Who’s Driving Your Bus?

Control of your life belongs to you. I want you to understand that you are actually in control of your life. Yes, I realize it doesn’t always feel that way, but it is the truth. Your life is… well, your life and this is your truth.

We may relinquish our control to others because we feel afraid of the responsibility or confusion about what to do with our power. Perhaps, it is because we are being bullied to give up control.

We may allow ourselves to become overwhelmed by our stuff, possessing more material things than we are honestly capable of managing. We sacrifice control by choosing to manage our stuff, instead of managing our lives.

We may surrender control by overcommitting our time – saying yes to others, again and again – until our life is no longer ours to live.

We may surrender control by pursuing a career path because of a dream someone else has for us. Or, perhaps worse, we may give up control by going to a job every day simply because it was the job we had yesterday – years passing, while our dreams wait in the shadows.

We may sacrifice control of our life because we weren’t empowered to put our needs first. We live in a society that celebrates those who give their all for others, without regard for the impact on self. Sadly, many of us sincerely believe that they are not worthy of the basics we need to thrive – sleep, healthy food, exercise, spirituality, support, and respect.

The reasons we choose to live out of control are endless. As a life coach, I’ve heard them all. As a woman, I’ve used them all. The truth is (and we all want to know the truth) that all of these reasons are lies. They are excuses and this way of thinking prevents us from living our best lives.

Today, realize that you are in control. Take back the driver’s seat; this bus is actually your life! It is time to decide where you are going.

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KrassiAWAY B.
Krasimira B7 years ago

Noted with thanks...

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Robert O7 years ago


Kathleen R.
Kate R7 years ago

so true

Emily Smith
Emily Smith7 years ago

Though it's nice to know that I have some control, there are also some things that I have absolutely no control over. And I've learned to enjoy those little detours. One of my favorite things in the world is being hopelessly, entirely lost.

Christy Farr
Christy Farr7 years ago

@Alexandra, I've never had a client whose bus was so out of control that they couldn't bring it back. It's all about the willingness to get back in the driver's seat... even if it's hard, or scary, or if you'll have to throw someone else out of the seat first. Seriously. You can do it. If you need support there are many people (including me) whose job it is to be with you while you turn this thing back around.

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Mit W.
Mit Wes7 years ago

If you know German, try reading the

"Die lange lange Strasse lang" - Wolfgang Borchert

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Danny M.
Danny M7 years ago

Really thanks, great article!

Alexandra Rodda
Alexandra Rodda7 years ago

What happens once the bus is out of control?