The Christmas Fur Tree (Cute Pet Pics)

Earlier this week we saw your cute pets match up with Dancer, Prancer, Blitzen, and Rudolph. Donned in their finest reindeer disguises, your pets looked adorable!

Today’s theme: your pets and Christmas trees. Some pets are posing politely underneath the tree, while others are climbing inside or on top of it. Some are looking to see what presents they can claim underneath the tree and others are trying to help “decorate” for the holidays.

Meet these furry friends playing around the fir tree, and be sure to follow this series over the next three weeks for more holiday cuteness!

Oscar is a kitten from Ada, Oklahoma. He loves to bat at the Christmas tree decorations with his six-toe “mittens.”


Fox gets sly by the tree!

Bella is about 3 months and lives in Sacramento, California. She is a very jumpy and loud Chihuahua and loves to get what she wants (she usually does). She also loves to cuddle on people’s shoulder–like a bird!

Amber is a two-year-old Russian Blue. She lives with her caretaker Luna in Clinton, Mississippi. This was her first Christmas. As you can tell, she enjoyed the tree very much.

This is Raggedy Andy (or Andy for short). Andy is now 5 years old and is quite a character. He believes he rules the kitty household over his 5 other ‘siblings.’ Andy is quite vocal and makes his presence known. He lives in Spring Prairie, Wisconsin with his family.

Bunny, a 14-year-old Manx, is amazed that the tree is up and still doesn’t have presents under it!

Farley, an 11-month-old Glab (Golden Retriever and Lab Mix), is currently in the Guiding Eyes for the Blind puppy program; he will be tested for guide work in June and his puppy raisers are confident he will be successful. Here he is visiting the Danbury Mall in Connecticut.

This is Chloe and Jasper. They are 7-month-old Siamese/Ragdolls. They live in Dalton, Massachusetts. Also in this photo are the urns of their owner’s previous pets, Scooter and Muffin, who lived to the ripe old ages of 17 and 20.

This is Fred wondering if this little gift might be for him. Fred is 2-1/2 years old. He lives in Pensacola, Florida and is “brother cat” to Sam, Scotty, Luna, Poppy, Yoda, and Tess. He loves to sit under the Christmas tree and look at the lights, sometimes taking long naps there. He also enjoys chasing ice-chips across the kitchen floor and wrestling with Scotty.

This is a picture of Gracie Anne. She was 13 when she died August 1, 2008 of kidney disease. According to her owner, Mrs. R Ozarek, Gracie Anne was the best dog in the whole world. Someone bought Gracie Anne from a local pet shop, and just couldn’t deal with what an exuberant and incredibly smart puppy she was. She taught the next dog who joined the family– Murphy (a.k.a. Gracie Anne’s Boy, Murphy) all the tricks of the trade like how to sit, stay, and shake hands. Gracie Ann has been gone now for two years and four months, and is still very missed.

Gwen is about 5 years old now from Rochester, New York, and is probably a Russian Blue. She has a very silky coat, green eyes, and bluish-gray nose and pads. Gwen is mischievous, and loves to roll over on her back and play. She’s similar to a roly-poly with her generous middle.

This is Io. Io was named after one of Jupiter’s moons. In this picture, he is sitting underneath the Christmas tree, poking through the branches to look out. He is 6 years old and was adopted when he was just over one year. He had been found in a parking lot with another cat and a litter box. He is a bit nervous and cautious sometimes, but he will still always greet people at the door. He is friendly, but not always cuddly. He has one “brother,” Angel, a solid black 10-year old boy cat who was adopted when he was 8 and Io was 4. They live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

This is Max at Christmastime; in this picture he is 1 year old. He lives with two other cats (Gypsy and Smokie) and a dog (Misty). Max likes boxes to climb and hide, climbing as high as he can on windows, mantles, wire shelving, and he likes to look at the world from his perch. He gets along with all the other pets in the house and is somewhat of a comedian; he has really cute expressions and is very friendly. He is an inside cat, but with the ability of an escape artist, he likes to run outside at every opportunity. He is very affectionate and is happy sitting next to his owner or head butting her for attention. Max and all of his siblings are neutered, and all were rescues.

Seven is 10 years young from Matawan, New Jersey, and loves snow, good conversation, and napping under the tree.

Mr. J. P. Pigg, an 18-year-old Cornish Rex, gets so excited about Christmas that he has to take frequent naps just to calm down.

This is Poppy happily decorating a Christmas tree. Poppy is 5 years old. She lives in Pensacola, Florida and is “sister cat” to Sam, Scotty, Luna, Poppy, Yoda, and Tess. She loves to climb, obviously, and play with furry mice toys.

Raven girl (a.k.a. Rae-cat) simply ADORES the Christmas tree, becoming the perfect angel, at least for a little while! Rae is approximately 12 years old, and is very active and quick. Just as her namesake, the avian Raven, she can be a trickster. She’s very clever, gets into things, takes things to hide away, and is usually quite full of mischief! She loves to leap onto the highest perch in the house, which is above the kitchen cupboards!

This is Takashi howling “Jingle Bells.” He is a 12-year-old maltese and was rescued three years ago from a shelter. He is playful as a puppy. Takashi’s companion is Maya, a 6-year-old maltese, and his three cat siblings are Fellini, Baby and Ricky, all rescues. They all live in Miami.

As a small kitten, Tiggy soon learned to climb up the inside of the Christmas tree. She would fall asleep in the branches, and as her neighbor has pointed out, she looks just like a little ornament!

“Hmm… I wonder if that present is for me?”

-Trissa, two years old, from Victoria, Texas

Onyx waiting for Santa

Onyx, a 20-month-old Tortie, loves to have her teeth brushed. Every morning she wakes her owner up at 7:30 am and heads to the bathroom sink, waiting patiently for her teeth to be brushed. She lives in Altamonte Springs, Florida.

Oliver playing around inside the Christmas tree.

Weasel is approximately ten years old, and is originally from Guelph, Ontario. She now lives in Sudbury, Ontario with her owner Chantal. Weasel loves posing for the camera and having her picture taken.

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brittany h.
brittany h6 years ago

These are so so so, super cute. Made my day.

Karen Langer
Karen L6 years ago

So cute!

Donna B.
Donna B6 years ago

Thx for these wonderful and dear sweet pics!! I just adore them..

Vicky Locke
Vicky L6 years ago

Just adorable, thanks!

Donna Hamilton
Donna H6 years ago

Great pictures - thanks to everyone for posting.

Charlene S.
Charla D6 years ago

Very sweet and adorable! I noticed several people commented that they don't have Christmas trees out of concern that their pets would wreck the trees and possibly injure themselves as well. I'd like to suggest getting a jumbo-size evergreen wreath that you can put up on your wall. You can decorate it with lights and ornaments similarly to a tree, with the main benefit being that your little fur kids can't get at it. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!

Laurie D.
Laurie D6 years ago

Sweet -- pets are part of the family!

Victor M.
Victor M6 years ago

let abimals in peace

Salena G.
Salena G6 years ago

cute... pet urns on the other hand kind of give me the creeps any urns even for humans give me the creeps. I love my companion animal more that anyone else they are like family even closer probably.

Sara W.
Sara W6 years ago

Always a joy to see animals enjoying a Christmas tree. Although...sometimes scary like when our cats had the tree start falling over...