Woman Joyfully Reunited With Cat After 12 Years

In 2002, Spaz the cat, disappeared.

Spaz’s owner, Linda Edwards of Las Vegas, searched high and low for her pussycat, posted fliers and called shelters, but to no avail. Spaz had vanished.

She kept up these efforts for three months and then assumed the worst, but always hoped that somehow he would reappear.

And he did!

Nearly twelve years later, Edwards’ phone rang and on the other line was the West Flamingo Animal Hospital (also in Nevada) saying they had her cat!

Edwards said she burst into tears when she heard they had found Spaz. She still had flyers that she used when her kitty disappeared. Symbols of hope, she was never able to throw them all into the recycle bin.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Edwards elatedly told†KSNV News.

“I feel like I have a second chance,” she purred. “This would have never happened if it weren’t for microchips.”



A staff member at West Flamingo Animal Hospital recalled the joyful reunion, “A good samaritan found a kitty wandering around Las Vegas and they brought him here. We scanned him for a microchip and we were able to track down his owner. The kitty, whose name is Spaz, had been missing for over 11 years!!!”

Spaz was a thin, dirty stray when he arrived to the West Flamingo Animal Hospital, but now reunited with Linda he is rebounding beautifully — and is probably wondering why he ever left!

Although it took over a decade, the happy return of Spaz, could not have happened without that rice-sized microchip embedded under his skin. Fortunately, microchipping pets is at an all-time high. But this little act of kindness is meaningless if the chip is not registered Ė and if the owner doesnít keep information up-to-date.

To help pet parents manage their petsí microchips, the†Found Animal Foundation launched a new microchip registry last year,†Found.org. This free registry which takes advantage of electronic media will†revolutionized the way pets are reunited with their families.

One of the best parts about the Found.org microchip registry is that it is fully automated. Thus, pet owners are immediately notified if their pet has been found via texts, emails and calls. The messages also inform pet owners how and where to pick up their pets. The alerts continue for four days unless the pet is picked up sooner. And since millions of pets go missing every year, this registry will undoubtedly bring countless moments of joy when a lost pet is recovered. And for most pet owners, any added level of protection contributes to peace of mind.

To register your pet, visit†Found.org.



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Carrie-Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

Debbie Crowe
Debbie Crowe4 years ago

It's too bad Spaz can't tell of his adventures of the past 11 years!
I'm sure he is happy to be back home where he is being spoiled rotten and loved even more than ever!! Welcome home Spaz!!

Debs Keane
dee Keane4 years ago

What a wonderful happy ending.

Sharon Ganzhorn
Sharon Ganzhorn4 years ago

This is why I have all my pets microchipped. I love to see reunion stories like this one.

Cindy Miars
Cindy Miars4 years ago

What a happy ending.
Every pet should have a microchip, in addition to being either spayed or neutered.

Karen R.
Karen Ryan4 years ago

I can imagine the emotions she felt when the animal hospital called. No wonder she cried! This story has such a happy ending thanks to a microchip.

Beth Wilkerson
Beth Wilkerson4 years ago

I do love a happy ending. Everyone-- microchip your beloved animal companions.

Marianne R.
Marianne R4 years ago

wonderful story

Masahiko E.
.4 years ago

i saw this story in Japanese TV program. its good.

Jonathan Harper
Jonathan Harper4 years ago