Your Horoscope Healthy Foods

Modern science has recently confirmed that the time of year in which we were born can give us valuable information about our health, and serve as predictors for certain conditions. But ancient wisdom has always known that our sun sign can suggest foods which are best suited to us and that can keep us feeling vital and healthy.

Our horoscope can also explain some of those odd food cravings that we sometimes get! (For example, a friend’s son has craved grapes, cucumbers, and black olives since he was little. Can you guess his sign?)

Find out which foods are perfect for your horoscope sign, here:

Aries, March 21-April 19: Red fruits and vegetables, garlic, ginger, leeks, onion, radish, rhubarb, tea.

Taurus, April 20-May 21: Almond, apple, apricot, beet, cherry, ginger, peach, pear, plum, rhubarb, spinach, strawberry.

Gemini, May 22-June 20: Celery, endive, ginger, mushroom, pomegranate, tangerine, seeds.

Cancer, June 21-July 22: Cabbage, cauliflower, cucumber, endive, grape, lemon, lentil, lettuce, melon, mushroom, olive, papaya, potato, pumpkin, seaweed, turnip, watermelon.

Leo, July 23-Aug. 22: Almond, chestnut, corn, date, ginseng, grape, grapefruit, lemon, olive, orange, pineapple, rice, walnut.

Virgo, Aug. 23-Sept. 22: Almond, barley, beans, celery, fig, hazelnut, millet, oat, pecan, peanut, pistachio, pomegranate.

Libra, Sept. 23-Oct. 22: Almond, apple, apricot, artichoke, asparagus, beans, cherry, chestnut, chickpea, fig, grape, lentil, parsnip, peach, pear, pea, plum, pomegranate, rhubarb, strawberry, wheat.

Scorpio, Oct. 23-Nov. 21: Artichoke, asparagus, carrot, garlic, ginger, leek, onion, pepper, pimento, pomegranate, pumpkin, shallot.

Sagittarius, Nov. 22-Dec. 21: Almond, apricot, asparagus, buckwheat, chestnut, endive, leek, lime, olive, rhubarb, spinach, strawberry, tomato.

Capricorn, Dec 22-Jan 19:
Barley, beet, potato, spinach, root vegetables.

Aquarius, Jan. 20-Feb. 18: Almond, beans, endive, hazelnut, pecan, pistachio.

Pisces, Feb. 19-March 20: Coffee, mushroom, seaweed.

Inspired by Astroshamanism, Book 2, by Franco Santoro (Findhorn Press, 2003).


Sonia Minwer-Barakat Requ

Interesting but only like two of twelve.It doesn't include milk (or dairy products),egg,meat or fish.I actually love egg,milk and honey

Kristina C.
Kristina C6 years ago

Thank you - although mine seems to be confused - I don't like any of the choices with the exception of Hazelnut.

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Jennifer C.
Past Member 6 years ago

Great info. Thanks for posting.


TY...I must say I am virgo, and love my choice. But I have so much Libra in my rising and moon that I often am both even though I am not on the cusp. I just checked the Libra and realized BOTH ARE A PERFECT MATCH FOR ME! How lovely!


TY...I would have never thought of this. :)

Elizabeth P.
Elizabeth P7 years ago

Thats kinda neet, I would get along with most every body food wise. Thank You.

Maira Sun
Maira Sun7 years ago