World Record for Longest Cat Fur Goes to Colonel Meow

The 2014 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records is about to be released and in this newest edition, Colonel Meow of Los Angeles, will be included for having the world’s longest feline tresses.

Colonel Meow is a Himalayan-Persian mix who not only has 9-inch fur, but also a frown that puts Grumpy Cat to shame! The frown isn’t measurable enough for inclusion in the book of world records but his fur certainly is.Three independent veterinarians verified the length of Colonel Meow’s locks.

Colonel Meow’s owners were not surprised that their 10-pound rescue kitty won the title as they spend a good part of each week grooming their cat, otherwise he — and they — would be completely overwhelmed by hairballs! Yet, even with all of this manual grooming, Colonel Meow still sheds like his fur is going out of style – and if there was a world record title for greatest shedder, he would likely claim that title too. As his owner, Anne Marie Avey exclaims, “Literally, everything in the house has hair on it, including us. I feel like I am always vacuuming.”

Check-out Colonel Meow’s facebook page (doesn’t nearly every cat have one these days!?) in addition to his own YouTube Channel and website. He also starred in a video at the 2nd annual Internet Cat Video Festival. So,move over Grumpy Cat, as you will now have to share the internet stage!

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Ceejay Robinson
CJ Robb4 years ago

Congratulations Colonel Meow!

Diane L.
Diane L4 years ago

I watch a program on my local ABC affiliate called Evening Magazine and tonight, Colonel Meow was featured. His owner takes him for walks on a leash and he's fantastic............goes around like a dog, and isn't afraid of dogs, period. She says he was abandoned, along with 2 siblings, so the article which says he's half Persian and half Himalayan is not factual...........NOBODY knows. He obviously has Persian IN him.

He definitely looks GRUMPY and even more so when seen "live", but the program had audio.......he was purring like mad during the entire thing.

Carol P.
Carol P4 years ago

I don't envy the shedding.

John Wesen
Past Member 4 years ago

Know him well.
I've made many a meme with him. ^_^

Cindy Rhodes
Cindy Rhodes4 years ago

Pretty cute and fluffy!!

Val M.
Val M4 years ago


Ashley Dempsey
Ashley Dempsey4 years ago

Carrie-Anne Brown

thanks for sharing :)

caroline s.
Caroline S4 years ago

He he, Colonel Meow looks like Jean Marais in an old romantic fantasy french film (1946) : “La Belle et la Bête” (“Beauty and the Beast”) !!!!!
Beautiful cat :-))

Mary B.
Mary B4 years ago

I hope the lady is saving his hair and selling it for yarn making. It would be priceless.