Why DIY?

Calling all Do-It-Yourselfers, this post’s for you. Whether it’s a massive project like a home remodel or making candles for your holiday table, Green DIYers reduce their eco-footprint daily by making conscious choices to create rather than buy.

I used to believe that you either had it or you didn’t–the DIY gene. Well, I’ll let you in on a secret, DIY can be learned and it can be greened. So don’t worry if you think you don’t have a creative bone in your body. DIY is all about having fun and enjoying the process of learning by doing. Because you are creating it yourself, the product and the process is all yours.

Why DIY?
• To minimize cost.
• To personalize and customize projects.
• To create one-of-a-kind items.
• To make gifts that show you care.
• To be challenged to figure out how things work.
• To learn a new skill and keep your mind engaged.
• To enjoy a sense of accomplishment and the satisfaction of creating something useful and beautiful.
• To share something meaningful to you.
• To reduce your environmental footprint.
• To have fun.

Even if you don’t mine the home, design, craft and eco Web sites, magazines and books like I do, storing your ideas and documenting your projects is easy when you create a DIY Design File. One of my favorite websites for DIY ideas Design Sponge shows you how to make eco-friendly notebooks, using beautiful recycled paper, that would be perfect for your unique DIY file.

What goes into your DIY file?
• Ideas.
• Projects.
• Inspiration layouts for decorating.
• Pictures from sources, before and after pictures.
• Pieces of materials (paper, yarn, thread, buttons, fringe, etc.).
• Photographs of your process and finished creations.
• Notes, doodles, clippings or whatever strikes your fancy.

And if you don’t want or have time to create a physical file, Domino magazine has an online program that lets you try out ideas for your nest.

The winter holidays are the perfect time to create magic for your EcoNest. I’ll provide you with a weekly dose of DIY, and I would love to hear how you DIY. Hey, we could start a DIY Care2 Movement!


Murat K.
Past Member 6 years ago

Only just started konteyner reading "the long tail" book after hearing it mentioned in a BBC documentary, but kabin pretty much covers alot of factors relating to how things have shifted over past prefabrik villa decade. when I started out was alot harder to do stuff, but now can be done in half the time which film indir allows for the development creativity aspects...

Darla G.
Darla G.7 years ago

DIY is always a grest option. I enjoy a lot of DIY projects and love learning new ideas. Thanks

Chou Ga
Chou Ga7 years ago

Hooray for D.I.Y.! My family does it all the time!

gail d.
gail dair7 years ago

thanks for sharing

John Norman Dela Cruz
Jonn Norman8 years ago

Super great ideas on how to file great projects. I have a box in my craft room where I dispose rather keep notes on certain projects I wish to do at a future time. I can now make a file and then place them in a drawer for future creative moments.

Lizzie A.
.8 years ago


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David Jones
David Jones8 years ago

very good information, thank you for sharing

Ted F.
Ted F.9 years ago

Another additional benefit of DIY is the accumulation of new tools. I now have a variety of hand and power tools that I've purchased for far less than the cost of the labor, if I had to hire someone to do the work for me. Having the right tools means that I can do more DIY projects, saving even more money in the long run. My son has also taken a great interest in how things work just by observing my own DIY work. These are great skills that he will carry throughout his life, giving him an advantage over those who don't have a clue as to how to fix things.