Writing Your Personal Sutra

When two people come together in love, they weave a fabric of consciousness. If the fabric is strong, then both lovers have made it so; each loving thought and action is a thread added to the fabric. In Sanskrit the word for “thread” is Sutra, which also has a metaphysical meaning. A sutra is an aphorism or formula that expresses some fundamental truth about consciousness.

You and your beloved have privileged moments in which you understand what your love is. No one else has ever had exactly the same revelations, because you are unique people. Your inspirations are yours alone, even though similar insights have been occurring for thousands of years. To make your revelations your own is important. You need to know what you believe, how far you have come on the path together, how much growth you have shared. Sutras can tell you all these things.

The exercise here is to write down your inspirations as they come to you. Love grows the more you talk about it, think about it, and express it. Even though moments of insight last only an instant, they are touchstones of something eternal, the relationship between self and Self. At this moment your Self wants you to know about love but also about truth, compassion, trust, acceptance, and devotion. These are the threads from which the fabric of consciousness is woven.

Writing Sutras: Do not enter only your inspired thoughts. At any moment spirit is ready to teach you about itself; you only have to set aside some time when you feel receptive. Sit down with your pen and paper, and let your mind relax. Do not force yourself in to a state of inspiration, but have the intention to express what you know – from your heart, a spark of truth, a message from your Self. If words don’t come so easily at first, you may want to start with a standard opening, such as “Love is…” or “My Self wants me to know that…”

The purpose of your sutras is simply to express where you are. Each thread is valuable; non can be taken out of the fabric of love without loss. Therefore keep in mind the preciousness of your own awareness, and let your inspirations be a way to claim your spiritual life as your own.

Adapted from The Path to Love, by Deepak Chopra (Three Rivers Press, 1997).


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My Self wants me to know that I am whole, I am loved. :-) thanks

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