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High Cost of Joining the EU and the Euro..Herbal Medicines Will Be Banned,..Codex Alimentarius

Society & Culture  (tags: High Cost of Joining the EU and the Euro, ..Codex Alimentarius )

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Herbal medicines and, possibly, complementary medicine will be, effectively, be banned [Codex Alimentarius]


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Scott S (816)
Friday May 2, 2008, 10:01 am

7) Herbal medicines and, complementary medicine will be, effectively, be banned [Codex Alimentarius]

Scott S (816)
Friday May 2, 2008, 10:02 am

UN's Codex Alimentarius

Commission to Approve International Guidelines for Organic Food.

United Nations Codex

Commission.. United Nations Is Codex Commission..They Take Away Vitamins, Dec. 31, 2009

911:Vatican &

Jesuits...QE,..United Nations...Codex Alimentarius Setup in 1963 By the UN Agencies FAO and


Civil War and the Conquest

That Followed .. We Find Ourselves Subjects of the King/Queen of England.




BRITISH COLONY ...Will the Real Government Please Stand Up!

The United States Is Still a

British Colony... History Can Be Changed to Fit Someones Belief

Rewriting U.S. History - The

Rockefeller Foundation - Rewrite American History,

The Boot Monument Is An

American Revolutionary War Memorial Dedicated to Benedict Arnold

Saratoga Is An Essential

Part of American History,..Its All Been Rewritten.. It's All Made Up

Information Democracy. TV..

It's All Lies,.. and Mis-Information to Confuse

The Pope + the Queen - on

Equal Footing,. British Royal Family the Hidden Power Behind the United Nations

Benedict Arnold V (January

14, 1741..Was a Descendant of John Lothropp, An Ancestor of at Least Four Presidents of the United


The Queen's Bribery Gang -

Queen Elizabeth II (Murderer) , Actually Not British Royalty
Notice this cast of characters and

entities. Queen Elizabeth II of England The Bush Crime Family Saddam Hussein Criminal business

center, Carlyle Group Paul Martin, the new Prime Minister of Canada Canada Steamship Lines, owned

by Martin
9. Secret Rulers of the World

- The Queen [9/29]

Scott S (816)
Friday May 2, 2008, 10:03 am

Biofuels: NOT 'Green Gold'

Only Problems Untold


Demand for Crops as Biofuels Is, in Competition With Growing Global Food Demands

Rainforest Action Network’s

Agribusiness Campaign Puts Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) on Notice

Biofuels Are Famine Policy;

Food Shortages Are Hitting,..ADM's CEO Patricia Woertz, Warned in May of Inflation Ahead in Food


Bio-Foolery -Is Causing

‘Food Shocks’ - U.S. Corn Harvest Used for Ethanol Is Soaring

Hemp Is the Only Proven

Source for Economical Biomass Fuels, a Biomass Source Which Was Completely Ignored By the

Cornell Study.

Monsanto Owns Your Food

Patents - Over 11,000 Patents, on Seeds, Animals,Human Genetics,

ADM Outlines Strategy for

Growth in Bioenergy and Agricultural Processing

Renewable Fuel Standard

Program- Renewable Fuel Required to Be Blended Into Gasoline to 7.5 Billion Gallons By


Archer Daniels to Look

Beyond Corn for Fuel Sources

Bioethanol Benefits Not Only

the Producers But Also the Investors at American Stock Exchanges,

Media Manipulation and the

United Nations

Food Shortage Coming? -

NOT.. Fox Starts the Propaganda,( Warehouses Are Full )



Scott S (816)
Friday May 2, 2008, 10:03 am

This is another of Michaels good articles..

Report Calls for School Discipline Reform.. Nearly a third of all public school students won't leave school with a diploma, and half of all teachers won't leave school with a pension because they leave within the first five years. How does teaching and learning occur when everyone is leaving?
.. It doesn't..
- they are learning, to not use their brain, very simple.
..calculators- yes,... GPS- yes, compass- no,... thinking,... definitely... not.

Past Member (73)
Friday May 2, 2008, 11:19 pm
This is all very in-depth, although there are a number of things that do make perfect sense. And even though i'm not all that into politics i definitely agree that the Queen doesn't (or shouldn't, or both) have any legal authority over Australia, it's just a title. Well, i guess we shall see for how much longer even this precious title will continue since there are already actions being taken for Australia to become a republic. Soon enough all the pieces of the puzzle will fit together.

Saturday May 3, 2008, 6:46 am
okay i read the little piece and it is one of those out dated pieces one of the anti eu people of the uk wrote .......soooooooo

but i am going to focus on the eu outlawing herbal and complementary and or alternative medicine .......and just say wrong wrong wrong .......

each nation and this would apply to various things proclaimed in the outdated article ........first the uk is a eu state with its own laws and those laws as we saw last week 9 times out of ten trump eu policy ...such as when the little old ladies {2 sisters} sued the uk and had to then appeal it to the eu court in luxembourg AND THEY LOST the eu said the law of the uk does not violate their human rights by not allowing them to claim each other as partners to avoid when the other dies to pay inheritance taxes {sad}the eu also said that each state should be flexible with this sort of thing saying basically that the uk shouldnt be treating these to ladies like this {if this had occurred in france they would of one but it would not of due to the fact france makes allowances for any two people that live together siblings or lovers ........but i am off point and i am sorry .....

