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Tempers Flare as Reports of Anti-Democratic Violence Mount

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All the heated rhetoric and threats to personal safety that now surround the legislation increase the pressure on President Obama to make a strong case for the public to rally behind the health care law. He kicks off his nationwide tour promoting the -->


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Simone D (1462)
Friday March 26, 2010, 1:21 am
Thank you Kit.

Michael Cozens (3)
Friday March 26, 2010, 5:15 am
The GOP's cynical and irresponsible exploitation of ignorant Teabagger anger is coming back to haunt them. They've become the party of extremism, and have no-one to blame for that but themselves.

Tierney G (381)
Friday March 26, 2010, 5:11 pm
Bunch of crazies of course they are turning the blame on the Democrats typical Republican move. Ever since Clinton won it seems this Rep. party has gone to the extreme on everything. Fear is the motive i hope it does not get any worse. Thanks Kit

Anease L (7)
Friday March 26, 2010, 5:59 pm
words have power indeed... that's exactly why we should use them in the direction of love and truth! I'm so over the partisanship!! We're all sharing the same country- let's act as if we're on the same team, instead of fighting one another!! The further the Republicans push their fear-based tactics, the more credibility they lose. Take some responsibility and help the cause, rather than arguing for the sake of argument!

Yvonne White (229)
Friday March 26, 2010, 6:20 pm
Tea Bag Terrorists - RepubliCON Rioters.. People Won't Forget the RepubliCONs made a monster they can't control, a monster that preys on Families, not just the Congress-people they don't like! They've threatened women & children - such a Noble Pursuit!;) Sickos!

Yvonne White (229)
Friday March 26, 2010, 6:32 pm
Here's one of their leaders: Nevada Tea Party Candidate Facing Felony Charges..A Nevada asphalt contractor who faces a legal challenge to his Tea Party of Nevada candidacy for U.S. Senate was hit Friday with felony theft and bad check charges in Las Vegas that allege he bounced a $5,000 business check last year.

Rhonda Maness (580)
Friday March 26, 2010, 7:49 pm
Thanks Kit

Carmen S (69)
Saturday March 27, 2010, 2:50 am
Personally I do not think Beck, Rush, Bachman, Palin will stop. Even if someone is killed they will somehow turn the blame on Democrats. Actually it has started with Dr. Tillman (may have spellled his name wrong) the obortion doctor who was killed. Those senators that shouted "Baby Killers" are the ones who egged this man on to do their dirty work.

Pat Prest (50)
Saturday March 27, 2010, 7:00 am

The republicans have started 2 illegal wars, do you think for one minute they will stop at a small amount of fear mongering?

When they commit murder, crimes against the State, crimes against humanity, then believe me, all the treats of harm to ones person means Nothing to them, they feel they are above the law, and they were, where are the ones responsible for these two wars that still rage on?

Long gone, but still have their good ol' boys kicking up mud and dirt from their big ranchero' not be fooled, they are still waiting to take back control!

Arielle S (313)
Saturday March 27, 2010, 10:05 am
These people have the mindset of two year olds - they have no idea of how to compromise or negotiate, it's just scream, kick, and holler. Obviously, it's more important to them to be Republicans than to be Americans.

Kit B (276)
Saturday March 27, 2010, 11:06 am
Though it is onerous to keep referring to Palin, she does seem to be one of the driving forces behind the violence. She thinks this violence is just democrats being "wimps" are boldly repeated "load 'em boys" and thought she had struck a blow for What? It confuses me that anyone in the public eye doesn't take seriously that they will have "nut fringe" following that will take each word seriously.

Craig Zimmerman (86)
Saturday March 27, 2010, 1:05 pm
Lets not forget that the protest movement from the 1960s were often marginalized as being kooks and and on the fringe. The Tea party movement has as much right to protest as much as anyone as long as they remain peaceful.

Kit B (276)
Saturday March 27, 2010, 1:13 pm
Many us in the 60s were kooks - but we had a few causes and were willing to protest not harm others. Of all those in the 60s even the weatherman are only accused of attempted efforts at intentional harm. The above statement does not in any discourage the tea party, rather the encouragement of kooks like Palin encouraging the true crazies to go out and kill people. Think of how dangerous the current climate is and can be made with just a little push.

