Who Lights Your Path to Abundance?

When you pay attention to the messages that surround you and how they often mirror your own internal needs, you will become aware of the importance of being among the right people and situations. Find others who have been successful in what you desire to create. Here is an exercise to help you find your lineage and the mentorship with which you resonate:

If you can find a lineage or a tradition that you resonate with–one that has ideals, goals, and visions that are congruent with your own–you can find the nourishment and confidence that will help you to accomplish your goals and see them in a larger context.

To begin this process of finding your place in a lineage, you need to ask yourself what traditions call out to you. In what situations do you feel most comfortable, interested, and valued?

Draw a map of your own lineage of inspiration.

Who inspired you when you were ten, fifteen, twenty, and so on?

Who have you consciously or unconsciously chosen to model in your life?

Who would you like to move closer to?

Who do you know who has skills or the energy that you would like to possess on your path?

In what ways might you bring those people more strongly into your sphere of intention?

Adapted from Alchemy of Abundance, by Rick Jarow, Ph.D. (Sounds True, 2005). Copyright (c) 2005 by Rick Jarow. Reprinted by permission of Sounds True.
Adapted from Alchemy of Abundance, by Rick Jarow, Ph.D. (Sounds True, 2005).


Dolly Davis
Dolly Davis7 years ago

for me:its knowing what I want ,what an I can do-and willing to do whatever the task--of course with flare--The kind my Grandma had-she was an still is my idol=love ya Grandma for all you taught ME