my mother in law takes herbal supplements and my aunt makes various ointments and tonics ........and i make various teas .....certain things are forbidden here these would be some not all chinese and asian traditional medicines and the reason is that the quality of said product is how do you say ahhhhhhhhh yeah trusted and that many of the elements of these medicines are endangered animals/plants /stones /and woods .....also some are actual in the case of plants a treat to the environment which in this day and age trumps your right to bring these things into the nation on mass .......

that said since spain ,luxembourg ,france ,nietherlands and so on and so on have various laws you can get these medications there .......not everything but that applies to every nation on the planet does not make everything available to everyone ........such is life .......

i can have any of various complementary treatments and i mix and match

i am going to read the article again to see if i missed anything AND i will comment of each bit if thats okay scott .........

one final bit for ya though for now ......the pope is not and eu member ,a citizen of germany or has any control over what we do here .......he lost his german and eu citizenship when he became pope .......vatican city is not an eu member .........

I WOULD ALSO LIKE TO ADD TO THE WRITER OF SAID ARTICLE how are those british banks looking now mary how are they looking now ...........

Scott S (816)
Saturday May 3, 2008, 6:51 am

I know it's an old article, so old people must have forgotten,

Scott S (816)
Sunday May 4, 2008, 8:25 am

My Point,... Exactly, is,

.. The current culture undermines it by emphasizing speed, speed, speed, and activity,

activity,activity. We don’t know how to relax, how to quiet the mind, how to breathe, how to sit and be

still. For some, learning to find calm might mean reconnecting with a spiritual tradition. For others, it

might mean practicing mediation or yoga.

.. HELP ... "SAVE OUR EARTH" ... "Get Conscious" ... NOW !

The Problem..

- they are trying to promote mass hysteria,.. and doing a fine job..

.. should I buy, food, or gas, or pay my rent, or worry about the Martial
law practice runs in the USA,..or worry about the rigged elections,
or should I worry about nuclear war, invading Iran, or getting out of
Iraq, or maybe I should worry about the water shortage, or starvation,
.. or how about 2012, or cruelty to animals, or our education system,
or health care, or chem trails, or poisoned food, atmoshere, or maybe the
Genetically modified seeds, and food, what about,. Cancer, or Aids, or
Autism, what about, the Second Coming,.. or the Fake Holograph Second Coming, or the fact that the

House of Windsor, owns the world,
and are trying to kill pretty well everything on this Earth. etc.etc.

THE ANSWER:... Slow Down,... Get Conscious!,.. its Free,.. and Easy!

The brain contains a system for calming, she says, but the current culture undermines it by

emphasizing speed, speed, speed, and activity, activity, activity. We don’t know how to relax, how to

quiet the mind, how to breathe, how to sit and be still. For some, learning to find calm might mean

reconnecting with a spiritual tradition. For others, it might mean practicing mediation or yoga. People

can’t act with complete wholeness and integration until they have that within themselves, Otherwise,

they just go out and spread more anxiety.

No Fear, No Fear, No Fear,... Love Love Love

... HELP ... "SAVE OUR EARTH" ... "Get Conscious" ... NOW !

... slow down, relax, notice how much natural beauty, is still left,

- Think about trying to save some of it for "Our Children".

Some people have an inner knowing that they are doing what they came in to do. Others may need to

access in meditation the blueprint of their life.
It is important that those who are not on their true path get onto it, Sometimes we can procrastinate for

many lifetimes before we find our true life's mission. To fulfill our life's mission, we must learn to keep

our minds focused on our goal until it comes to pass. When we raise our vibrational level, things will

manifest through faith.
We choose between being victims or becoming Masters...
Negative thoughts keep us anchored in the third dimension. And when we refuse to let them go, we

are uconsciously saying, ''I prefer holding on to this old hurt to ascending,'' or ''I would rather hold on

to my fear of failure than ascend.''
We've been given a preconceived notion that it is necessary to leave our bodies behind in order to

travel to this better place. But ascension can take place on the physical plane just by raising the

consciousness. We can choose to stay in the physical body and ascend.

-the year 2008 is the year that we will manifest the shift of the ages which they predicted 10,000 years

ago.The disciples sought Enlightenment, but did not know what it was or how it was attainable.

What events might start the ball rolling so to speak? Many things can trigger the beginning of your

ascension process. sacred site travel has been a great trigger for me. For many of us, meditation

can also trigger and accelerate the ascension process. For others, it might be practicing yoga. For

some it might be a book or article that triggers you into remembering. Others might be triggered by

things like sacred site essences, or even a photograph of a sacred site that they had spent a past life

in. But many times a huge life challenge or trauma can crack us open so the brilliant light inside of us

can begin to leak out. Through great trauma and loss we begin to reach for a greater meaning to life.

This is a sacred wound and a Shaman's path. Eventually you remember that you never were in the

darkness . . . you just forgot that you were in the light all along.

- "Jesus",..or "that guy".. has been here for a while,..
.. when the time is right,.. "Jesus"... the "Real Guy", will be known
- the bible got rewritten 400 bc. ie.. the Gospel of Thomas..


... HELP ... "SAVE OUR EARTH" ... "Get Conscious" ... NOW !
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