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Want to see amazing yogis, speakers, and musicians like Michael Franti, Deepak Chopra, John Friend, Seane Corn, and Andrew Bird? Scroll down to see how you can win tickets to Wanderlust — the ultimate nature, music and yoga. Experience it all on the brightest day of the year — the Summer Solstice.

The Yoga of Summer Solstice, by John Friend

The Summer Solstice is the longest light of the year. It is an apex, when the intentions that we set earlier in the darkness come to fruition.

The sun is the source of life. During the Summer Solstice the light is so vibrant and clear, and shadow is the smallest. Winter Solstice is the antithesis, it is the darkest time if year when we tend to question and doubt. In the dark it can be more challenging to see clearly that we are all interconnected. We can lose sight of the intrinsic goodness of life.

The Summer Solstice radiates pure brightness. At this peak in the light, there is an unwavering knowing, and we are completely absorbed in the essential source of life. It is a time of upliftment and renewal, when everyone is in their full creative power.

This year, we are gathering for the Summer Solstice at the Anusara Grand Circle in Vermont,where daylight hovers on the horizon. It will be a unique, intimate gathering of spirits in a remote location away from city life, flowing with Grace in nature. During this time together out in the quiet of the green mountains of Stratton, we will journey into the inner spirit to connect on a deeper level. This rare gathering will have a profound impact on each of us because of the light, the beauty of nature, the intimacy of community on retreat, the space for teachers to connect individually with people – it will be a potent time for a full revelation of the Heart to unfold in the resplendence of the apex of the sunís light.


Enter to win free Anusara Grand Circle + Wanderlust passes! is giving away a week of epic experiences: a pair of passes to The Anusara Grand Circle (6/19 – 6/22) and Wanderlust Vermont (6/23 – 6/26) – practicing with John Friend during the peak of the Summer Solstice, followed by Wanderlustís wild celebration of yoga, live music and stunning natural scenery. (Transportation not included in giveaway.)

If you can make it to Stratton Mountain, Vermont, leave a comment on this post for a chance to win! Winner will be announced June 13. Good luck!


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Please email Samantha at as soon as possible to claim your prize. Thanks to everyone who entered!


Juan P.
Juan P.6 years ago

I love yoga clases, so thios is perfect for me.

Deborah H.
Deborah Higgins6 years ago

Would love to go to Wanderlust VT!

Past Member
Past Member 6 years ago

Wanderlust Vermont here I come!

Past Member
Past Member 6 years ago

I am winning this! and meeting Deepak!

Tricia N.
Tricia N.6 years ago

AhHHH what bliss! to be in Vermont for solstice would be ohmazing! namaste:)

Karen G.
Karen Baldwin6 years ago

June in VT, solstice and Michael Franti.........YES!!!

Juliet Gomez
Rosie Gomez6 years ago


Brook M.
Brook Machin6 years ago

I have been practicing yoga for the past three years and cannot imagine my life without it now!! What an AMAZING experience this would be!!!!!

Kathleen B.
Kathleen B6 years ago

This sounds enchanting!!! If I won tickets I would give them to my brother-in-law. He and his wife always did something special on the solstice, she unfortunately has left us now. He's mentioned he wants to do something that weekend, this year. Of course if he didn't want to go, I'd go!

Jeanne Pandiani
Past Member 6 years ago

The summer solstice was viewed by the ancients as a time for renewal and a sacred time. In fact, many ancient structures were designed and built to channel the beauty and power of the equinoxes and solstices. Stonehenge is best enjoyed during this time of the year because of the shadows cast and the alignment of sunlight with the stones. At Chichen-itza, El Caracol was built to align with solar significance.
What better time to align our human structures with the power of the light than on the summer solstice with like minded friends? See you at Wanderlust! Namaste!