World’s Smartest Horse Wins Award

Lukas the thoroughbred horse has been given a certificate of appreciation by California State Assemblyman Curt Hagman for his successes. (The award is also shared by the horse’s trainer Karen Murdock.) Lukas has been documented as the world record holder for most random numbers identified in one minute by a horse. He identified nineteen numbers when tested officially. Murdock said, “This is the fastest we’ve ever done this. Guinness has very rigid specifications, so I couldn’t praise him and that was difficult!” (Source:

Some of the conditions required for making the record valid by official Guinness Book standards were:

  • No equipment whatsoever to be used by the handler
  • No touching or pointing by the handler or any other person
  • The horse must return toward center after each number and make a conclusive selection

Lukas is seventeen years old and a former race horse who was abandoned because he didn’t do as well as expected on the race track. He was found starving in a yard when he was nine years old. Murdock was actually told to get rid of him when he was doing some things that people considered difficult, but she wouldn’t part with him. She taught him various activities like recognizing numbers, letters, colors, and shapes. He also does the Spanish Walk, Passage, curtsey, bow, rear, sit, jambette and other movements, without being forced. (Murdock does not use a whip.) He performs at non-profit benefits to raise awareness and funds.

Murdock said, “So many people have been curious about Lukas’ training that I’m very excited to be able to share him with other trainers, and hopefully influence methods on a broader scale. This is a system that I’ve spent a lifetime developing, incorporating elements from a wide variety of areas. I also draw heavily from my background as a psychiatric nurse employing scientific and systematic steps that produce maximum results.” (

Image Credit: Sharon Fibelkorn,

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Sabina A.
Sabina A.7 years ago

I adore horses!!!they are so smart,and this horse is so beautiful!!!

Jeramie D.
Jeramie D7 years ago

Absolutely fabulous. What a wonderful horse and a wonderful woman. Yes, smarter than most people in government.

Claudia Durand
Past Member 7 years ago

He's smarter then some people in our government

Abo r.
Abo r7 years ago


Frederico D.

Muito interessante.

Mirella N.
Mirella J7 years ago

wow he is amazing :)

Penny Carr
penny C7 years ago

I do love horses.They are beautiful and smart.

Diane L.
Diane L7 years ago

J M, are you serious? You think humans should "envy the talent" of a horse who can identify 19 figures? I certainly hope you can do that. I'd agree this is an intelligent horse, but he's really not that special. There's always a "trick" to teaching horses almost anything, and I'm willing to bet that's the case here. Even if he CAN identify 19 different numbers, sure not something a human should strive for unless they have some serious issues.

Jul M7 years ago

If only humans were this talented.

Kristen Giffin
Past Member 7 years ago

What a wonderful story! Thank you for sharing. I will have to give my thoroughbred a few classroom sessions to see if there is a secret genius hiding in him!