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Jerusalem Post Says Bush Plans to Attack Iran in the Coming Months.

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- 4077 days ago -
WASHINGTON - The White House on Tuesday denied a published report in Israel that said President Bush intends to attack Iran before the end of his term in January.


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Steve Howard (45)
Tuesday May 20, 2008, 9:02 am

We need to impeach Bush AND Cheney.

Please go to






Ratty Ratman (160)
Tuesday May 20, 2008, 9:24 am

The same thing happened with Iraq, there were reports they were going to, then the White House kept saying it was not true, then we were there.

They want to do it and they will do it unless we get all these people around us to wake up and ACT, we need phone calls to media and Congress and the Senate.

NotSilent has the links right above me, please get busy.


Hans L (958)
Tuesday May 20, 2008, 9:29 am
I bet anything that he will he is insane and worse than Hitler!
I cannot understand how the world can tolerate this guy!
Why cannot the US get rid of this president who has caused more damage than any president before!
Its about time that the is gone..but he will first attack IRAN!
Than Mc Cain will be the best America can get...

Steve Howard (45)
Tuesday May 20, 2008, 10:14 am

This is a better link for Congress than the one I put above with the other ones:

Scott Shaubel (816)
Tuesday May 20, 2008, 11:22 am

- the USA has been at war with Iran for quite a while. covertly

.. they have been trying to destabilize Iran, ever since their guy, the Ayatolla, got removed.


Mara G (411)
Tuesday May 20, 2008, 11:27 am
Well, I have to believe the White House on this one. They've been truthful so far!! HA HA HA HA ha ha ha ha ...HA HA HA HA ha ha ha...omg!

Mara G (411)
Tuesday May 20, 2008, 11:29 am
Oh...forgot, why don't we try to Impeach them? That should work!

Steve Howard (45)
Tuesday May 20, 2008, 11:54 am

Yeah Ron, you're right, they always tell the truth !


I know impeachment is not moving forward, but it would if we multiplied the amount of people demanding it.

If each one of us that pushes for it got those around us to finally wake up, and got them to realize they actually needed to do something and they called and wrote and emailed and visited their reps and the stinking complicit media, and they got a few others and we ended up with 100 or 1,000 or 10,000 times as many, then we can do it.

People are fed up, we just need to get them to speak up.

It is possible.






Uhoud Abdulmajeed (184)
Tuesday May 20, 2008, 1:37 pm
I wish that happen iran is killer of all nations they dream to control the world

Kim Moore (61)
Tuesday May 20, 2008, 3:49 pm

Steve Howard (45)
Tuesday May 20, 2008, 6:25 pm

Uhoud, the US attacking Iran is not the answer.

Scott Shaubel (816)
Tuesday May 20, 2008, 8:36 pm

The people who run the people, that run the USA..

... they dream to control the world.

and believe me, its only a dream,...

- they will be waking up soon, to a new reality.

Mara G (411)
Tuesday May 20, 2008, 10:06 pm
Why I Believe Bush Must Go..

Nixon Was Bad. These Guys Are Worse

By George McGovern

06/01/08 "Washington Post" -- -- As we enter the eighth year of the Bush-Cheney administration, I have belatedly and painfully concluded that the only honorable course for me is to urge the impeachment of the president and the vice president.

After the 1972 presidential election, I stood clear of calls to impeach President Richard M. Nixon for his misconduct during the campaign. I thought that my joining the impeachment effort would be seen as an expression of personal vengeance toward the president who had defeated me.

Today I have made a different choice.

Of course, there seems to be little bipartisan support for impeachment. The political scene is marked by narrow and sometimes superficial partisanship, especially among Republicans, and a lack of courage and statesmanship on the part of too many Democratic politicians. So the chances of a bipartisan impeachment and conviction are not promising.

But what are the facts?

Bush and Cheney are clearly guilty of numerous impeachable offenses. They have repeatedly violated the Constitution. They have transgressed national and international law. They have lied to the American people time after time. Their conduct and their barbaric policies have reduced our beloved country to a historic low in the eyes of people around the world. These are truly “high crimes and misdemeanors,” to use the constitutional standard.

