Women Still Barred from Famous Golf Club

Augusta National Golf Club has been operating for seventy-nine years. For its entire existence, women have not been allowed to join. African-Americans were allowed to join just 22 years ago. The private club operated for 57 years without admitting them as members, even though Augusta, Georgia has a large African-American population.

Even when they were allowed in, the decision resulted from outside pressure when sponsors like IBM dropped their advertising over the racial discrimination practiced at some golf courses where PGA tour events were being held. In other words, the policy change which finally stopped the racial discrimination, was prompted first by financial considerations, rather than social justice.

IBM still has a relationship with Augusta; most CEOs in the past have been a member. Their current CEO is female, and so far it has not been announced publicly if she has been granted membership.

The Masters, the major golf tournament played annually at Augusta, is one of the four most coveted PGA championships (if not the most) by the players. Winning this event and being able to don the green jacket is supposed to be one of the special moments of the game, but Augusta is also a private club which still discriminates against females.

Golf clubs and courses are important beyond their recreational purpose. Sometimes the difference between cementing a business relationship and not depends upon playing a round or two of golf. A recent study found bosses who don’t play golf make less money than those who do.


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Danuta Watola
Danuta W5 years ago

Thanks for the info.

Mike W.
Michael Wippert5 years ago

One of the fastest growing franchises in the country is "Curves" for women only. It has become trendy to have a "women only night" in bars all over the country. There is no lack of female only golf courses, racquet courses etc in the country. Nowhere have I seen nor heard of anyone yelling about this (including myself because I couldn't care less) yet none of this matters because sexism is a male only issue right? Incidentally I would like to know how you have "_______ only time" and not have it be discriminatory, frankly that logic is half baked or else one doesn't understand the entirety of the definition of "discrimination" rather than just the inflamatory one.

Helle H.
Helle H5 years ago

Let them have their golf-club for men only, at least the women don't have to fear their husbands are fooling around with other women.

Sue H.
Sue H5 years ago

The last bastion of the "Good Old Boys"Club. I thought we were trying to get over this sexist stuff. ?

Winn Adams
Winn A5 years ago

Why anyone would want to belong to this place is beyond me. It should be called
Augusta National Golf DISCRIMINATION Club.

I think it's filled with a lot of despicable and disgusting people.

Lin Moy
Lin M5 years ago

I don't see womens point. If you want to golf bad enough get together with other women and get a course of your own and stop having a pity party. A lot of us couldn't even afford to go period. So if there are places that are open to women shut up and go there.

Katy Yelovich
Katy Yelovich5 years ago

You know that lovely green jacket.....the executive of the men only club can shove that jacket in a place where the sun doesn't shine..... give me a break, in this day and age.

Lynda H.
Lynda Hallett5 years ago

Very sad.. but this is reality in an "old boys network" mentality.
There is is place for "girls only time" and "boys only time." However, not if it is a result of discrimination for any reason.
Wonder what the female CEO will do? Send her male assistant to play on her behalf?

Sam M.
Sam M5 years ago

Why can't men be "allowed" to have a place that they DON'T have share? Forced sharing is bull poop.

What's wrong with "boys only time" or "girls only time"?! Leave men alone already.... at least on the golf course.

I know that I'm not the only one that feels this way but I would love to have a place I could go to that is testosterone and kid free!

Lynn C.
Lynn C5 years ago

I honestly don't see the import of this, when so much else in this world should be taken care of.
It's a private club so what's the big deal. Women who have a problem with this should just start they're own club.