Wildlife Official Shot Mountain Lion (Petition to Recall)

Daniel W. Richards was appointed to the California Fish and† Game Commission in 2008. His term is supposed to run until January 2013, however, a number of people are calling for his resignation.

Recently a hunting blog called Western Outdoor News published a photo of Richards holding a mountain lion he hunted and killed. He did so in Idaho, where mountain lion hunting is legal. It has been illegal in California since 1990. The website quoted him as saying “I’m glad its legal in Idaho.” (Source: Western Outdoor News) If you visit the blog, you have to scroll about half way down the page to see the photo of Richards with the mountain lion.

His actions were clearly a ‘sport’ kill, meaning it was done for recreation, though there isn’t anything sporting about taking down an animal that can’t shoot back. In his hunt he was also aided by local guides.

Understandably, a number of organizations have protested, and they seem to have very good ground to stand on, as an enthusiastic hunter wouldn’t be someone who would have the best interests of wildlife at heart.

Forty Democratic state Assembly members sent a letter to Richards calling for his resignation. Also, the Sierra Club issued a statement regarding the Assembly members letter saying they support removal, “We do not have any confidence in Mr. Richardsí ability to be involved in setting policy or making decisions regarding the management of Californiaís fish and wildlife resources or protecting Californiaís endangered species. We thank Assemblymember Ben Hueso for his leadership and for calling other legislatorsí attention to Mr. Richardsí actions.” (Source: Sierra Club California)

An online petition to remove Richards is available on Care2.

Mr. Richards is a hunter, member of the National Rifle Association and Republican. He was appointed by former Governor Schwarzenegger.

Image Credit: Public Domain, PD-USGov-USDA

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Patricia Guilhem
Patricia Guilhem4 years ago

Merci pour le partage. La chasse me dégoûte.

Lenee K.
Lenee K5 years ago

Noted !!

Shin Takahashi
Shin Takahashi5 years ago

Signed however, needs to control animal population killing must stop.thanks

Beverly G.
bev g5 years ago


Beverly G.
bev g5 years ago

sicekining. what a beatiful, mgniificent majestic animal. and this arsehole aint got nowt better to do but shoot them when there snot many left. effing bastard.

Ans Weevers
Ans Weevers5 years ago

"The greatness of a nation and it's moral progress can be determined by the ways it treats it's animals."
Mahatma Gandhi

Alicia v.
Alicia V5 years ago

Signed....what a honcho honcho....

Diane L.
Diane L5 years ago

Signed it, Jake. I've got doubts as to whether it will do any good, however. In the other Care.2 discussion, it was said that Richards cannot be removed from office. He was appointed by a formr Governor, not elected.

Clark, you are apparently clueless as to the circumstances surrounding this man's shooting of a mountain lion. He is a wildlife official in California, where it is illegal to shoot or hunt cougar, so he merely went to Idaho where it IS legal and bagged himself a big cat. It was a trophy hunt, not necessary to protect any livestock, nor was he doing anything "official". He bragged about how glad he was that it was legal in Idaho to shoot cougar. He is a real estate developer by profession and an appointee on a commission where he has no business being. He's a disgrace.

Clark T.
Clark T.5 years ago

Not signed. Most people who have posted on this article have no clue what is involved in wildlife management. All I am reading is protect that animals, stop killing animals, etc. If all hunting were to cease today the end result would be animals that starve to death or become sick from overcrowding. Populations go in cycles based on food supply. In remote areas with few humans, the top predators starve when the food supply runs low. Competition for resources leads to survival of the fittest while the weak, very young, and old die. Add people to the mix, when the natural food supply for a top predator (think cougar in California) runs low, they shift their focus to other food items (think house pets and children, joggers, hikers, etc). If you had paid attention in Junior High School you would have learned this!!
The key word in wildlife management is management. That includes population management, and since people have taken over the land it is especially important to control populations so that they stay within the carrying capacity of the areas we have left them. I personally can not see a better steward of wildlife resources then a person with an interest in hunting and a love for the outdoors.

Meg Graham
Meg G5 years ago

seems like a conflict of interest to me. The saddest of things is that he is delighted that it is legal Idaho and that it is legal Idaho.