From the beginning, the Bush-Cheney team’s assumption of power was the product of questionable elections that probably should have been officially challenged — perhaps even by a congressional investigation.

In a more fundamental sense, American democracy has been derailed throughout the Bush-Cheney regime. The dominant commitment of the administration has been a murderous, illegal, nonsensical war against Iraq. That irresponsible venture has killed almost 4,000 Americans, left many times that number mentally or physically crippled, claimed the lives of an estimated 600,000 Iraqis (according to a careful October 2006 study from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health) and laid waste their country. The financial cost to the United States is now $250 million a day and is expected to exceed a total of $1 trillion, most of which we have borrowed from the Chinese and others as our national debt has now climbed above $9 trillion — by far the highest in our national history.

All of this has been done without the declaration of war from Congress that the Constitution clearly requires, in defiance of the U.N. Charter and in violation of international law. This reckless disregard for life and property, as well as constitutional law, has been accompanied by the abuse of prisoners, including systematic torture, in direct violation of the Geneva Conventions of 1949.

I have not been heavily involved in singing the praises of the Nixon administration. But the case for impeaching Bush and Cheney is far stronger than was the case against Nixon and Vice President Spiro T. Agnew after the 1972 election. The nation would be much more secure and productive under a Nixon presidency than with Bush. Indeed, has any administration in our national history been so damaging as the Bush-Cheney era?

How could a once-admired, great nation fall into such a quagmire of killing, immorality and lawlessness?

It happened in part because the Bush-Cheney team repeatedly deceived Congress, the press and the public into believing that Saddam Hussein had nuclear arms and other horrifying banned weapons that were an “imminent threat” to the United States. The administration also led the public to believe that Iraq was involved in the 9/11 attacks — another blatant falsehood. Many times in recent years, I have recalled Jefferson’s observation: “Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just.”

The basic strategy of the administration has been to encourage a climate of fear, letting it exploit the 2001 al-Qaeda attacks not only to justify the invasion of Iraq but also to excuse such dangerous misbehavior as the illegal tapping of our telephones by government agents. The same fear-mongering has led government spokesmen and cooperative members of the press to imply that we are at war with the entire Arab and Muslim world — more than a billion people.

Another shocking perversion has been the shipping of prisoners scooped off the streets of Afghanistan to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and other countries without benefit of our time-tested laws of habeas corpus.

Although the president was advised by the intelligence agencies last August that Iran had no program to develop nuclear weapons, he continued to lie to the country and the world. This is the same strategy of deception that brought us into war in the Arabian Desert and could lead us into an unjustified invasion of Iran. I can say with some professional knowledge and experience that if Bush invades yet another Muslim oil state, it would mark the end of U.S. influence in the crucial Middle East for decades.

Ironically, while Bush and Cheney made counterterrorism the battle cry of their administration, their policies — especially the war in Iraq — have increased the terrorist threat and reduced the security of the United States. Consider the difference between the policies of the first President Bush and those of his son. When the Iraqi army marched into Kuwait in August 1990, President George H.W. Bush gathered the support of the entire world, including the United Nations, the European Union and most of the Arab League, to quickly expel Iraqi forces from Kuwait. The Saudis and Japanese paid most of the cost. Instead of getting bogged down in a costly occupation, the administration established a policy of containing the Baathist regime with international arms inspectors, no-fly zones and economic sanctions. Iraq was left as a stable country with little or no capacity to threaten others.

Today, after five years of clumsy, mistaken policies and U.S. military occupation, Iraq has become a breeding ground of terrorism and bloody civil strife. It is no secret that former president Bush, his secretary of state, James A. Baker III, and his national security adviser, Gen. Brent Scowcroft, all opposed the 2003 invasion and occupation of Iraq.

