Yellow Pages Finally Launches Easy Opt-Out Site

For years, eco-conscious consumers have been begging for an easy way to tell the phone companies to stop delivering phone books to their homes and offices, and it’s finally here!

Just days ago, the Yellow Pages industry launched an upgraded website at that allows consumers nationwide to easily manage the delivery of phone directories. The website, developed by the Yellow Pages Association and the Association of Directory Publishers, gives consumers a single location to select which phone directories they receive, or to stop directory delivery altogether.

The upgraded and redesigned interface increases consumer convenience and reduces confusion about the options available to manage phone book delivery by eliminating the need to contact multiple publishers.

I’ve gone through the consolidated opt-out process on the site, and I have to say it was quite easy! Besides providing a small amount of registration information (just in case I ever want to opt back in…yeah right!), the process was painless. After registering, you’re taken to a page that shows you all of the phone books that you’re scheduled to receive in your zip code (I was shocked to see that I was eligible for 5 different directories!) and allows you to select the ones you’d like to have delivered (or not).

(I recommend you save yourself a few seconds and use handy “opt-out of all” button at the bottom of the page.)

This centralized site is a significant industry effort that includes participation of directory publishers around the country cooperating to make sure that delivery requests are honored and updated on a timely basis.

Although it’s about 10 years too late, we thank you Yellow Pages industry!

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Image Credit: Flickr – recyclethis


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