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Israel Can Win... If Obama Doesn't Save Hamas

US Politics & Gov't  (tags: Barack Obama, Gaza, Hamas, Israel, John Kerry )

- 1784 days ago -
Since Israel launched its ground offensive, Western media has been filled with Hamas propaganda. What Israel should not endure is the premature conclusion of hostilities. Disarming Hamas--seizing its rocket caches, collapsing its tunnels, neutralizing its


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Beth S (330)
Sunday July 27, 2014, 7:59 pm
BY: Matthew Continetti

Slandered, despised, insulted, degraded, Israel is nonetheless winning its war against Hamas. The number of rocket attacks launched by the terror group each day has been halved. The IDF is uprooting the underground tunnels Hamas uses to smuggle weapons, contraband, and terrorists in and out of the Gaza Strip. On Wednesday evening, Israel’s Channel Two newscast carried footage of Hamas terrorists surrendering to the IDF. The jihadists carried white flags. They stripped to their shorts, proving they were not wearing suicide belts. These are facts Hamas does not want you to know, images Hamas does not want you to see.
And you probably won’t see them. Since the evening of July 17, when Israel launched its ground offensive, Western media has been filled with Hamas propaganda. In the United States, the debate over the conflict is invariably couched in terms favorable to Hamas: Are civilian casualties too high? Is it safe to fly into Ben-Gurion airport? Has the IDF targeted schools and hospitals? One MSNBC anchor calls Israel, which abandoned Gaza in 2005, the “occupying authority.” Another praises a “gutsy” Israeli, who refuses to serve in her nation’s military.

On CNN, the Islamist Turkish prime minister says Israel has “surpassed what Hitler did.” A CNN reporter calls Israelis “scum”; a NBC reporter tweets a scurrilous article calling U.S. Jews who join the IDF “America’s Israeli jihadists”; and a writer for Gawker says it’s time to send the Jews back to Germany. Reporters once embedded with military forces. Now the talking points of a military force—the talking points of Hamas—are embedded in the U.S. media.

And yet the immediate danger to the success of this necessary war does not come from the electronic intifada. It does not come from resurgent anti-Semitism, or the United Nations Human Rights Council, or the failure of so many Western elites to recognize the causes of this war, their inability to distinguish between a democratic country struggling to protect its people and a terror state using children as hostages. Hate, law-fare, decadence—they are all challenges for Israel. But Israel can endure them for now. Israel is used to it.

What Israel should not endure is the premature conclusion of hostilities. Disarming Hamas—seizing its rocket caches, collapsing its tunnels, killing and capturing its forces—is vital to Israeli security. And an artificial ceasefire imposed by outside powers, a ceasefire written in terms favorable to Hamas, would undermine the security gains Israel has made to date. President Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry have given no sign that they recognize this fact. Or maybe they understand it all too well: The Obama administration’s top priority is imposing a ceasefire at exactly the moment when Israel’s military success is becoming clear.
Secretary Kerry arrived in Cairo earlier this week. No one wanted him there. Egypt’s ruler, General Sisi, has no interest in saving Hamas through international diplomacy: The Muslim Brotherhood is his mortal enemy. Kerry then went from Cairo to Jerusalem, where he met with U.N. Secretary Ban Ki-moon, who flew to the meeting on a plane chartered by Qatar, Hamas’ primary source of cash. Kerry also met Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who is too gracious to tell the secretary to go back to Boston. (Israel’s former ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, has said publicly what the Israeli government will not: Kerry is an unwelcome guest.) Next up was Mahmoud Abbas, president of the Palestinian Authority, who honored Kerry’s presence by endorsing Hamas’s call for a “Day of Rage” in the West Bank. Kerry “will soon decide if Hamas and Israel are willing to agree on a Gaza ceasefire,” Reuters says.

Kerry will decide? Who died and made him king?

There is no ceasefire in Gaza because a ceasefire is in no one’s interest. Israel’s objective is clear: degrade Hamas’ capability to fire rockets at Israeli civilians and attack Israeli communities from underground. As for Hamas, its interest is irrational, macabre, and deranged, but no less obvious: Promote itself as the leader of the worldwide struggle against Zionism and Judaism, while ensuring collateral damage that will foment outrage at Israel. That is why Hamas stores weapons in schools, why its military headquarters is in the basement of a hospital. Hamas is not interested in minimizing pain. Hamas wants to maximize it.
Who wants a ceasefire? Obama and Kerry. They need the diplomatic victory after the failure of their misguided and poorly executed bid to reconcile the irreconcilable. The president’s approval rating on foreign policy is abysmal. A ceasefire might help the American people forget, just for a moment, that their president has failed to influence events in Ukraine, Syria, and Iraq, let alone advance American interests overseas. Since he became president, Israel is the one country in the world in whose affairs President Obama has seemed at all interested in intervening. It is the one country whose politics and actions Obama has had no trouble judging harshly. Next to golf, it’s his favorite pastime.