In addition to the shocking breakdown of presidential legal and moral responsibility, there is the scandalous neglect and mishandling of the Hurricane Katrina catastrophe. The veteran CNN commentator Jack Cafferty condenses it to a sentence: “I have never ever seen anything as badly bungled and poorly handled as this situation in New Orleans.” Any impeachment proceeding must include a careful and critical look at the collapse of presidential leadership in response to perhaps the worst natural disaster in U.S. history.

Impeachment is unlikely, of course. But we must still urge Congress to act. Impeachment, quite simply, is the procedure written into the Constitution to deal with presidents who violate the Constitution and the laws of the land. It is also a way to signal to the American people and the world that some of us feel strongly enough about the present drift of our country to support the impeachment of the false prophets who have led us astray. This, I believe, is the rightful course for an American patriot.

As former representative Elizabeth Holtzman, who played a key role in the Nixon impeachment proceedings, wrote two years ago, “it wasn’t until the most recent revelations that President Bush directed the wiretapping of hundreds, possibly thousands, of Americans, in violation of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) — and argued that, as Commander in Chief, he had the right in the interests of national security to override our country’s laws — that I felt the same sinking feeling in my stomach as I did during Watergate. . . . A President, any President, who maintains that he is above the law — and repeatedly violates the law — thereby commits high crimes and misdemeanors.”

I believe we have a chance to heal the wounds the nation has suffered in the opening decade of the 21st century. This recovery may take a generation and will depend on the election of a series of rational presidents and Congresses. At age 85, I won’t be around to witness the completion of the difficult rebuilding of our sorely damaged country, but I’d like to hold on long enough to see the healing begin.

There has never been a day in my adult life when I would not have sacrificed that life to save the United States from genuine danger, such as the ones we faced when I served as a bomber pilot in World War II. We must be a great nation because from time to time, we make gigantic blunders, but so far, we have survived and recovered.

Katerina Pappa (10)
Wednesday May 21, 2008, 3:05 am
man whats wrong with him.......???????

Stephen Hannon (203)
Wednesday May 21, 2008, 5:25 am
I now wonder what lies Bush/cheney are going to attempt to float to Congress for their approval of military action against Iran who, according to the nuclear inspectors who have already said that Iran is not developing any nuclear weapons, and is no direct threat to the US or its neighboring countries.

Former Foreign Secretary Jack Straw sent an E-Mail to Tony Blair former PM of the UK stating that Iraq was no threat to the US nor its neighbors, but Bush was determined to take military action against Saddam Hussein, and then lied to Congress, and fabricated evidence that Saddam had WMD, but we know none was ever found. I seriously doubt that Congress is going to be fooled again. Our troops are spent as it is and we cannot afford monetarily another war. It is clear that Bush is and his cronies are "war mongers" and war profiteers, and Speaker Pelosi keeps saying that impeachment of Bush/Cbeney would detract from the upcoming presidential election. If she had acted quickly in 2006, and co-sponsored Dennis Kucinich's bill 333 they would have been impeached, but what I believe is the main reason that Pelosi took impeachment off the table was the fact that if indded they were impeached she would automatically become the "new president" and I don't believe she wanted the responsibility of becoming the new president until the election in November. I can't think of any other reason for her to take impeachment off the table unless she made a "secret deal" with Bush/Cheney to not push for their impeachment. I am leaning towards the latter...There is no doubt in the minds of America that Bush/Cheney ahould have been impeached yrs. ago...

George Bush has a long history of abuse towards women and small animals. When he and Laura were living in Greenwich, Conn. he assualted her, and she called the police, however when they arrived she refused to press charges against George for it would have ruined his father's plans to have him elected Governor of Texas. Laura had called her father-in-law and he told her not to press charges. Back in that era the police could not arrest anyone even if they saw proof of abuse, like they can do today. That was not an option back then, but it is now. I read the report that she filed, and it was noted in the police report that Laura had a welt under her right eye. George had punched her in the face. Bush has always been a violent person, even while he was attending Yale some of his fellow graduates had said that Bush was either drunk or on Marijuana most of his college yrs. and Laura's nick name used to be "Dime Bag Laura" during the 60's...It is all documented in Kitty Kelley's book "The Family The Real Story Of The Bush Dynasty...."

