Who Should Get a Flu Vaccine?

The flu vaccine is common enough, but there are still many people who aren’t getting one. Should you be lining up?

In a word – yes. According to federal health agency recommendations, pretty much anyone over the age of 6 months should get the shot this winter season. While this is a very simple, black and white answer, many Americans are skipping this step in their healthcare due to widespread misconceptions about the vaccine.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) “between five percent and 20 percent of American people get the flu every year and an average of 200,000 people are hospitalized annually due to flu related symptoms. Many of those sicknesses and hospitalizations could be avoided if more people got vaccinated.”

In response to these numbers, the National Consumers League recently did a study and uncovered how few Americans are getting the vaccine and why they’re choosing to forgo the shot. Here are a few:

  • “One in five Americans say they have not received the flu vaccine because they do not believe the flu is a serious illness. The flu is a serious illness and results in deaths every year. While adults over 65, children under two, and people with serious medical conditions have the highest risk of suffering additional complications after getting the flu, †everyone can succumb to flu-related symptoms that result in hospitalization or death. From 2004-2008, 830 children died from flu-related complications, 43 percent of those children had no high-risk medical condition.
  • One in five parents do not get vaccinated because they fear the vaccine can give them the flu. According to the CDC, the flu vaccine CANNOT give you the flu. Medical professionals universally agree that the flu vaccination is safe and the best chance Americans have to avoid contracting the virus. The most likely side effects are soreness, redness, tenderness, or swelling where the shot was administered.
  • Of the Americans who do not get vaccinated, 45 percent cited their good health as a rationale for bypassing vaccination. Prior to 2010 the CDC recommended only young children, seniors, and people with serious medical conditions get vaccinated. In 2010, however, CDC changed their guidelines and now recommends that everyone, including Americans age 18-49 who are healthy, receive the vaccine annually.
  • Only 44 percent of parents say their children have been vaccinated. This number is too low. The NCL survey revealed that among parents, the flu ranks second only to meningitis as the disease parents are most worried their child may contract. Recently, New York City announced a new provision requiring children who attend preschool or day care to be vaccinated to avoid spreading the disease to others in close proximity.”

So tell us, are you planning to get vaccinated this year? For more information, you can visit the CDCís site and click here to see the full results of NCLís survey. Whatever you decide to do, please stay healthy and stay informed!

Source: National Consumers League

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Michael A.
Michael A3 years ago


Carole R.
Carole R3 years ago

Thanks for the post. I always get a flu shot. So far so good.

Debbie Miller
Debbie Miller3 years ago

vaccine...not me, ..don't want all the junk it adds to your body!! I pray that if I get the flu I can get the help needed and/or preferably heal myself.. it is possible with the Grace of God and knowing all kinds of healthy things to prevent it or snuff it out should it come on ...

Elena T.
Elena Poensgen3 years ago

Thank you :)

Steven G.
Steven G3 years ago

Vaccine Fraud

In the vaccine industry, fraud is part of the corporate culture, and it's found in the fraudulent science, drug price fixing, widespread bribery of doctors, the faking of "scientific" evidence and the industry's payoffs to the mainstream media in the form of advertising money.

It is an historical fact -- a fact the CDC has desperately tried to cover up -- that 98 million Americans were injected with polio vaccines laced with cancer-causing viruses. The CDC recently scrubbed this historical information from its website in part of a revisionist history scheme.

It is also a fact that former Merck scientists Dr. Maurine Hilleman openly admitted -- on tape! -- that vaccines contained huge numbers of cancer-causing "stealth" viruses. Click here for the shocking transcript of the recording by Dr. Hilleman.

Even vaccines that might actually work are intentionally laced with aluminum, MSG, mercury and formaldehyde

Just to make sure vaccines are as destructive as possible, the vaccine industry makes sure that nearly all vaccines are laced with neurotoxic chemicals.

When it comes to vaccines, you see, it's all based on fraud. Logic and science are thrown out the window. Efficacy is utterly abandoned. Vaccines never need to prove they actually work. They are accepted as a matter of faith by the followers of the reductionist medical cult known as "western medicine."

No one is allowed to question vaccines using any scientific questioning. No one is allowe

Patricia M.
Patricia M3 years ago

I got a flu shot for the first time this past fall, at age 59. After 25 years of not having the flu at all, I became severely ill with the flu two years ago; it took weeks to recover fully. I also contracted the flu last year, not quite as severely ill, but ill enough, and again it took weeks. I'm not expecting miracles from a flu shot, but I'm willing to do whatever it takes not to catch the flu again. Granted, it's an individual decision, and I made mine.

Julie Evans
Julie Evans3 years ago

Got my flu shot 3 days ago. :)

Kim Southcott
Kim Southcott3 years ago

Get my flu shot every year and never get the flu.

John B.
John B4 years ago

Thanks Lo. Already got mine!

James R B.
James B4 years ago

We can stop this multi-billion dollar racket by just taking a few minutes to understand the facts, and making a fully informed decision...