Who wants a ceasefire? Qatar. The sheikhs who bankroll the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Jazeera, and Hamas would see their status rise. A ceasefire would lend credence to the theory that the traditional Sunni powers—Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia—have been eclipsed both by Shiite Iran and by Brotherhood-friendly Sunnis in the Gulf and Turkey. Having lost Egypt and possibly Gaza, the Brotherhood finds itself on the precipice. A Qatari-backed ceasefire that does not include disarmament of Hamas would pull the movement back from the abyss.

“One of the results, one would hope, of a cease-fire would be some form of demilitarization, so that again, this doesn’t continue, doesn’t repeat itself,” said Tony Blinken, Obama’s deputy national security adviser, to NPR. One would hope so. Indeed, actual demilitarization—not hoped for, not partial—is exactly what the IDF is doing now, block by block, tunnel by tunnel. Why is the administration trying to stop it? Is a ceasefire that leaves Hamas with its arsenal really more desirable to them than another week of war?

This is not the time for President Obama and John Kerry to play to type, to promote bad agreements for self-satisfaction, for political gain. If they won’t stand behind Israel, they should at least get out of the way. And let the IDF finish the job.

Carola May (20)
Monday July 28, 2014, 12:27 am
Well, don't hold your breath. Obama has 3 Muslim Brotherhood "advisers" in the White House - a group whose stated goal is to "destroy western civilization from within" and force the whole world to live under the barbaric laws of Islam. And he has admitted having "hundreds" of secret meetings with CAIR, a Muslim Brotherhood front group in the US. This is like Roosevelt having Nazi "advisers" and meeting often in secret with Nazi leaders. Where is the outrage for this treason?!

Obama is silent on the daily genocide and ethnic cleansing of non-Muslims across the Muslim occupied lands, but roars with rage if just one yokel threatens to burn a hate-filled qu'ran (and, yes, I have read this filthy book along with most of the hadith and have studied Islam for years, I only wish those who so blindly defend this "religion" of hate, violence and love of death would do the same.)

Thanks for this, but I doubt it will do any good. Especially on CAIR 2

Stan B (123)
Monday July 28, 2014, 12:50 am
Just love that cartoon. And amazingly in a U.K. newspaper. Yes, Beth. Israel needs to finish the job and this time I think they will.
Thanks for posting.

fly bird (26)
Monday July 28, 2014, 1:24 am

Hilary S (65)
Monday July 28, 2014, 2:54 am
no country has supported israel for a long time - preferring to massage a love affair with its terrorist palestinian thorns, and not giving a damn if israel goes up in smoke. so shortsighted: the world needs israel much more than israel needs the world.

Charles W (60)
Monday July 28, 2014, 3:45 am
Too many Israeli propagandists on Care2 site today ,,,

Beth S (330)
Monday July 28, 2014, 5:12 am
No it's actually too many Hamas propagandists telling Hamass lies that have been on too long.

Sheila S (51)
Monday July 28, 2014, 5:49 am
Thank you, Beth, for this highly informative article. Every time I see an article about Israel on C2, I hold my breath before reading comments. Usually they are so virulently anti-Israel that I can't even stay on the page land refuse to get involved in the negative mud-slinging. While I feel for the displaced innocents who make Gaza their home, this is WAR, and has Hilary so aptly stated, "The world needs Israel."

Phil P (94)
Monday July 28, 2014, 6:42 am
No matter the religion, man hides behind his chosen god for justification for the viciousness and evil in his own heart and mind. You want to stamp out hate, stamp out religion.

Wayne W (12)
Monday July 28, 2014, 10:34 am
Obama has 3 Muslim Brotherhood "advisers"

Who are they?

Wayne W (12)
Monday July 28, 2014, 10:48 am
Never mind. That came from Louie Gohmert (R,TX), widely regarded as the dumbest person in Congress. He has a history of just making stuff up. Don't you ever check your sources?

Gohmert: Obama has pro-Muslim Brotherhood advisers

Here is ex-judge Louie Gohmert in all his glory:

The Five Most Idiotic Things Louie Gohmert, Who Sees Radical Muslims Anywhere He Looks, Believes

Louie Gohmert says more awful, stupid garbage

Louie Gohmert: 3-year-old immigrants don’t deserve legal status if they can’t pay taxes

Congressman Goes On Diatribe Against Migrant Children, Urges Texas To Unilaterally Declare War

"Gohmert asked Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) to “use whatever means” like troops, ships of war, or taxes to “stop the invasion.”

Beth S (330)
Monday July 28, 2014, 11:42 am
Well, you have to consider that even IF what Gohmert says is not true about a give issue or some part of it, there's a broad spectrum of researchers, think tank people and ex-CIA people who back this up.

I would say that rather than go through me to ask your questions, go to one of a number of true experts in the field.

Try sending an email to Clare Lopez, Senior Fellow, Center For Security Policy:

Please do us all a favor and when you get your answers about Muslim Brotherhood operatives in the administration, please post the responses in this column.

Thank you, Wayne.

Evelyn B (63)
Monday July 28, 2014, 1:30 pm
So you have no idea who they are, Beth? Just affirming their existence as fact ...
Which clearly explains how Obama and the US have done NOTHING - except approve additional "emergency funding" for Israel - of course, his Hamas advisors supported this ...