Hans L (958)
Wednesday May 21, 2008, 5:57 am
How for god sake can the people in the USA stop these criminals?
I cannot imagine that a European politician could do this and get away with
it....something is wrong with the USA!

Blue Bunting (855)
Wednesday May 21, 2008, 9:28 am
I$rael has been trying to push the U$A into a war with Iran for a long, long time. And Bu$h still hasn't delivered that oil pipeline he promised to I$rael.

Past Member (0)
Wednesday May 21, 2008, 10:52 am
Well, if Iran dreams to controll the world, so does Mr. Bush. Whether it is the true or false information about him going to attack Iran, it is disturbong anyway to see what he is doing. I never believed a war could be a good solution.

serge vrabec (278)
Wednesday May 21, 2008, 11:50 am
The USA will not attack Iran, the only one under attack, so to speak, are Bush and his bosses. Their little time is over and i am enjoying watching so many people empowering themselves with REAL information and seperating the truth from lies and control. Thx for post !

Marian E (152)
Wednesday May 21, 2008, 12:37 pm

I wish I were as confident as you Serge. Unfortunately, having had dick cheney as a neighbor, knowing him personally, as well as many of his local friends and supporters, I believe I can state emphatically that he runs the show and is pushing for war with Iran. There are far too many benefits for him and his cohorts to sit back and just wait to leave office.

Thank you Notsilent.

Elli Monk (46)
Wednesday May 21, 2008, 4:20 pm
Having George W. as our president is like sending Barney Fife to the FBI !

Michael Sandstrom (306)
Thursday May 22, 2008, 1:29 am
TY notsilent, wow Marian, you neighbor was/is Satan?? How can you impeach the people who pick their own Judges? I wish I could pick my Judges and Jury. Maybe a petition to the UN??? also read this!!! TRUTH, Bush Authorized 911 Attacks, Government Insider: Sounds like some other people ARE TAKING ACTION, the truth is "leaking out"......

Scott Shaubel (816)
Thursday May 22, 2008, 5:24 am

Cheney, is a puppet, like the rest,.. read all my 600 and something articles,.. they are all true..

.. there is a higher power, as Queen Elizabeth, eluded to.

- its much easier, to deny what's happening, .. fear factor.
that's what they want,.

No fear,.. Serge is right on, The Tide hs Turned,..

.. get some gumption, stand up for yourselves,

- if anyone hasn't figured it out yet,.."they" are trying,

and I said,.. "trying", to destroy,... everything,...

.. they prefer it, to leave nothing, if they can't have it... no-one can!

- I can't understand, why they will tell you that they can create a universe, but they won't tell you, that,

they "have been" flying around the universe, for about 40 years or so.

- as in American "Flying Saucers" to where?,.. Mars,.. and beyond.

.. I think their "estimate", of the distance to Mars, is a bit off.

.. Bush(nwo).. well,.. we told them we're taking away vitamins, and no one
did anything, we told them we're poisoning them, with their water and food, no one cares,..... these people, will believe anything, they believed 911 was terrorists, they bought the war on terror,...they're so fluorided out,.. we can tell them we did 911, .. they won't even notice

Mother Nature, Or God, or Mother Earth, did a fine job, till these morons, started to upset the perfectly balanced millions of year old,
balance of Nature. No manipulating of any Dna, in this last go round, till
just a bit ago(100 years). Extinct species, they sure give it their best shot, at destroying everything... Natural.

- anyways, its a done deal, .. done a long time ago.
(bill gates..Pat Woertz,(, synthetic Biology)
they make stuff you would not believe.

.. everyone will soon find out,... what ever they show the general public, and let them use(technology), is in general,
.. at least.. 30 years old.
- can you say quantum computers, the size of dust...
..that runs on photons(light), instead of electricity(electrons)

- Read the news(mine), for real,... and start believing it,..

