Wisdom from Sheri Fink

Be your authentic self. Be true to yourself always. Don’t worry what other people will think. March to the beat of your own unique drum and do the things that make you happy. Magical things happen when you’re following your passions, the things that you really love in life.

Surround yourself with people who inspire you. Always seek to be around people who amplify your energy. After interacting with them, you’ll feel uplifted and excited about life. Look for this reaction when considering friends, coaches, business partners, mentors, clients, Mastermind Group members, etc.

Practice blissful thinking. Dream the biggest dream you can and then make it even bigger. Visualize the most amazing life you can imagine… then multiply it by 10! It should be so huge that it simultaneously scares and excites you, inspiring you to really go for it. Don’t play small in life, go for what you really want and deserve.

De-clutter your life. Let go of anyone, anything, any opportunity, event, activity, obligation, etc. that no longer serves you or fits into your vision for your ultimate life. Anything that drains your energy must go. Amazing things will come when you create the space for them in your home, your business, your schedule, and your life. When in doubt, throw it out….Continue reading at InspireMeToday.com.

Sheri is a best-selling children’s author, the creator of The Whimsical World of Sheri Fink children’s brand, and an international speaker.

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Photo Credit: Gail Lynne Goodwin


Elisa F.
Elisa F3 years ago

Great Reminders :) Thanks for sharing.

Karen R.
Karen R5 years ago

good tips, thanks

sandra g.
sandra g5 years ago

thanks for reminding this !

Janet G.
Janet G5 years ago

Very sound advice! Very recently done some of the above and the transformation was awesome! Keeping it up is the harder part, though very fulfilling when you can :-)

Debra Griffin
Missy G5 years ago


Kristine Huff
Kristine H5 years ago

Inspiring and positive thoughts, thanks for sharing!!

Rosie Jolliffe
Rosie Lopez5 years ago

love it thank u!