Woman Wins ‘Extreme’ Hunting Award

Tahoe Films ran an annual contest to select their top female hunter for 2012. The winner was just chosen, based on a 500-word essay, and she is a Californian who is a psychiatric nurse.

It sounds like she does admirable work and is a very dedicated person. So it is difficult to write an article without sounding as if it is criticizing her personally. There is no intention to do that, but the contest itself is rather dubious.

It seems the hope of Tahoe Films is to promote hunting to women, some of whom are mothers, and in turn these mothers will teach their children to hunt as well. (Overall, hunting has been declining in popularity.)

These are their own words from their website, explaining the reasoning behind the Extreme Huntress contest: “In 2006, 12.9 million families in the U.S. were headed by a single parent, 80 percent of which were headed by a single mother. If we are to successfully pass on the hunting heritage to our youth, it’s so important to get women involved in hunting. The Extreme Huntress 2012 will receive national press attention and set a positive role model for our next generation of hunter conservationists.” (Source: Tahoe Films)

The winner of the Extreme Huntress 2012 award will receive a free hunting trip to Zimbabwe to kill a Cape buffalo. This hunt will be videotaped professionally and shown on an NBC Sports program called Eye of the Hunter, says the Tahoe Films website.

Ironically enough, Donald Trump Jr. was photographed with a buffalo apparently he shot and killed in Zimbabwe. You can view the photograph here. The social media storm resulting from photos of the hunt being posted online caused a sponsor to pull out of advertising on the senior Trump’s TV show.

The winner of the Extreme Huntress award actually referenced the commercialization of hunting in her essay, “It was never about being the most extreme huntress in the world. It was about being what a huntress is not. Since I was very young, I’ve seen hunting become very commercialized. But it’s not about wearing a bikini and holding a gun somewhere in the Cayman Islands.” ( Source: San Jose Mercury News)

It will be curious to see if the winner will go through with flying to Zimbabwe to kill an innocent Cape buffalo and allow images of her to be used to promote what is definitely commercial hunting. Such African animal hunts costs thousands, if not tens of thousands of dollars and are clearly done for profit-making.

The Extreme Huntress award is too reminiscent of another marketing ploy which was used by industry to promote hunting: killing animals to feed homeless people. Another attempt to use mass media to promote hunting is a program called Goin’ Country which follows the hunting expeditions of former American Idol contestant Kristy Lee Cook. Hunting equipment manufacturers sponsor the show.

Image Credit: Graham

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Carrie Anne Brown

thanks for sharing

Jo L.
jo L5 years ago

Hunting is NOT a sport. In a sport, both sides know they're in the "game". Hunters are impotent neanderthals, desperately trying to prove their worth by overpowering another life. This is even more disturbing because the hunter is a woman. I suspect she has a hormonal imbalance (and could probably use a shave). If you really want to hunt for sport, then join the military and try shooting and someone who's shooting back!

Ligita Mikelsons
Ligita Mikelsons5 years ago

Why does anyone have to hunt, for recreation purposes?? I think we should hunt her down, and all those who hunt for sport. Let's aim a crossbow or gun at them. Now that would be exciting viewing! Idiots!! How about giving your time to a wildlife sanctuary (of which there are numerous) instead? Do something constructive, not destructive, with your time.

Ans Weevers
Ans Weevers5 years ago

‎"The greatness of a nation and it's moral progress can be determined by the ways it treats it's animals."
Mahatma Gandhi

m Shiel
M s5 years ago

Why isn't a protest and boycott going on towards tahoe films?? and nbc sports should be included This is disgusting . So an innocent buffalo ,minding its own business, will lose its life so some selfish huntress could gain fame. When will people stop being so stupid?? we are supposed to be intelligent

Jan Garen
Jan Garen5 years ago

I thought I was misreading this article at first. Extreme bloodthirsty bitch award would be more appropriate.

Gianna Macias
Gianna Macias5 years ago

This person is a horrible example of a human being. The main reason I am not donating organs when I die is because of these kind of humans I would not rest to in peace if a hunter or any other animal abuser was to get one of my organs.

Lori M.
Lori M.5 years ago

And this is a title to be proud of? Horrible!!! Such a small percentage of people hunt to feed their family, it is usually done as a so called "sport", trophy hunting! Makes me sick!!!

Andrea Hoyt
Andrea Hoyt5 years ago

MHO... I won't generalize and say all hunters are just out to kill. However, I know many who hunt for that reason. Name calling... it has to stop! "Bunny huggers", "freaks"... come on, we're adults here! Extremes on either side just complicate the problem. This contest is wrong but the more civil, intelligent, and diplomatic our voice against it, the more rational we sound. It's the majority that can find middle ground that will succeed. Hate begets hate begets hate, it's a vicious circle.

Donna R.
Donna R5 years ago

Today's form of hunting is neither sportsmanship, nor courageous or cunning, nor admirable, and most definitely NOT justifiable. It is so controlled that the animal flees in line of the bullet, that takes a lot of skill. The only trophy achieved is for stupidity.