Elizabeth Fuller (134)
Saturday March 27, 2010, 1:40 pm
Would send a green star to Arielle but cannot cause I have done so in the last week.

pam w (139)
Saturday March 27, 2010, 2:19 pm
"The Tea party movement has as much right to protest as much as anyone as long as they remain peaceful. "

++++++++++++++++++ Do you call spitting, screaming insults, breaking windows, etc, PEACEFUL? Hardly! It's bringing human behavior to the lowest possible level of civility and costing the Republican party whatever respect the world MIGHT still have for it. Kit is right! It's very dangerous.

Mary S (12)
Saturday March 27, 2010, 2:45 pm
I won't pretend that Canadians (of which I am one) have never have a violent protest, we don't always get it right but for all the fighting and name calling that happened years ago to get Universal health care established, we had nothing like the craziness we are seeing all over our news from our neighbours to the south.

Mary M (29)
Saturday March 27, 2010, 4:26 pm
As far as servicemen who served in WWII, Korean War, Nam, there was s listing of our Congressmen who fought in these various wars. According to the record, there were no Democratic Senators, House of Rep. people that fought than the Republican ones. So they think the Democrats are afraid to fight eh? Or was it the fact that the Democrats were more patriotic? I'm kidding here, but according to the GOP's anything any body says that is not PRO GOP - we are unpatriotic. It's not unpatriotic to have a friendly debate in our Congress, debating the issues, and voting. Once the votes are counted, the result was done in a democratic way. Sometimes the Gop wins, and other times the Dems win. Lately though it sounds like the GOP's are just sore losers acting like children.

Mary M (29)
Saturday March 27, 2010, 4:29 pm
Error on my message: there were MORE Democratic Senators, House of Rep people. that fought in these wars.

Mary Donnelly (47)
Saturday March 27, 2010, 5:28 pm
Thanks Kit.

Beth P (32)
Saturday March 27, 2010, 6:27 pm
I think this whole situation has gotten way out of hand.
I am beginning to feel a bit scared, it is all getting too verbally violent.
Obama is our President, for that title alone he should be respected.
I could not tolerate Bush, but he still deserved the respect of his title.
As for the Tea Party group, they are being followed by sheep. These 'sheep', for the most part, don't seem to know what they are really fighting for or against. So many of them can't define socialism or fascism. They have no idea what the healthcare reform really is. For the most part these 'sheep' are not thinking for themselves. Instead of doing some educated research on the issues, they are listening to and believing a group of people who are against Pres. Obama only for the power and glory of the fight. It's like a group of children, blindly following the Scout leader through the woods.
The Tea Party leaders have no sense of caring or compassion for the American people, the United States, the World and peoples of, or the Enviroment.

June Higgins (21)
Saturday March 27, 2010, 9:14 pm
Everyone has a right to protest. That's not the problem. Sarah Palin is unable to give a speech without spewing hate. She never has her facts straight. I think she must be a relative of Glenn Beck. She is a poor public speaker, and how she has a following, I'll never know. The fact that people are continually being threatened is something that should be delt with by the law. In her speech on saturday, she stated that the Dem. were responsible for the bailouts. While Obama pushed for it, there were only 25 votes against it. That means that 75 Republicans and Democrats voted for it. If the Rep. and Teabaggers could just say one thing that was accurate, I might be able to think that they are trying to do something they believe is right. But, there are no facts. Just a bunch of garble and inciting to riot. Why don't they just start doing the job they were paid to do. It's apparent that they don't want the bill, but they need to put their input into it. I guess they are just going to continue to bicker, and throw tantrums, on the taxpayers dime. It is no wonder that Obama is exercising his right to move forward without them. He filled alot of positions without their votes, because they did not want to participate. These people will now be in those positions until 2011, whether the GOP likes it or not. I don't approve of everything that he has done, including the bailouts. But when it comes to healthcare, I have seen too many people go without treatment for cancer, or have to leave the hospital when a doctor said they needed to be there, or kids go without medical care.....and these people need healthcare. I would rather pay to help them, than pay for a bailout. As, a nurse and patient advocate, I cannot think of a better thing to do. Corruption in insurance has caused healthcare to cost too much. Even those lucky enough to have a job cannot afford it. If you are against healthcare, then I guess you are against helping others. So let them throw their tantrums and have their threats of violence. The tantrums will be paid for with votes, and the violence will be paid for with jail time. Let's all just let them cut their own throats.

