Wisdom from Michelle Casto

Your most important assignment on earth is to excavate the caverns of your inner self to uncover the jewels of your own soul. Self-transformation is a process that can be self-initiated and self-guided. It is often helpful to have a guide to help you bring to light what is hidden in your subconscious programming.

To make lasting change, embrace everything and see the challenges, failures, and limiting beliefs as diamonds in the rough. The things that you wish you didn’t have to deal with are part of your humanity and actually help you to become who you are meant to become.

Thank yourself and your higher power for what you have in your life (good and not-so-good), as it certainly serves your soul’s evolution. When you can make peace with your life story, and come to understand how you actually chose all of it, you begin to take 100% responsibility for knowing and honoring yourself in a way that accelerates your path of unfoldment.

You have unlimited realities—and you form your reality by each thought you think, emotion you feel, belief you construct, and choice you make. To live your life on purpose, you need to balance yourself–the light and the dark, the physical and metaphysical, masculine and feminine, and your level of creating and allowing. The ego part of you declares I create it all. The essence part of you knows I allow it all….Continue reading at InspireMeToday.com.

Known as The Soul Coach, Michelle is a spiritual teacher, author, and modern-day philosopher.

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Eternal Gardener
Eternal G5 years ago


Raju G.
Raju G.5 years ago

Very Inspiring

Juliet D.
judith sanders5 years ago

"The things that you wish you didn’t have to deal with are part of your humanity and actually help you to become who you are meant to become." - Sounds like Calvinism Lite.

Norma V.
Norma Villarreal5 years ago

I create it all.........I allow it all......hmmmmm, good point!

Faith C.
Faith C.5 years ago

Sandi, The point is to further the author's agenda and sell articles. It's off-the-charts grandiosity, and arrogance, for anyone to claim to know all people's most important assignment in life.

The job titled "God" is already taken and no retirement is expected.

Jane Barton
Jane Barton5 years ago

WTF is your "higher power"? The only higher power we have is OURSELVES. The higher power is inside EVERY ONE OF US. We have to get inside and get in touch with our inner
animal. That's where the power is. It's NOT out there in the sky somewhere and there's no fairy god out there who's gonna save us. We have to save ourselves. And that won't happen by putting ourselves in a trance and sweeping everything under the rug. People who believe in
imaginary gods have lost their way. They are lost in a shroud of FEAR, SHAME AND GUILT. Shed that and DO SOMETHING, HERE AND NOW!

Penny C.
penny C5 years ago

Thank you.

Winn Adams
Winn A5 years ago


Sue Matheson
Sue Matheson5 years ago


Sandi C.
Sandi C5 years ago

I can't see the point of this artcule!