Wisdom from Deborah Parker

Sometimes, we conceal ourselves from ourselves. Not wanting to acknowledge the person we are, in all our special gifts, until we are forced to be guided by the wits of what life has taught us. A failure to engage, stuck in the rut, feeling unfilled, because….

We do that until we grow into this ever-evolving trail of life, eventually seeking ways to find meaning after challenges have found us with no zap in our story. Then we start on the quest to find value in our narratives.

We are each bestowed with abilities of wonder, making us this unique blend. From arts, culinary, mechanical, scientific or plain common sense, the range of what we bring to the world is vast. Some gifts we are born with, others come as the results of how parents, caregivers and teachers have instructed us, then eventually our own choices and pursuits add to this list of areas where we can excel.

Our goal is to find these talents, at the right time, with the right count. Do not delay. Do not let others keep us from this treasure. These attributes shelter us in the turmoil of today, becoming our “fall back” in challenging economic and career times….Continue reading at InspireMeToday.com.

Deborah is a motivational speaker and the author of two inspirational books, Navigating Life’s Roadways and Life is A Review.

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Alicia N.
Alicia N5 years ago

Simple but Very, very powerful, loved it!
Thanks, so many

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Cheryl I.
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Great words, thank you.

Sue H.
Sue H5 years ago

Thanks for sharing.

andrew h.
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this may boost your day from Yogananda

"Meditation: your most important engagement
Meditation is the most effective way to spiritualize your consciousness. Never allow anything to discourage you from seeking God through the daily discipline of meditation — it is your most important engagement. Meditation centralizes all the energy in the brain, and destroys all the seeds of past bad habits. Through the practice of regular, right meditation, you can conquer all tendencies that retard your spiritual progress.

Always meditate with devotion. Never be satisfied until you see unmistakable signs of a divine response, and at the same time never allow yourself to become discouraged. The joy born of meditation is an indication that God has replied to your devotion, prayers, and mental whispers."