Jennie Floyd (18)
Saturday March 27, 2010, 10:14 pm
Well put, June! I'd send you a green star but I just did yesterday!

Agnes H (144)
Sunday March 28, 2010, 12:42 am
Well Jennie I did it from me and you let June know it's from you as well. I don't know much about the Health Care Plan Obama put in. All I know is that an awful lot of people needed this and as June said you might not want to help others if you didn't want it. I have friends who didn't want this but they had their personal reasons. Nothing to do with not helping others.

It's starting here in Oz now. I had to see my DR once a week but the PM started complaining about expences and other things and looking into those patients who are being seen too often eventhough people like me really need to see the DR. When I see my DR on Thursday I'm going to ask him exactly what's being said. My husband had to give up work to look after me otherwise I would be in a Psych Hospital Permanently. I know my kids would give up their jobs instead of that happening. But now Rudd is starting to make trouble for people like us..

I know how people like some feel they need this Health Care. But let me ask you one question. How come that when Obama wasn't president and in the Opposition he voted against this same Bill? why did he vote against it then and now puts the Bill HE voted against earlier. That is what I can't understand? I know, I talked with my husband about it and he says if you're in the Opposition you're bound to vote against what the Then President and Government want to bring in. That's Politics. But I still don't understand it. I've followed this closely and Kit knows that as well. She should know as she tried to teach me how the Government in the States works and I'm sorry Kit but I'm still in a muddle about it. Maybe you could come over one day and you teach me properly. I'm pleased for the people who really need this and I do hope that a lot of people are better off medically.

Bracha Katz (31)
Sunday March 28, 2010, 8:06 am
thanks kit. the media seems to be the democrats lawyers all of the time. thanks kit.

Kit B (276)
Sunday March 28, 2010, 8:45 am
I'm not sure I would agree that the media is that sharp as to perform as the lawyers for the democrats. However the kind of sophomore violence that has been exhibited at this point MUST in any reasonable world be considered news. One congressman found a coffin on his front lawn, this is not about health care this is the same old republican nonsense carried a bit further because they have a mouth like Palin urging them on. Republicans who do usually hold the majority, do not recognize a democratic win, that can be seen as recently as Clinton, or perhaps the statement made by McCain a few days ago sums up the attitude "there will be no more cooperation this year." Excuse me? What co-operation? Has any president ever tried harder, given in more, held more meetings to "bring us together" then Obama? The man has bent himself into a pretzel trying to get bi-partisan co-operation, something that ONLY happens whens democrats "give-in" to republican demands. It's a stupid proposition and from here out the democrats need to take power just like the republicans do and push through whatever is on the agenda. Once the republicans were the party of big business, a far more reasonable and benign entity then this party of Jesus that has developed over the last 30 years. These are not people without a cold and calculating agenda and it has nothing to do with Christianity, but rather uses it as a front to gather people of extreme thinking. The big problem that a mental vacancy like Palin can not see is once you let loose the Tim McVeigh's of this world there is no calling them back. Check out her Facebook page - by any reasonable measure this is unreasonable, unsound, and extreme. Then again that does describe this woman with a "nut fringe" following. (*Tim McVeigh Oklahoma City bombing April 19. 1995, destroyed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building - killing 168 people and injuring 680 people with destruction or damage to 324 buildings in a sixteen block radius) Crazies DO live in the United States and will harm others for triggers that we cannot predict, but why say and do things to incite them?

Kit B (276)
Sunday March 28, 2010, 9:03 am
On this week's "eal Time with Bill Maher" he "thanked" the tea party, because after seeing the insane and mostly misspelled signs of hate and open bigotry that had NOTHING to do with health care, most Americans saw the silly tea bags hanging from their costumes and hats, attempted to listen to the screaming of nonsense and decide, "think I'll go with the calm guy in the White House," Bill I think you have a point there. Protest enriches our society and we all grow from listening and comparing ideas, even those that don't seem to fit our preconceived ideas. But anyone who thought that August last year was a presentation of ideas was in a different country then I. I wanted to hear the opposition, to know what others were thinking, but when the best you get is misspelled signage calling the president vulgar names, and white hair nuts screaming "leave my Medicare alone," then you have a long way to go on the path to discover meanful protest. Protest means a collection of ideas that are not being fairly or honestly expressed in the Congress, protest historically, has been unselfish and aimed at something seen as Anti-American, name calling was always a silly and useless way to gain points, but here's name calling without direct and clear purpose - well that's playground bullies looking for a fight.

