Wisdom from Betsy Chasse

Life is an adventure, a journey through many valleys with many mountains to climb. You’re going to get tired, you’re going to be hungry, you’re going to feel lost. Some nights will be cold and filled with scary things. Some days will be long, hot and without comfort.

Take the time, even when it’s hard, especially when you don’t feel like it, to stop and look back to see how far you have come.

Look at your life in awe for what you have accomplished and know that you have the ability, the grace and the wisdom to continue moving forward. In between those tough times your life has been filled with love, joy, laughter and bliss.

When times are hard, close your eyes and choose a magical moment that filled your heart with joy, then remember that have you have overcome so many obstacles already and know it is within you to do it again.

Believe in yourself, trust yourself and know you are never alone because we are all connected. You are only a thought away from love. Forgive yourself, accept who you are and accept your brilliance. Remember that challenges are opportunities to show yourself what you have within you. And believe me, you have it in you….Continue reading at InspireMeToday.com.

Betsy is an author, a radio host, and the co-creator of What The Bleep Do We Know?!.

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Robert O.
Robert O5 years ago


Kamryn M.
Kay M5 years ago


Michele Wilkinson

Thank you

Laurie D.
Laurie D5 years ago

Gallant words to be sure but SOME days it's also just good to wallow in what IS whether it's awful or lovely. That way you deal with the intensity of the moment IN the moment!

James Maynard
James Maynard5 years ago

When you are up to your hips in alligators, it's
hard to stop and think of better times, but, that's
a good thought to keep. Hope I can remember
to try it if in a similar situation in the future.

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irene davis5 years ago


Nicole Weber
Nicole W5 years ago

thank you

Jennifer C.
Past Member 5 years ago

Thank you.

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Marianne B5 years ago

Thanks for sharing.