You Are Intuitive By Nature

Marie Barrett does another wonderful job at explaining intuition, what it requires, how it communicates with us, and how we can access it.† She teaches us that we just need to believe that our intuition is available to help us at any moment and she teaches us how to recognize its messages when they’re delivered to us.† All we have to do is learn how to consciously access it and TRUST it.† Her message helps to remind us that we can live a more inspired life in an instant! — Editorīs Note from Sophia Hansen

You couldnít stop being intuitive, even if you tried. Intuition is intrinsic to who you are and to how you relate to the world. It never turns off and it will never leave you.† Whether you choose to listen and respond to your intuition is another matter entirely.

Letís widen the expanse of our visioning here and digress for a moment to consider what happens when you go to sleep every night. Researchers tell us we go into deep sleep, right down into unconsciousness, for at least a couple of hours every night. This is when our spirit reconnects to its cosmic energy Source; it refuels, as it were, to sustain the body for the dramas and experiences of the next day.

This time of spiritual recuperation is necessary for survival. Our physical body simply cannot feed our higher Ďbodiesí Ė emotional, mental, etheric and higher spiritual; the lesser cannot support the greater without extra assistance. Sleep deprivation is one of the most debilitating experiences one can undergo, because the structure of our castle begins to crumble when it is starved of the living substance it must receive during deep sleep.

But what happens to the build-up of this finer energy food during our waking hours? We burn it up. Just as a motor burns gas, our bodies expend these higher energies as we use our mechanical, physical body, our brain, thoughts, emotions and spiritual longings. These last can draw more heavily on our limited energy supplies than any other practice.

So can we have access to this higher energy during our waking state? Absolutely. This is the process allowed and fostered by expanding your awareness; your self consciousness; the appreciation that you are a spiritual being experiencing physicality.

When you remember you are this spiritual being, you reconnect to the flow of life force energy. So what has all this to do with intuition? Well, intuition is a direct way your higher spirit connects with you when you go about your daily life.

Your higher self inspires you through feeling and emotion, through intuition. Your intuition sends you energy impulses that offer inner guidance and clarity in the course of daily living.

You can develop your recognition of these intuitive impulses simply by following their guidance without analysing them with your rational mind. They are of a different order than that of rational thought. They come from a much finer energy vibration, a spiritual essence vibration barely perceptible feeling, and scarcely ever by thought processing.

Intuition communicates through feeling and emotion, not the mind or thoughts. Tuning into your intuition is a skill we can all learn and develop. Simply allow yourself to be in a state of relaxed allowing and see the miracles happen!

You will begin to notice synchronicities; you will “relate” to other people and know what makes them tick. You will recognize a kindred spirit. You will be able to tune into anotherís energy and send healing and love. You will begin to see events that are seemingly from the past or the future, even though time is an illusion and there is no time other than this moment. In all these ways and many more, you will be tuning to your intuition and following its inner promptings.

Spirit can never abandon us to only physical expression, because we are spiritual in essence. The great joke of the universe is that though we are spirit, we forget who we are and live our lives in the illusion that we are our body and mind, when, in fact we are spirit playing the game of living in the holodeck of daily life in a physical body.

Listen to your intuition and follow its gentle persuasion. Trust the intuitive information you get when it comes.† Keep your connection to your inner spirit open and flowing; it is one of lifeís greatest joys and deepest mysteries.

A very effective way of developing awareness of intuition is by self hypnosis. This is not mumbo jumbo; itís about reinforcing positive affirmations to the unconscious mind, so that it readily creates the desired outcome for you in your life. Self hypnosis is an extremely powerful self development tool.

By Marie Barrett, Contributor to Intuition & Symbols on


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Decobecq Brigitte
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Thank you very much for this article.
Yes, you are right, as a spiritual being, we are connected with the flow of life.
And we could then create energy very easily, as life is creating of energy.

At the end of your article, you are speaking of "self hypnosis". This, I do not understand. As a person would like to be in communication with Life, the way to reach this goal is to be really aware, to be more aware.
If you are using hypnosis, in a way, you are not going near a better awareness, but you are following a way of "less awareness".
To reach Life, you need to free the road for all your skills. This is to say, as you said, let the Life speaking in you.
This way to find awareness needs you to be in complete communication with what you are completly, as you have said, in essence.
Let us be in communication with Life !

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Loved this article. Felt like you wrote it just for me. Thank you

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Intuition is a Beautiful tool that helps guide & heal us and can bring us to places & spaces that we once didn't know... we just have to listen & trust in ourselves...;) thank you, appreciate the great articles.

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wow, very illuminating article!

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