Your Pet is Better at Meditating Than You

Many people avoid meditation simply because they think it is all about Ďomsí and crunchy mantras. But, at its core, meditation is something so natural and innate that your dog/cat definitely knows how to do it better than you.

Have you ever watched your dog or cat closely? They can sit for great lengths of time, and just stare. They have endless patience with themselves. They arenít thinking, I should go run a little bit to work off my breakfast, or You know, I should really finish tearing up that stuffed hedgehog, or Did I poop in the right place this morning? Where should I poop later? What if I don’t poop in the right place?! These thoughts would be completely absurd. But, these are the types of thoughts that plague our minds day after day.

Meditation is about quieting the minutia of the mind and existing without judgement in the moment; letting go of that report that is due at the end of the week; letting go of the worry about who will feed the cat while youíre away; letting go of working out financial tactics for next month. It is about bathing your mind in a few moments of rare serenity… a lot like your dog/cat does every single day.

Sure, they donít have as many responsibilities as you do, but that doesnít mean you canít learn a lesson from them. Here are 6 signs you should follow your pet’s lead and start meditating:

You are anxious. Anxiety is essentially a misfired thought that proceeds to ricochet aggressively against the walls of the skull, gaining power and momentum with each collision. It is a spiral of questions, insecurity, fear and self-doubt that becomes more of a reality with every minute it swirls inside your head. How can we calm this storm of the mind? Meditation, of course. Does your pet overthink things? Of course not, that would be sillyÖ So why is it okay for you to?

You canít sleep. When you canít sleep, you feel absolutely dreadful. Your brain feels sluggish, you feel unproductive and often dietary choices arenít the most nourishing. To get that relaxation response your body needs to fall asleep, try mindfulness meditation. It has been shown to improve sleep quality, lower stress and reduce†depression. Go ahead, show me a dog or cat who has trouble sleeping.

You are absurdly busy. When you donít think you have time to eat a quality meal, never mind meditate, that is precisely the time you need meditation the most. Okay, your pet really isnít that busy, but if they were, you know they would still take the time to have a nice nap or take a little quiet space. Or, at the very least, they would go to bed early so that they feel†ready to slay the next day! Do you do these things? Even if you are busy, maybe taking a 10 minute meditation break isnít so impossible to squeeze in. Youíll feel so much better as a result and be more productive during the rest of your busy day, so it pays off.

You have low self-confidence. If you donít think youíre worthy of what you have, or what you could have, itís time to spend a little more time with yourself. Meditation is the practice of being with yourself and accepting yourself simply as you are, without judgement. With practice, meditation can help you to realize that you are enough, and that you deserve to be truly happy and confident in who you are. Your dog has no self-doubt and is confident in both of you. Emulate that sort of enthusiasm for yourself.

You feel tired all the time. Maybe you get plenty of sleep, but you still wake up tired. Whether it is stress, anxiety, depression or something else, you need to find a way to let your mind reset. Taking some time to meditate in the morning, during the day or before bed could help unlock the pressure release valve on that big brain of yours. Then, when it is time to play ball, you’ll be ready to go all in.

Your back hurts. Your pet has impeccable posture. Why? Because they use their limbs, they stretch and they donít sit hunched over in chairs. As I sit here, hunching my shoulders to navigate a relatively narrow keyboard, I feel grateful knowing I have a ballet class tonight and a yoga class tomorrow. Itís the only way I know how to undo the effects of sitting for long swaths of time. But, if you do not currently have a physical wellness routine that†activates the sleeping muscles of the spine, abdominals and buttocks, you may be suffering from seat-induced back pain. And as back pain is notoriously tricky to healósince, you know, your back is pretty much involved in all basic movementsóthe injury and its limitations can feel incredibly discouraging.

However, studies have shown that meditation can be a powerful source of pain relief. Meditating can help manage pain and even encourage the body to heal faster, without drugs. With such a problem with opioids in the nation, drug-free pain relief is†undervalued.

Meditation is so important for our mental wellness. Go sit alone in a quiet room for twenty minutes. Close your eyes and focus on breathing deeply and regularly. Meditation doesnít have to be a crunchy practice for the yoga elite. Everyone could use some mindfulness. Our pets live in the moment, why canít we?

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