Why Women Shouldn’t Breastfeed in Public (Video)

Kristina Kuzmic has a few words for anyone looking to shame breastfeeding moms. The vlogger satirically highlights the hypocrisy of people who stigmatize mothers nursing in public.

“By breastfeeding in public, we are spreading the lie that breasts serve a purpose, other than just to turn someone on,” Kuzmic says wryly.

While the video is funny, the problem being addressed is quite serious and pervasive. As we’ve highlighted earlier this year publicly shaming women for breastfeeding isn’t just misogynistic, it’s actually dangerous:

“Breastfeeding literally saves children’s lives, with the World Health Organizations stating: ‘If every child was breastfed within an hour of birth, given only breast milk for their first six months of life, and continued breastfeeding up to the age of two years, about 800,000 child lives would be saved every year.’”

Human breast milk is reported to decrease cancer risk and increase immunity in children. Even obesity and allergic responses are lower in children who have been breast fed. This is to say nothing about the lower instances of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

Still, breastfeeding women face absurd stigma. We should do our part to consciously ensure mothers receive support as they nurse their children, no matter where the child becomes hungry. Always intervene if a nursing woman is being harassed in your presence.

Then, if you feel inspired, share Kuzmic’s video example to show your support.

Photo Credit: Kristina Kuzmic via embedded YouTube clip


Siyus Copetallus
Siyus C3 years ago

Thank you for sharing.

Nikki Davey
Nikki Davey3 years ago


Quanta Kiran
Quanta Kiran3 years ago

breastfeeding is common here.

Brian D.
Brian D3 years ago

Ellen: I thought that your message to me was in the form of an email so I gave you a private response. But I see it was a public posting so I'm posting my response to you.
Hey Ellen - I appreciate your responding because after-all I did ask. However, I really don't appreciate your mischaracterization of what I said or lumping me in with others more conservative positions. I never said anything about finding private or sanitary places. Weird hangups? Really? I asked a question. You sort of gave an answer ... but with such contempt and attitude it makes the message get completely lost. Maybe you're the one with weird hangups.

Have a nice day.

Fi T.
Past Member 3 years ago

Why's that?

Betty C.
Betty C3 years ago


Ellen G.
Ellen G.3 years ago

I've got an answer for you, Brian D., concerning the woman feeding her kid while standing in line to get a boarding pass. Did that action get in your way at all? Did the woman hold up the line? Was she not able to give the ticket agent her full attention while making the transaction? After all, the baby had his mouth occupied, not her. And she had one arm and hand free. Most importantly was it not done very quietly as opposed to having to listen to a hungry infant screaming as ear-splittingly horrendously as only a human baby can do because the momma might have chosen to wait until she could find a private place, which might not have been very convenient, therefore everyone would have been much more annoyed by the baby's crying? One more point: when a mother's breasts are full, it becomes more painful the longer she has to wait to feed the baby, so not only would you have to put up with a screaming child, you would also have to witness a distracted and anxious mother simply trying to accommodate your weird hang-ups if she can't find a private and sanitary place to hide in, away from prying and self-righteous eyes.

Myriam G.
Myriam G3 years ago

I'm so with you, Ellen G. I breastfed my kids in public numerous time, sitting and doing pretty much the same moves you did. Nobody hardly ever noticed.

And, dear Brian D, please see the last part of Ana's comment. It'll answer your questions, I'm sure.

Andrea G.
Past Member 3 years ago

"Always intervene if a nursing woman is being harassed in your presence."

You've said it.
People, get over yourselves ...

And Mother Nature isn't stupid either ...
(The feeding procedure for healthy children.)

Brian D.
Brian D3 years ago

Ok, so first let me say I'm a guy, a progressive liberal, vegan and feminist and generally consider breastfeeding fine. But I do have a serious question. Is is fine anytime everywhere? Last week I was at the airport ticket counter and at the counter next to me was a woman breastfeeding while getting her boarding pass. When interacting with peope, giving them your undivided attention is polite. I wouldn't keep talking on my phone when it was my turn with the ticket agent and I wouldn't bring a tray of food and eat my lunch in the middle of the interaction either. I'm not a very good multitasker and perhaps I'm old fashion. Seeing a mother take care of her baby in public is fine. Seeing her standing next to me getting her plane ticket seemed ... I don't know ... strange, rude, unecessary. Help me out here. Is it ok absolutely anytime anywhere? What about while driving a car? What if she's a dentist ... while drilling my teeth? How about a teacher during class? THOUGHTS?