Woman Marries a Mannequin, Seriously?

You may have read about artist Suzanne Heintz in my previous post, “Woman Buys Mannequin Family in Response to Marrriage Pressure.” It was published on April 1st, but it was not an April Fools’ Day joke. It was a real life scenario from a woman committed to living life fully. Her talent as an artist and exquisite photographer ultimately lead her to being a role model to women who are taught by society that there is a way that we are “supposed to” live life. In Suzanne’s words,

“All the ‘Supposed To’s’ really got to me, and ultimately got me mad enough to want to take a poke back at it. Those supposed to’s made me feel like I lived my life wrong. Every time I heard ‘why aren’t you married?’ it sent a message to me saying, ‘You are not good enough as you are. Your life will be empty, pointless without a commitment to a man and a child. You will regret it. Don’t be foolish.”

Wedding Reception

Personally, as a woman without a ring on her finger who also doesn’t live by society “rules,”  I can understand her desire to make her own rules and live by what makes her happy and fulfilled. And I certainly understand her next statement,

“I thought a lot about what it means when you have a ring on your finger, and what it means when you don’t. Does a ringless finger mean a life without love? An unconsummated soul? A life without an ultimate purpose?

Mother and Daughter Prepare for Ceremony

Suzanne’s recent “Wedding Day” was actually a renewal of the vows, with a man she left naked on the streets of Paris a year ago. She didn’t recommit to a mannequin though, she recommitted to what Chauncey, the mannequin, represents. She renewed her commitment to her unique path in life.

“By searching for what I was missing, I found out what I have. I have a life with love, with passion, and commitment.”

The Perfect Cake

What do you think about Suzanne’s answer to society’s “Supposed To’s” for women “of a certain age”? Thanks for sharing your thoughts in a comment below and for sharing on Facebook. 

You can read more about Suzanne at SuzanneHeintz.com

Photo Credits: Suzanne Heintz

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This made me laugh out loud! Too funny! :-)

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Did anyone really bother to read this article? I didn't! Don't insult our intelligence. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

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Judgement? or Time to put away the drugs?

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Super creepy and depressing

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What the hell am I reading?

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