Wisdom from Jennifer Louden

When I ponder the one thing we each need to be daringly alive, I always come back to befriending ourselves. It’s the foundation for everything – relationships, creative expression, bringing our gifts to the world, everything.

You can still accomplish huge feats and make piles of money and inspire millions without befriending yourself but you won’t enjoy much of it. You’ll be like a dog with her nose pressed against the glass. On the other side is peace and fulfillment and lots of good Frisbee throws. You can see it, you can hear it, but you can’t quite feel it.

At the core of you resides a natural warmth, a capacity to love, and a wellspring of succulent tenderness. Nothing can change that. When you make it your commitment to touch that goodness and experience it – rather than believe in it as some kind of abstract – your ability to be in this life and to be of service–expands beyond belief.

You do that by unconditionally, unflinchingly (okay, go ahead and flinch but then come back) acceptance of your experience. It’s a clear-eyed powerful love of you and what life brings you. It might include things like meditation, setting good boundaries, getting enough rest, retreats, time in nature (because it’s pretty darn difficult to befriend yourself when you’re in tatters), but you can’t stop there. If you do, you don’t end up gaining in inner strength, you only end up protecting your own comfort….Continue reading at InspireMeToday.com.

Jennifer is a personal coach, blogger, creator of retreats and best-selling author.

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