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Hello young one, could you sit with me a while? I know I’m old, and you have many places to go…and I only ask you stay a minute or three. Why you ask? Because I’m moving on now and I have a message I wish for you to carry.

For I see in you the amazing Light you truly are and yet I feel in you the immense sadness, fear and pain that locks you behind a a high brick wall …a wall you believe protects you, when all it really does is cause more of the same.

Will you sit with me and let me share what helps ease the pain and lets you step into your true magnificence?

No matter what you may think, no matter what you may have been told, you are a Light unto the world, sent here to share that Light with the world, your world, wherever that may be. You are here to share the special and unique gift that is wrapped up in your human form.

Yes, I hear you say, you’ve been told you are worthless, you are nothing. And I’m here to say, “not true.” Take my hands, feel what I am saying to you and you will know, if even for a fleeting moment, the truth….Continue reading at InspireMeToday.com.

MamaRed is a transformational coach, speaker and author.

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This is a very interesting woman- visit her website. Thanks for introducing her to us.

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