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Getting Bounced back to the Care2 Homepage?

There are four standard reasons you get bounced back to the Care2 homepage when attempting to login to your email account:

1) You Exceeded Your Alotted Time Limit

The Care2 email system has a built in security feature that logs you out of your email if you are inactive. Often when you write long emails, you exceed that alotted time limit.

Solution: Just as you would a word processing document, click SAVE. This will save a copy to the DRAFTS folder as well as tell the system that you are still using your account. Another solution would be to type the letter in a word processing document, then cut and paste it into an email.

2) Your Cookie Handling Settings Need Adjustment

Huh? A What? For our login system to work properly, we place what is commonly called a cookie on your computer. It is a bit of data that lets us know who you are when you go from one page to the next. Without that cookie, you look just like anyone else in the world as far as our computer can tell. With that cookie we can say, "Ah yes! It's OK to show this person private account information because he/she properly logged in."

The way our cookies currently work is that we give you a new one each time you visit our site and log-in. When you log-out or exit your browser, the cookie disappears. Learn more about our privacy policy.

So...what you need you to do is to enable your browser to receive cookies. The default setup for web browsers is to accept cookies, so I suspect that you or someone using your browser before you,turned off this ability.

More help enabling cookies

3) Your browser's PROXY SETTINGS are not updating:

The problem may be due to the "proxy configuration" of your browser. In order to fix this, please follow these instructions:

Internet Explorer 5 and up
1. Go to "Tools".
2. Select "Internet Options".
3. Choose the "Connections" tab.
4. Click on the "Lan Settings" tab.
5. Uncheck the box next to "Use a proxy server".

Netscape 4 and up
1. Choose Edit--> Preferences -->Advanced--> Proxy.
2. Click on Manual Proxy Configuration and then View.
3. If there are any details filled in, please delete them (including ports).
4. Press ok.
5. Click on Direct connection to the internet.
6. Click ok

If the above does not apply to your browser, it could may well be that your ISP is using a Proxy when forwarding your message or session onwards. Please check with your ISP if the Proxy settings can be disabled.

4) Your browser has an incorrect CONTENT ADVISOR setting:

The third reason you may be getting bounced is that your browser has a "Content Advisor" setting that conflicts with the email system. To fix this problem, try disabling the "Content Advisor":

To Disable Content Advisor:

Internet Explorer 5 and up:
1. Select "Tools" from the title bar
2. Click on "Internet Options"
3. Click on the "Content tab"
4. Under "Content Advisor" click on the "Disable" button. (If this option says "Enable" then this option is already disabled. Do NOT enable this option.) 5. Click on "Apply" (only if you have made changes), then "Ok" again.
6. Restart your browser.

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If your problem persists:

  • Clear your browser's memory cache: Look in your browser menu (probably under Tools & Options).
  • Upgrade your browser: Download the latest version of Mozilla Firefox, Netscape, or Internet Explorer and see if the problem persists.
  • Upgrade your operating system (Mac, Microsoft Windows 98, Windows 00, WebTV, etc...) to the most recent version.
If you are a WebTV user, unfortunately, we have heard users having problems with not only Care2 but other sites as well. Please contact your WebTV service provider.

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