Your Free, Sexy, Immortality Aid: The Smile

I was once criticized for smiling too much. Seriously, I know. How dare I be a happy, carefree person. But I suppose it’s the norm these days–with forlorn, mean-looking models making it trendy to look sad.

Grouchy guys and gals, however, might want to snap out of their tres chic moping and find something to smile about!

Smile for Health

Research has already proven that all smiles lead to happier existence and healthier relationships. More recently though, according to a study reported on in the Los Angeles Times, science has found another boon. Flashing regular smiles may pave the way to a longer life.

When Smiling, Go Big!

Researchers at Wayne State University used professional baseball players as their subjects of study. Looking at 230 photographs of different players who debuted in their baseball career before 1950, they rated their smile intensity (big smile, partial smile, no smile). Their smile ratings were then compared with their years of death, accounting in longevity factors such as body mass index.

The results don’t seem subtle enough to shrug off. The snapshots of players with locked lips (no smiles) lived an average of 72.9 years versus 79.9 years for those quick to flash their pearly whites. Partial smilers fell in the middle, living an average of 75 years.

Of course, one can nit-pick the study and find uncertainties–but when such a potential health cure comes for free, in unlimited quantities, why not try it?

As I encourage my fellow yoga practitioners: smile big, often and unabashedly. Only of course, when it’s authentic.

In my opinion, it’s sexy.

By Jessica Root, Planet Green


Pogle S.
Pogle S6 years ago

Haha! I love smiling, I often think that someone who doesn't have a smile should have one of mine; it doesn't cost me anything and frequently pays dividends, I receive a nice bright smile in return. Good deed done for the day!

Emma S.
Emma S7 years ago

I'm smiling my head off!

Robert O.
Robert O7 years ago


Jewels S.
julie S8 years ago

I used to get flack because I was always so happy as well. What helped me was I read in a book by Marianne Williamson that the root meaning (Greek/Latin) (can't remember right now which) of enthusiasm means "God within" After that I felt free enough to be as happy as I like. What also helped was a movie "What the bleep do we know" documentary. Scientists and others tell how our brain works and teaches that our thoughts do have an effect on how we feel physically.

Benjamin Fodeke
Benjamin Fodeke8 years ago

I love every bit of the write up. Very practical and workable. You did mention something about back pain that tormented you for some decades. It is interesting that you are out of it. Please help many of us in this condition on what to do to come out of it like you did. I would appreciate all the help I can get in this regard. -benfodeke

Nathan C.
Nathan C.8 years ago

thanks for sharing guys..........

Nancy B.
Nancy B8 years ago

"Grouchy guys and gals, however, might want to snap out of their tres chic moping and find something to smile about!" lol I loove it- thank you for posting :0)

Iron Steel
Iron Steel8 years ago

SMILE ;either big ,middle or small , if you do it deeply from your heart or soul, will bring you the best results.....

charmaine c.
Charmaine C8 years ago

Smiles are warm and bright like sunshine. Thanks.

Mervi R.
Mervi R8 years ago