- they have had space weaponized for decades,(tesla)

- there is a base on the moon :o)

- the flying saucers, are USA military, driven by American's :o)

- you are seing a lot of holographs

- we have light driven(photons) computers, so small, that a 1 inch

piece .of hair,could hold thousands of computers,

- these can be programmed from any-where, without satelites.

- Photons can move matter, as in teleport.

- light(photons) are much cheaper(sun), and light years faster than


The Nuclear Alarm Clock - - Too Late to Wake up.... Once that Goes Off.. .. .. HELP... "SAVE OUR EARTH" ... Get Conscious .. NOW !

16 Grandfathers Messages of the Possible Futures - Only Possible Futures...."If a man could make the right choices," he said, "then he could significantly alter the course of the possible future.... No man, then, should feel insignificant, for it only takes one man to alter the consciousness of mankind through the Spirit-that-moves...HELP... "SAVE OUR EARTH" ... Get Conscious .. NOW !

a reply to Pamela's, quetions .. a while ago

Every thing they do, is for our destruction,.. sad but true,.. all inclusive,

everything, you believe to be true, in general, is the opposite, no exageration..

.. its hard to believe, but every article, and every comment that I have made,

has been true.(-all that sc-fi stuff, all that 1 God Stuff, ascention, fake second coming, real second coming.. .. true

.. faith in The 1 "GOD", total faith(no church), the shift in consciousness,

for the Earth and all on it, is our only hope, that's why I get a bit frantic, at times,

- everyone is so brainwashed(totally),and... fluoride, mercury, aspartame, GMo,

banning vitamins, every single thing, is to destroy us.

Don't waste any time trying to figure it all out, get conscious, and tell all your friends,

.. they prefer it, to leave nothing, if they can't have it... no-one can!

HELP... "SAVE OUR EARTH" ... Get Conscious .. NOW !

Stop this all inclusive program, of the destuction of "Our Earth".

Please support our.. "Save Our Earth" ... Campaign. Do your part, Plant tree's,

Stop using ... "toxic chemicals", (all of them). .. There are better alternatives.

Get more active, and informed, of what's going on your Earth.

Help ... "Save Our Earth" ... Agrogreen Canada Inc.

Scott Shaubel (816)
Thursday May 22, 2008, 5:43 am
Original Message:


That was good Scott. I knew you were right. Don't worry, you have someone thinking the same thoughts as you. I took a big reality check, and everything you said I know is true. I have taken your advise and I for one believe that you had a reality check too. That is why I had to know, everything that you had told me came into my mind and it was the truth. That is why I had thought of you when I had done this. You do know what is coming as I do now. And I listened and learned a lot. It is the concious, and I see much clearer. Thank you. Only a true friend can say that. Keep it coming Scott, they will wake up to I hope, as I did. You have a nice Sunday, I am going to take 1 day and week and start smelling the roses as they say, just to look at some good things that God did give us on earth. I love to also just sit and look at the gifts that he has givin me. Thank you very much. your friend Pam

Original Message:


Hi Pamela,
Every thing they do, is for our destruction,.. sad but true,.. all inclusive,

everything, you believe to be true, in general, is the opposite, no exageration..

.. its hard to believe, but every article, and every comment that I have made,

has been true.(pretty well)

-all that sc-fi stuff, all that 1 God Stuff, ascention, second coming, political,.. true

.. faith in The 1 "GOD", total faith(no church), the shift in consciousness,

for the Earth and all on it, is our only hope, that's why I get a bit frantic, at times,

- everyone is so brainwashed(totally),and... fluoride, mercury, aspartame, GMo,

banning vitamins, every single thing, is to destroy us.

Don't waste any time trying to figure it all out, get conscious, and tell all your friends,

I can tell you what you need to know.

The Nuclear Alarm Clock - - Too Late to Wake up.... Once that Goes Off.. .. .. HELP... "SAVE OUR EARTH" ... Get Conscious .. NOW !

That's what I say, and I can't find anyone more conscious than me.