Kit B (276)
Sunday March 28, 2010, 9:36 am
Some things just must be answered:

Military service
A number of members of Congress have served in the United States armed forces; some are combat veterans. There were 167 veterans in the 107th Congress, 153 in the 108th Congress, 126 in the 110th Congress, and 121 in the current 111th Congress. Some are currently still serving as reservists.

Among the most notable combat veterans include Sen. Daniel Inouye (D-HI), who served in World War II as a captain in the 442nd Infantry Regiment and is the only current member of Congress to have been awarded the Medal of Honor. Inouye and fellow Hawaii Senator Daniel Akaka(D) are the last remaining World War II veterans in Congress.

Sen. Jim Webb (D-VA), a Marine Corps veteran, served in Vietnam as platoon commander with Delta Company, 1st Battalion 5th Marines; he earned a Navy Cross, Silver Star, two Bronze Stars, and two Purple Hearts. Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) served in Vietnam as a naval aviator. Shot down during his 23rd bombing mission over Vietnam in 1967, McCain was captured and tortured as a prisoner of war and was finally released in March 1973. He earned the Commendation Medal, Silver Star, Bronze Star, and Distinguished Flying Cross.

I think pre deciding that democrats, who are truly the younger of the group serving, are cowards because of not serving in a war is just as demeaning to those who have served. Serving is of late a voluntary mission of personal decision, not sure I really agree with that, nonetheless, that is the law of the land. Because of the the structure of the military it is traditionally republican, though many change parties once leaving. Unlike the rest of the American population the military will follow the orders of the new commander-in-chief without prejudice to party status.

So, if possible in these discussions let's not be reduced to the same "trashing" of people as some other extremist tend to do. I will gladly and openly admit to trashing Sarah Palin at every given opportunity, other quit her job as governor of Alaska, stir up the extremely dangerous "nut fringe" and ask stupid questions like; "how's that hopey, changey goin' for ya?" (Very well - Thank you) what has she DONE for this country? I suppose it might be too much to ask her to have those speeches checked first for proper grammar?


BJ McManama (2)
Sunday March 28, 2010, 10:43 am
My husband and I were just discussing the overt hate coupled with ignorance from the Tea Party's lunatic base.... Yes, for all of the Bush term we were angry, angry that they started two unnecessary wars for profit, and prompted the rest of the world to turn against the U.S, drove our economy, our educational and social justice systems to ruin and devastate our environment, etc....

No, I'm not totally pleased with everything that President Obama and his administration has accomplished so far.... and I have heard some pretty rotten things said about Obama from people I would never have thought possible.... mostly because the change isn't happening fast enough but I constantly remind them that there are still those in government and from corporations who still hold too much influence in what gets done and how fast. And that President Obama isn't a dictator, isn't our emperor, nor our king (sometimes I wish he and Michelle WERE all powerful!) but that isn't the case and for everyone to chill out, take a deep breath and keep up their participation in OUR government in a respectful, educated, and clearly defined manner.

What I see happening now versus before, during the 8 years that Bu$h was in office is that yes, I and thousands of others in this country wanted change - positive change - I would have been ecstatic if war criminals and war profiteers live Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Pearl, Rumsfeld, etc. were made to do the perp walk out of OUR government offices and into jail where they belong - I NEVER wished them or their legislative cohorts to be shot or killed by an angry mob. The objections that came from progressives, liberals, democrats, etc. from every media outlet was intelligent, well presented - but the status quo was louder and stuck to the lies, repeated over and over, and were able to convince the sheeple to continue to defend policies and actions that were contrary to our collective well-being.

Now, since the Democrats showed a bit of backbone and actually have been able to make some progress the rhetoric has turned violent and hateful - they've ramped up the lies and racist hate messages and now seem like they depend on the lunatic fringe to do their dirty work.

I don't for one minute believe that they don't know what they are doing. They WANT to intimidate our lawmakers - make them fear for their personal and family's safety.... we are returning to the violence spurred by hate of the civil rights movements of the 60's and for many of us this truly is frightening.

