Which Elemental Ruler Are You? Quiz

Are you a fiery Queen of Wands or an emotional King of Cups? A clear-thinking King of Swords or a practical Queen of Pentacles?

The great psychologist Carl Jung knew that the Court cards of Tarot show types of energy systems inside each person. The pictures on the cards are symbols that express the characteristics of a particularly active energy in us. Take this fascinating quiz to see which archetypal energies are dominant in you.

Answer the questions, then total your “yes” answers to determine which suit is strongest for you.

Are You a King or Queen of Swords? – AIR
1. Are you independent?
2. Are you aggressive?
3. Are you goal-oriented?
4. Are you curious?
5. Do you have a quick wit?
6. Is your mind full of thoughts and ideas?
7. Are you a perfectionist?
8. Do you become bored without mental stimuli?
9. Do you have a tendency to become very involved in a theory?
10. Do you like to be in a position of authority?
11. Are you interested in spiritual and philosophical problems?
12. Is the discovery of new things of vital importance to you?
13. Does your sense of “reality” depend on a rational order in your mind?
14. Do you have little interest if other people support, praise, or condone you projects if these projects seem rational to you?
15. Do you have a need to have reality completely figured out?

Are you a King or Queen of Wands? – FIRE
1. Do you have a high energy level?
2. Do you act before you think?
3. Do you thrive on change and become bored easily?
4. Are you enthusiastic?
5. Do you love to express yourself in communication?
6. Are you a warm and loyal friend?
7. Do you trust yourself and others?
8. Do you have deep inner convictions?
9. Are you charming and well liked?
10. Do you support and encourage others?
11. Do you have a courageous spirit?
12. Do you concern yourself with what others think and feel?
13. Does your sense of “reality” depend on what you feel?
14. Do you often need praise to keep working on a project or job?
15. Are you sympathetic?

Are you a king or Queen of Cups? – WATER
1. Are you refined and sensitive?
2. Do you often see things differently from others?
3. Is reality a struggle?
4. Are you vague and somewhat aloof?
5. Do you have difficulty understanding money?
6. Do you possess wisdom?
7. Do people come to you for advice?
8. Are facts and details unimportant to you?
9. Are you emotionally honest?
10. Is it of prime importance for you to understand yourself?
11. Can you keep working on a project you believe in without support from your environment?
12. Are you very aware of the positive and negative in you?
13. Do you consider small talk irrelevant?
14. Do you prize connection to others?
15. Do you wish others were more sensitive?

Are you a King or Queen of Pentacles? – EARTH
1. Are you conventional?
2. Do you have a quiet, industrious nature?
3. Are you practical?
4. Do you value the work ethic?
5. Do you like routine?
6. Do you feel most comfortable discussing daily and worldly matters?
7. Do you tend to remove yourself emotionally from conflict?
8. Are you complacent or laid-back?
9. Do you accept nature and its ways?
10. Is respectability very important to you?
11. Do you have a realistic understanding of money?
12. Do you like to create a comfortable material environment?
13. Are you very accepting of others?
14. Are you concerned about the details of daily living?
15. Do you live in the “now,” in the present moment?

Adapted from Discovering Your Self Through the Tarot, by Rose Gwain. Copyright (c) 1994 by Rose Gwain. Reprinted by permissin of Inner Traditions.
Adapted from Discovering Your Self Through the Tarot, by Rose Gwain (Inner Traditions, 1994).


Megan Martin
Megan Martin5 years ago

EARTH - Queen of Pentacles! Funny what you discover about yourself doing these types of quizzes.

iii q.
g d c6 years ago


K s Goh
KS Goh6 years ago

Thanks for the article.

Holly Lawrence
Holly Lawrence6 years ago

I'm a little of each - is that good or bad???

Alex Tagge
Alex Tagge6 years ago

King of Swords :)

Claire Johnson
Claire Johnson9 years ago

earth - 12
water - 11
fire - 10
air - 10

I did expect my answers to all be kindoff equal, it always is for me. Maybe because in my astrological chart I have equal amounts of most of the elements, no one is prominent.

Tina Tongen
Tina Tongen9 years ago

air - 11, fire - 14, water - 13, earth - 3
I am an aries and I love change, have a lot of energy for new beginnings for sure and passion, creativity, curiosity about many things - but this can also be erratic and overwhelming. My low score in earth does reflect how I am experiencing a lot of change right now - I'm burning full of ideas and flowing like water. It's good for now ;-) As I get older I will most likely become more grounded (for everything there is a season), and I think and feel there is so much for me to learn as the energy keeps moving. :-) This quiz is informative, thanks for posting it.

Joanna Carichner
Joanna Carichner9 years ago

hmmm 10 water, 8 fire, 5 air and ZERO earth. Hmmm. Not sure, Bi-Polar I guess!!!

Joanna Carichner
Joanna Carichner9 years ago

hmmm 10 water, 8 fire, 5 air and ZERO earth. Hmmm. Not sure, Bi-Polar I guess!!!

Nicky Alex
Nicky Sevior9 years ago

Ps I an Aquarius (air)