Who Will Adopt Chester–a Happy Dog Born Without Full Front Legs? (Video)

“Chester is an Irish wolfhound cross who was born without complete front legs.

Chester’s physical limitations don’t prevent him from being a complete and happy dog thanks to the help of his foster carer and the Animal Welfare League Qld, where he is currently up for adoption. Thanks to social media, he has even had a pair of wheels donated to help him get further exercise.

Notes from Chester’s current foster carer:
Chester is a lovely boy, very affectionate and friendly. He loves his doggy friends and just wants to play. He gets along with every other dog he has met so far. He also loves his toys a lot. Now that he is comfortable with my Labradors, he plays tug of war with them.

His toilet training is coming along very well, he knows to go outside to go to the toilet and I have not had an accident inside for a couple of weeks. He likes it when you hold his front end up and he walks with the back legs. He sort of expects it now, he will lay there and just look at you like “well come on, pick me up, take me outside for toilet!”

Chester is friendly with anyone he meets, loves to hug them and lean on them for support. Chester also sleeps right through the night with no interruptions. He even stays in bed a bit after I have already arisen likes he wants to sleep in! He sleeps in his own cushioned bed on the floor next to my bed. He knows this is where he sleeps and automatically goes there when I go to bed. He is very smart. He also likes to snuggle up with my dogs during the day.

Chester would benefit greatly if he could be rehomed with another dog, he really enjoys their company and you can see he is very happy.

Chester is a complete pleasure to Foster; he would make a wonderful pet for anyone who is willing to give him a helping hand and chance…”

To learn more about Chester and other animal rescues, please visit this site: www.awlqld.com.au

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Carrie-Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

Magdalena J.
Past Member 3 years ago

Thank you!

Janice Thompson
Janice Thompson3 years ago

Critters always give more than they get. All my rescues have loved me unconditionally.

Joanna M.
Joanna M3 years ago

I absolutely would if I could! However, I already have one rescued dog, and am semi-disabled myself.

Please sign my petition - pledge to adopt at least one rescued dog or cat in your lifetime! So many animals need US to give them a second chance at life!


Kamia T.
Kamia T3 years ago

So sad to see dogs more and more that are being born with physical deformities. I'd love to see him get real prosthetics so he could walk normally, but at least this is a beginning. All my rescued dogs were ones with a medical issue, so it's not impossible to take in those animals and be very, very happy!

Mary Donnelly
Mary Donnelly3 years ago


Tricia Hamilton
Tricia Hamilton3 years ago

I will adopt him. I only ended up with animals no one else wanted.

Connie Palladini
Connie Palladini3 years ago

Adorable! I hope he will be adopted in a good home!!!!

Joanna M.
Joanna M3 years ago

I am a special-needs human, so I have a special place in my heart for such dogs. Three years ago, I adopted a mini poodle who's been the joy of my life. Ever since then, I've been on a campaign to encourage others to adopt special needs and rescued pets.

Please add your name to the pledge!


Jeff S.
Jeff S.3 years ago

If Chester needs a home, he is always welcome here, I like his wheel harness, I might have to get a larger doggy-door, not sure he'd be able to get through the one I have with that harness, but that's not a problem.