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Participating In Groups

Participating in the Care2 discussions groups is easy and fun. As long as you have a Care2 account, and your profile is not hidden, you can access our discussion groups and participate with other Care2 members.

Joining Groups - In order to join a group on Care2, simply go to the group home page, and click on the Join Now button. Some groups may require application or approval before you can join, but most will allow immediate access by clicking on the Join Now button.

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Inviting Friends

Once you have joined a group, we suggest that you invite your friends to join as well. The more people who are involved and participating in each group, the more fun and effective that group will be. In order to invite friends to a group that you are a member of, go to the group home page of a group that you are already a member of and click on the Invite Friends button.

If those who you wish to invite are already Care2 members and are in your list of friends, you can click on the Invite My Friends button to bring up your friends list. Then check the boxes next to the friends that you want to invite to join the group, enter a subject and text for the email invitation and Click on the Invite button at the bottom of the page.

If you wish to invite people who are not yet Care2 Members or who are not in your friends list, click on the Invite friends by Email button. Enter the email address(es) that you wish to invite in the field provided, customize the text of the invitation, then either hit the Preview button to see what your invitation will look like or the Send Invitation button to send it out.

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Building the Group's Sharebook

Members can contribute to this group's collaborative Sharebook (online scrapbook / blog / journal) which will be displayed on the group homepage.

Who can post Shares?
Members of this group are the only ones who can contribute to the group's collective Sharebook.

How do you post to this Sharebook?
It's simple. Just add this group's unique "tag" when composing a Share. Or, add the tag to any public Share that allows public tagging. That's it! The Share will automatically be displayed on the group's homepage. The unique tag can be found in the Group Sharebook, on the Group Homepage.

Don't know how to compose a Share?
It's easy - visit the main "Share" tab to learn how. There is a slot to add "tags" (keywords) on the compose screen. Note: Shares must be set to "Visible to Public" in order to be displayed on groups.

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Posting / Reading discussions As a member of a Care2 group, you can participate in discussions within the group. In order to read the discussions within a group, scroll down past the group description and the announcements to see the topics with the most recent activity. If you want to read the list of all discussions, click on the View all Topics link below the recent topics list. Once you have selected a topic, you can scroll down to read all the posts on that discussion. In order to add you own post to a discussion, scroll to the bottom of the list of posts and click on the Reply to Topic button. You have a character limit of 3000 per post, and can preview your post prior to submitting it by using the Preview button. Depending on the options for the group, limited html may be allowed, as well as the use of emoticons. If these are allowed, there will be a message at the bottom of the post composition page which has a link to a page describing the available emoticons and how to use them.

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Conduct / Reporting abuse We would like everyone to feel welcome to express their opinions and ideas on our boards without concern about being attacked for them. For this reason it is very important that everyone engage in these boards in a respectful and understanding manner. While disagreements are a natural part of debate, and we do encourage different opinions, we do not tolerate abusive or disrespectful posts on our boards. If you disagree with someones opinion, you are free to debate the position or argue against a viewpoint, but it is not appropriate to attack or belittle the person making the statement or presenting their opinion. You can view our Code of Conduct for a complete listing of acceptable behavior on our boards. You can also view this from the homepage of any group by clicking on Read Code of Conduct below the discussions on the group home page.

If you encounter people who are abusing our discussion boards or are not abiding by our Code of Conduct, please report it to us so that we can take appropriate action to remove objectionable posts or if necessary suspend or block the member who is creating problems. To report this type of abuse, you have a few options.

-         Flag profile - You can flag the posters profile by viewing the profile and clicking on the Flag Profile link from the right column in the profile. If you use this option, please include a direct link to the offending discussion so that we are able to review the posts and delete them if necessary.

-         Email - You could also send an email to with a description of the problem. Again, please include actual URLs where the abuse is occurring so that we can best evaluate and act upon the situation.

-         Anonymous abuse If the abusive post is by an anonymous poster, you can use the Report Anonymous Abuse feature. At the end of every anonymous post there is a link report anonymous abuse. By clicking on this link you can report the post as abusive, and give a brief description of why you chose to report it.

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Following Discussions / Groups You can set your Care2 notifications so that you are notified via email of new posts on certain topics and also to receive a daily email digest of the activity on a group. To sign up for the daily digest, follow these steps:

  1. From the MyCare2 page, click on the My Account link to the right of the Singles tab.
  2. Click on the orange Notifications tab.
  3. Scroll down to the Email tracking section, and check the boxes for the groups that you wish to receive daily digests for. These digests will tell you what the topics which have been posted on as well as the number of posts for each topic.

Alternatively, you can choose to receive an email every time there someone posts on a specific topic or on any topic within a group.

-         Tracking individual topics - When viewing any discussion, you can click on the Track Topic link to receive emails every time there is a post to that topic.

-         Tracking all topics- You can also click on the Track all Topics link to receive emails every time there is a post on any topic in that group.

-         Tracking options - You can change your tracking options in the notifications tab of the My Account pages, or within the group discussion page.

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Leaving a Group If you wish to remove yourself from any of our groups, simply go to the group home page and click on the Unjoin link below the Invite Friends button.

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