Rebound With Winter Exercise

Women who exercise regularly reduce their chance of breast cancer by 72 percent, according to the “New England Journal of Medicine” (May 1, 1997). Programs for reducing heart disease recommend exercise, and doctors recommend moderate exercise three or four times a week. In other words, medical experts believe that exercise does wonders.

It isn’t always easy getting regular exercise in the winter, and for many of us going to the gym is too risky because it is easy to slip up on regular visits and then hard to justify the expense.

Here is a fun, even light-hearted way to get winter exercise in the comfort of your own home. NASA has been using it to train their astronauts and considers it to be one of the most efficient and effective forms of exercise available:

The equipment offering this exercise is the rebounder. It is similar to a mini-trampoline, about 4 feet wide, and jumping on it is similar to jumping rope except without stress on your joints, knees or back. There is a cushioning spring to it, and it is considered the ultimate aerobic exercise.

By the Care2 Staff.


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