter.

Answer: TRUE—kind of. Don’t expect your IQ to shoot up after a cup of java, but caffeine does have a positive effect on cognition, memory performance, and the ability to complete complex tasks.

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Arrange the following antioxidant-rich foods and drinks by how many antioxidants they pack into one serving: corn, tea, coffee, bananas, beans.

Answer: Coffee, tea, bananas, beans, corn.

Coffee has a whopping amount of antioxidants–on average, Americans receive 1,299 milligrams of antioxidants  from their 1.64 cups of daily coffee. The closest competitor was tea at 294 milligrams. Rounding out the top five sources were bananas, 76 milligrams; dry beans, 72 milligrams; and corn, 48 milligrams.

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TRUE OR FALSE: Coffee can cause irregular heartbeat.

Answer: TRUE. But not to worry! A slight, temporary rise in heart rate and blood pressure is common in those who are sensitive to caffeine—but the rise is comparative to normal activity like walking up stairs. That said, if you have high blood pressure, talk to your doctor about caffeine intake as some people may be more sensitive to its effects—coffee may increase risk of stroke in people in high blood pressure, so you may want to consider ditching your daily cup.

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What’s the best way to green your coffee consumption?

A. Use an electric coffeemaker.
B. Use a French press.
C. Use disposable filters.
D. Make coffee at home.

Answer: B & D. Start by ditching paper cups at coffee shops and make your own coffee at home…using a French Press. In terms of energy efficiency, the manual press pot requires only the energy to heat the water (an electric kettle is most efficient). Americans spend $400 million annually on electricity for their coffeemakers; press pots, virtually nothing.

TRUE OR FALSE: Caffeine increases risk for osteoporosis..

Answer: False. Moderate amounts of caffeine–about 300 milligrams, roughly three cups of coffee–apparently cause no harm in most healthy adults. At high levels (more than 744 milligrams per day, around seven or eight cups of coffee), caffeine may increase calcium and magnesium loss in urine. But recent studies suggest it does not increase your risk for bone loss, especially if you get enough calcium. You can offset the calcium lost from drinking one cup of coffee by adding just two tablespoons of milk.

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Coffee and a quiz about this delightful brew is reminding me about having a steaming hot cup of coffee in the near future. I don't drink it each day but it is something that I look forward to, especially the flavourful and tempting aroma.

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