Wisdom from Dr. Murray Grossan

I would encourage all to use inspiration as a means of achieving a stress free life of achievement. A person, free of stress chemicals, who is creative, is in the very best state of existence, both health wise and emotionally.

Reduce Stress Hormones
Fact: Stress hormones age a person, shunt glycogen from the brain, and narrow blood vessels-often with severe circulatory consequences. A huge number of illnesses are caused by stress- let’s avoid those.

Fact: Free of stress hormones, natural healing and creative thoughts can be amplified.

Becoming stress hormone free and creative is no different than learning a tennis serve. You need practice and you need a coach to show you how to do it correctly.

Send No Stress Signals
First, I recommend you send no stress signals to the stress center. For example, when stressed you breathe rapidly. So, practice breathing in count of four and exhaling slowly and in a relaxed manner at the count of six.

Your muscles also tighten when stressed. Use a mirror to see your face, jaw, and shoulders relax. Your mirror is your full time coach. These two practices – repeated daily- cause a reduction of stress hormones….Continue reading at InspireMeToday.com.

Dr. Murray is an inventor and the founder of Hydro Med Inc, which makes his inventions available to patients.

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