Love, Light Joy, Peace, and God's Blessing's

Original Message:


Thanks Scott,
I always take time to read your stuff weather I am doing something or not. I wrote you also for another reason. Awhile back I had told you that I was taking a vacation and doing some research. So, let me tell you what I did. I had someone tell me before I went to Daytona Beach, fla. that they had been looking for sea shells and never found 1. Which I thought had to be crazy. Haven't gone to the beach in awhile and had always found sea shells as long as I lived here, which I had been here since the 60"s. For 3 days my friend and I walked almost 10 miles a day trying to find shells. Not hardly 20 did we count all the way down this beach. The sand felt funny, not as grainy as sand would feel. It also was strange blended colors. Hardly and of the sea birds were around either. What I had found out was they were pumping dirt and other fills that would make the beach from washing away. They said we were loosing the coastel beach's and had to add the sand, or what ever this stuff was.
Since I have been back, I have taken several trips to different beaches. I live a distance of 10 miles to the closest beach to 60 miles being the most distant beach. I went to Cocoa Beach, Playlinda Beach and all the way South to Fort Peirce Beach and then went north all the way to Flager Beach. I found the same on every beach. It was the saddest thing that I had ever seen. It can not be a natural thing to our enviroment. I found that there were know shells, hardly any birds, just know normal things that you would find on a beach that was soppose to be there. The sand did not feel like sand is soppose to feel or look like.
I know this has to be effecting the oceans and our sea turtles that lay their eggs on our beach's. Also the other problem facing a big problem that know matter where you launch a boat from, if you go out 60 miles you can see for miles and about a mile wide, nothing but trash from ships, and sea creatures that were dead or caught in the debri. This whole thing has made me upset and mad. Then i started thinking of the things that you have looked up for me and the things you send. I am almost scared to ask this. But, man is killing our world and distruction is in the horizon. I was even watching the Blue Planet investigations on the speed of the globel warming and they found out even through Nasa that it is 5 times worse than what they thought. This is what you have been talking about all along. Am I right? God is the answer and what disappointments we have made his gift to us. Is this what you are trying to say? I keep hoping it is not. But it seems I am watching our perils on this once great earth. I have found that I would rather do what I can to help who or what I can. I believe that doing something is better than nothing. Even if saving something to late is all there is, I want to go out in the world that caring was how I went. What do you think of this Scott? I have always respected your oppion and you care as my as I do. I thank you for listening and I have know clue to the matter of the beach's and what to do with it, all I can do is keep fighting the cause that are great earth from God is worth caring about. You are a good person, and I for one always will listen. Thanks Scott. That was my research. A little part of this world. Your friend Pam

Original Message:

Margaret Trainor (61)
Thursday May 22, 2008, 6:00 am
Scott ,,I understand what you are trying to say. But I do not agree with much of it .They (whomever they are ) will not destroy all of us...and the reality is we are doing the destroying ourselves. Stop blaming the (they) and have a look at what we as individuals are doing every day...

Scott Shaubel (816)
Thursday May 22, 2008, 6:13 am

If you have read any of my news or comments, you would know that I'm totally aware of that fact,.. as in,...

Please support our.. "Save Our Earth" .. and everything on it. Campaign.
Do your part, Plant tree's, Stop using ... "toxic chemicals", (all of them). .. There are better alternatives. Get more active, and informed, of what's going on your Earth. Use Compassion, and Love,.. Always.

Help ... "Save Our Earth" ... Agrogreen Canada Inc.
.. HELP ... "SAVE OUR EARTH" ... "Get Conscious" ... NOW !

this part here,..
.. HELP ... "SAVE OUR EARTH" ... "Get Conscious" ... NOW !

if you understood, what I've been saying since Jan 1 08
.. HELP ... "SAVE OUR EARTH" ... "Get Conscious" ... NOW !

"and the reality is we are doing the destroying ourselves"

if you understood, what I've been saying since Jan 1 08
.. HELP ... "SAVE OUR EARTH" ... "Get Conscious" ... NOW !

- I think that covers it for me,..... "Get Conscious" ... NOW !


Margaret Trainor (61)
Thursday May 22, 2008, 6:32 am
Scott I am conscious...

