Why, When & How to Detox Your Body

Your body is amazing! It deals with constant waves of harmful toxins from within and without, and it still keeps on ticking.

The body is not invincible though. I consider it only right that we give our bodies some help!

Toxins from Outside:

1. We inhale them.

This includes household cleaning products, air fresheners, carpets, paints, glues, cigarette smoke and many more. Read my 16 Dangers of Indoor Air Pollution.

2. We swallow them in our food and water.

I follow the ‘Dirty Dozen Rule’ which means for that I watch the testing results of the top most toxic fruits and vegetables and just won’t eat them unless they are organic.

I can’t eat organic always though, and with the current state of our environment, even organic foods are not 100 percent safe.

Even buying from organic health companies does not guarantee long-term safety since many of them are owned by huge food corporations. This grocery store blacklist gives many examples.

3. We absorb them through our skin.

Consider the clothes you wear, the sheets you sleep on and the towels you rub your skin with. Have they all been cleaned with detergents? Are they powerful and toxic?

Scientists estimate that you carry at least 700 toxins in your body, most of which have not been well-studied.

There are 80,000 chemicals used in the U.S. — most of which are untested and unregulated.

Toxins Generated From Within:

For some of us, the toxins that our body creates are a bigger problem.

1. Your Metabolism & Toxins

When we burn carbs or proteins or fats for energy, this process creates byproducts that the body must treat like toxins and eliminate. Burning proteins can be inefficient and toxic but even the cleanest burning carbs leave residues.

2. Incomplete Digestion

  • You can eat the purest food in the world, but if you eat too much of it, or you don’t chew your food to begin the digestive process properly, you will create a lot of waste that must be taken care of.
  • You can create poor digestion by combining food poorly. Some foods like proteins need a high acid level to begin digestion while carbohydrates start with a more alkaline environment. Eating poor combinations creates gas and toxins in the digestive tract.
  • Some people just can’t properly digest gluten products and grains. If they continue to eat large quantities of these foods like everyone else in our culture, they continuously deal with toxins and inflammation, disrupting their blood sugar and insulin levels and leaving them overweight.

What Should You Do?

1. The first step is to avoid toxins being consumed from the environment.

This involves being AWARE and reading labels.

If this sounds boring, I understand. Luckily, this inconvenient attention to detail decreases over time as you start learning the purest food sources. I rarely read labels as I rarely buy food in packages. I mostly eat whole food which I call Real Food.

2. Periodic Detoxes

There are hundreds of different approaches and interpretations of a detox. My criteria for a detox are:

  • To give the digestion system a break. This means it has easily digestible foods. Grains, protein and fat consumption are reduced. Fruits and vegetable are increased. Also no gluten products.
  • Choose foods to support the detox process. For example, fiber and pectin help cleanse the bowel, and specific foods feed and energize the cleansing organs of liver and kidney and skin.

When and How to Detox?

I’ve participated in rigorous detoxes like the 21-day water fast and week-long a juice fast. I don’t recommend this for most people unless you are medically supervised like I was. What I recommend and offer are simple Two Day Detoxes.

Two Day Detoxes are gentle enough not to interfere with your body’s function, but powerful enough to create significant shifts in your body.

Spring and Summer are the best times to detox but early autumn is a good time too. Winter is not ever the time to detox unless you have a life threatening illness and your detox is medically supervised.

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