And Hamas is promoting effective mass suicide - are they also directing the missile shooting?

"A CNN reporter calls Israelis “scum”" - a little out of context: she was being threatened by people, who were enjoying watching Israeli shelling pounding down on Gaza, and didn't want to hear anything that could be construed as criticism - so she tweeted a description of their behaviour. Most human would be disturbed, embarrassed, by such behaviour.

Sadly, I suspect many commenting here would love to be amongst those sitting on the hills, watching & cheering the action .... and would cheer loudest when the last Gazan falls dead.

Beth S (330)
Monday July 28, 2014, 2:34 pm
I think you missed the very obvious point, Evelyn. Of course I know who they are. The point is who in the intelligence fields know, so that it will satisfy Wayne and who he can personally talk to and ask all the questions he wants until he's satisfied with the answers. My saying the names, which I could easily do, would likely not satisfy him. I'm giving him the name, position and email of an important resource. This is self-evident.

Yes, Hamas is definitely promoting mass suicide, just as surely as one who would start a car, put it into neutral on a decline and then run in back of it as it rolls backwards down the driveway would be. Cause and effect. This is a no-brainer, but most of the reflexively anti-Israel crowd seem to be in that special group.

You know, there MAY be people who might be happy "cheering the action." I don't know ANYBODY who feels that way or at least has acted so or has said so. It is not the Jewish way.

In the reading of the Haggaddah on Passover, it is a long held tradition that in spite of the hardships inflicted upon the Israelites, when God brings the plagues and then drowns Pharaoh and his army in the sea, that there can be no laughing, clapping, gloating or any other signs of being jubilant with these deaths, since Jews are not allowed to rejoice in others' deaths, even their enemies who mightily deserve it. This is something common to many of other cultures.

In fact, the type of behavior you illustrate is just the kind that the Palestinians have displayed every time they kidnap an Israeli or Israelis are blown up, or even when the Twin Towers fell. Pictures and videos abound of Palestinians dancing in the streets, handing out sweets, car horns blaring in celebration at causing deaths.

This is one of many things that distinguish Israelis from groups like Hamas. Hamas leaders order their followers to go back to their homes, stand on their roofs and literally bare their chests to the incoming missiles that Hamas and other similar-minded groups in Gaza have provoked by launching thousands of missiles at Israeli civilians.

If Gazans want to avoid being hurt, deliberately standing on their roofs so that they can be killed go to paradise and get a lot of propaganda value is not the way to avoid harm. It would be far more effective to not fire the rockets and missiles in the first place and take shelter. (

In Islam, a Muslim who dies in jihad with the Kuffar automatically go to paradise. Muslims who don't engage in this open-ended battle are excoriated in the Qur'an as lazy, cowardly and not deserving of paradise.

It's very important to understand the theological underpinnings of Islamist/jihadist groups. It is there you will find the whys.

Stephen Brian (23)
Monday July 28, 2014, 5:14 pm
Hi Evelyn :)

Hamas is, arguably, directing the missile-strikes. Israel has a declared policy of striking at launch-locations, storage-sites, and locations containing militia-officers and/or combatants. It sticks to that policy fairly well, leaving the placement of those targets up to Hamas. Obviously, the final decision to launch or not is made by an IDF officer who may or may not abide by that policy either by firing when inappropriate or not doing so when appropriate, but by controlling the locations of targets, Hamas does have substantial power at an earlier stage over where the bulk of the missiles will go. It chooses to fire from the vicinity of hospitals, schools, homes, and other infrastructure containing innocent bystanders.

I'm totally with you regarding the CNN reporter's tweet: Under the circumstances, I likely would have used harsher profanity to describe what she experienced and witnessed. You're also right in that there definitely are people who would cheer the deaths of Gazans, though I doubt they post here much. I have met some such individuals in person (and even, I believe, convinced one to change his views) and communicated with more remotely.

Past Member (0)
Wednesday July 30, 2014, 4:09 am
I fully agree, and yet the reporting in the US looks balance compared to European reporting. What I don't understand is that we hear that it is constantly reported that Gaza did not have enough concrete to build/rebuild and yet those tunnels. Many forget about the same number of Jews were expelled from Arab states after the 1948 war. So I guess we should also feel sorry for them rotting away in their refugee camps. Oh, wait, there are no Jewish refugee camps because the Israelis took them all in. By contrast the Arabs did nothing to help the Palestinians.Hamas seems delighted by all the deaths of their own people, which they could have prevented by not fighting in the middle of a city or end by simply stopping their attacks.

Beth S (330)
Wednesday July 30, 2014, 1:20 pm
It's amazing that the Gazans were able to build thousands of tunnels with LOTS of concrete, which is exactly why Israel stops the Gazans -- who have sworn not to stop making war with Israel until Israel is annihilated -- tries to prevent concrete from being smuggled into Gaza.

Thank you, John, you said it so well!

Past Member (0)
Thursday July 31, 2014, 12:43 pm
It is so refreshing to find a like minded person on this issue. This article is very informative and right on the money. Keep up the good work!
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