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Green Divas Radio Show: Cherie Corso, Eco Ed, GD Mizar

A wild and crazy show this week! Cherie Corso, beauty expert and founder of G2 Organics was in the studio along with our resident NEWLYWED, GD Mizar and our ever-fun Eco Ed Schwartz. Here’s a picture of the three trouble makers . . .

Newlyweds Green Diva Mizar and AntonioFirst, let’s give a hearty congrats to GD Mizar who married her beloved Antonio (who has been on the show with us a couple of times as the water wizard) the day before the show! It was a successful clandestine operation – none of us knew until after the deed was done. So thrilled for them and we wish them a lifetime of honeymooning and wedded bliss.

After giving GD Mizar some bawdy newlywed ribbing, we turned our attention to the new pope . . . nothing was sacred for this episode. No one was spared. To all our Catholic friends: worry not. We had a Catholic in good standing in the room and she kept us in check.

Between silly jokes and honeymoon innuendoes, we did manage to have a few great segments.

Green Dude Segment: Eco Ed Schwartz – Eco Travel

Did I mention we are down one producer and two interns? I was too busy laughing my butt off and trying to keep control of the room to take meaningful notes, but this was an informative segment that I recommend listening to. Eco Ed will do a specific post on green vacations/eco travel for us ASAP!

Listen to Green Dude, Eco Ed’s fun segment on Eco Travel

GD Mizar DIY: UpCycling Newspaper

Trivet, washed with blue paint and held together with raffia.

GD Mizar did it again – and in the middle of planning a secret wedding! She did a fun post and segment this week on the many ways you can get creative and upcycle newspapers. She talks about the cool (literally) trivet she made.

Listen to the podcast of Green Diva Mizar’s segment on upcycling Newspaper

Read GD Mizar’s post with step-by-step instructions and pictures of how to make a cool trivet from old newspapers and a few other great newspaper upcycling projects!

Feature Interview: Cherie Corso

Cherie_Corso of g2 organics

This is Cherie’s third time in the studio with the Green Divas — first time in the new studio — and as always, she brings wild, wonderful energy with her. As a beauty expert, reiki master, and founder of G2 Organics, we talked a bit about some of the fun organic, odor-free, natural nail products from G2 Organics — as GD Meg actually sat there and used the nail-polish remover. No smell, and there are reiki-charged crystals inside. According to Cherie, New York city is built on a bedrock of quartz crystals. wow. That explains a lot!

Green Divas - Green Dude Eco Ed's nail

We also had fun painting Eco Ed’s finger nails black . . .

Cherie is such a Green Diva — she brought a camera crew with her, so eventually you will be able to SEE this rowdy episode!


Please listen to this great Green Divas Radio Show podcast featuring Cherie Corso and lots more!



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