Kevin Carty (10)
Thursday May 22, 2008, 7:18 am
If Hillary was in office right now, what would be the mood of this thread. Would we be calling to impeach her or would everybody be with her. Hillary has said she would not negotiate with Iran and would outright attack them. So what would be the difference?

Scott Shaubel (816)
Thursday May 22, 2008, 7:23 am

Hilary, is as owned by the nwo, as anyone, even more..

- there's tons of data, to support that..., bilderberg, trilateral, cfr,

- witch

Scott Shaubel (816)
Thursday May 22, 2008, 7:23 am

.. and a very "WICKED WITCH" ,.. at that

Hans L (958)
Thursday May 22, 2008, 7:53 am
Kevin i hate to say it but you are right on that one! One green star for that comment! There would be no difference!

Hillary, Obama, Donald, Goofy? forget the presidents they are just taking orders! They have allways did! And nobody will change that! There will be no change in politics in the USA everything that is happening is very well planned! And if they think that a war with IRAN is good well than lets throw a few bombs on Iran maybe some new testing for Halliburton? War is good business! And this oil prices will justify any war even without a nuclear threat or a dictator! Iran will sure as hell be the next place to attack and i cannot even blame Bush for he is just the puppet on the string! Doing as he is being told!

Scott Shaubel (816)
Thursday May 22, 2008, 8:27 am

.. hooray,.. for Hans L,.. right on

Hans L (958)
Thursday May 22, 2008, 8:51 am
This world is not big enough for the manmade problems... i think that global warming is the smallest problem that we need to fix poverty hunger thirst are much better reasons for a war than stinking oil to drive useless full size SUV!

Sharon Froehlich (99)
Thursday May 22, 2008, 8:59 am
No!!! Not war with Iran!!!!!As if we didn't know this and have not been posting videos and NO WAR on Iran petitions and IMPEACH! movements like crazy. As Scott says, we are already at war with Iran. And the Jerusalem Post is so good as to tell us about it- how does it promote peace in the MidEast to publish an article like that? Oh that's right, they don't!Israel wants us to obliterate Iran for them... which of course we will, because if our politicians are just taking orders, it's a done deal. After 9/11, WE are not even safe from our leaders. I need a thread to hold on to here...Mairead

Kevin Carty (10)
Thursday May 22, 2008, 5:55 pm
Mairead it started long before 9/11, way before, it isn't a Republican or Democrat thing. The powers that be keep telling us that the price of oil is because the use of oil has increased, saying its because we are driving more then we used to and China and India's are buying and using more. The "TRICK " on us started right after KATRINA when they used the reason that the price went up because of all of the Rigs that had to be evacuated and the Refineries that had to close. They were hoping the next year that things would repeat themselves so they could keep the price inflated, well it didn't and hasn't since then so now they have switched to the "USE" equation. Since Katrina every time someone gets hurt in NIGERIA the price goes up, every time there's a U.N. resolution against Iran the price goes up. The "USE" theory is BULLSHIT simply because use goes on a sliding scale not on a straight up scale as they are trying to have us believe. Congress keeps having "HEARINGS" with the BIG OIL CORPORATIONS so they can get IN OUR FACES that it isn't BIG CORPORATIONS driving up the cost but its the LITTLE CONSUMERS like you and I who just keep increasing our driving habits more and more and more and more every single day driving 50-100 miles more then yesterday. Congress is in on this whole thing and they just keep THINKING THAT WE ARE STUPID! We may be using more gasoline then we did 5 years ago but the price of oil has doubled in just the last year. If we except their excuse then in 10 years the price of a gallon of gas will be over 100 dollars. So who do they think they are fooling, if we really were in that bad of a bind they would allow drilling in everybody's BACKYARD but instead Congress wont allow drilling anywhere so what is really going on? That is the real question that has to be answered and who is really calling all of the shots in this country?

Steve Howard (45)
Friday May 23, 2008, 8:18 pm

The people actually calling the shots are the international bankers and multinational corporations.
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