Yoga on the Road

Whether you’re staying in a hotel, a beachfront condo, or the spare bedroom of your parents’ house for a vacation or a holiday, living in a temporary abode can present challenges for your yoga practice. Yet, this is the time you most need it–amidst the disrupted schedules, dietary changes, and the toll that traveling can take on your body and mind. So don’t give up!

Start by designating a physical place for your practice. As soon as you set your suitcase down, survey your lodgings and choose a clean, secluded place away from traffic patterns in the room. It might be between a couch and a chair, near a corner next to a nightstand, or next to a wall with a window. Next, set up the accoutrements of your practice: a yoga mat, meditation beads, journal, or a folded blanket and pillow from the bed to serve as your meditation seat.

By creating a space in your physical environment, you create a mental space in which your intentions to maintain your practice can take root and grow stronger. Whenever your eyes fall on your mat or meditation cushion, you’ll be reminded to make room in your schedule for yoga. Even if all you have time for is a sun salutation and a relaxation before dinner with your relatives, you’ll stay connected to your practice–and more relaxed and centered while you’re away from home.

Sandra Anderson is a senior editor of Yoga + Joyful Living and a faculty member of the Himalayan Institute.

Yoga+ is an award-winning, independent magazine that contemplates the deeper dimensions of spiritual life–exploring the power of yoga practice and philosophy to not only transform our bodies and minds, but inspire meaningful engagement in our society, environment, and the global community.

By Sandra Anderson, Yoga +


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It is a good thing to have regularity in every your routine life. When we are travelling around and stick to the some daily routine then it can help us to stay composed and negatives of travelling stay away from us.
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Try this Yoga Vacation Sequence - I love it!