When Limbaugh tells his listeners that "we need to stop these bastards," when Beck depicts our President as Hitler, as crazy Klondike Barbie spews here cutesy "load em up boys" and when we see signs (misspelled or not) that infer if "Browning doesn't do it this Browning will" this is the kind of actions that need to be addressed by the Patriot Act - weren't these laws set down to prevent and what "we" as progressives feared would stop us from peacefully assembling to voice our distrust, disgust, and opposition to wars and actions of the Bu$h administration? How is it that the crazy lunatic fringe can OVERTLY and PUBLICLY threaten the lives of our government representatives without consequences?

I like many others know that these are desperate words coming from a racist and misogynistic paradigm.... and whether we verbalize it or not - we fear that someday, someone will carry out the unthinkable act of violence, either on our President or innocent people like happened in Oklahoma City by one of our own citizens - we've seem some acts like these recently.... and the loss of life is not insignificant. If we don't stop the hate messages and the messengers it will only escalate.

It's time to write our representatives, senators, state, local and federal level and urge them to denounce and act to stop it. Sign every petition that denounces these actions and people. Make it clear to everyone, it is their RESPONSIBILITY - Democrat, Republican, Liberal, Independent, Libertarian.... and be especially clear to the party that is sanctioning these actions and words either by their own rhetoric or silently to stop. Just stop - speak out and bring some balance back into the public discussions.

Kit B (276)
Sunday March 28, 2010, 11:09 am
Thank you BJ, those comments are directly the issues we must deal with as a reasonable people. We should NOT allow the crazies to prompt more crazy action in this country.

. (0)
Sunday March 28, 2010, 1:00 pm
I thought insight to riot was against the law. Why aren't these people being arrested for insight to cause a riot??

Thomas Klein (10)
Monday March 29, 2010, 3:47 pm
over the last two weeks i read many articles concerning this health care discussion in america. but i donīt understand why this seems to be such a big problem.

Kit B (276)
Monday March 29, 2010, 5:03 pm
Oh Thomas I would love to answer that question, but it would take more time and writing then I fear you might want to read.

JennyLynn W (246)
Wednesday March 31, 2010, 12:59 pm
As an educator and humanist, I am reluctant to ever give up on people. However, it is clear that there are quite a few people who simply refuse to be honest about the situations we face, about the proposals for improvement, and about what is going to work to get us out of these messes. We can't turn them around, but we do outnumber them. No matter how loud, angry, violent, or immature someone is, they only have ONE vote each election.
I was lucky enough to grow up on a farm and learned to repair all sorts of vehicles and equipment, and repair some appliances. I can treat minor injuries for all sorts of critters, including people. I served as a tool and die maker apprentice and still have all my tool boxes and tools. I can and do work competently and effectively in my field.
I can fix a lot of things - but I can't fix ANYthing by lying about it. Some people (too many) are focused on their flawed and dysfunctional ideologies (cut taxes, deregulate everything, serve the corporate masters) regardless of the obvious outcomes we experience when the Republicans get these damaging strategies implemented. We need leaders who will be honest about the situations and honest about the data (results). And we all need to be honest and attentive to these things. The best problem-solvers are never, NEVER ideologues. The people who consistently and routinely exercise good judgment in successful ways are NEVER ideologues. Good problem-solvers are intellectually honest first and always. We've studied problem-solving for decades and we know what strategies are the most successful.
We have had some dangerously bad leadership during the Bush dark ages and those of us who care more about our future and our nation than about a political party now need to work together to recover, but also work together to overcome the 'true believers' and ideologues who are not sufficiently honest to support good solutions and meaningful progress.
We're the honest, intelligent, and caring ones. We're the ones who can get this done. I understand that it gets discouraging (in AZ, we've got McCain and Kyl after all) but we must continue to email, fax, call and write to our Congress people, and to those in local and state government. We must stay informed and stay involved. We didn't make these huge messes, but we're the only hope for getting this stuff fixed. Big kitty kisses to those who participate honestly, responsibly, and with maturity - you are the best if not the only hope!! ==^..^==

Past Member (0)
Wednesday March 31, 2010, 5:49 pm

. (0)
Monday April 5, 2010, 7:01 am
Yesterday on Care2 a British Author wrote "If the moon and stars were in humans reach they would be destroyed as well. We do not have any more time left to be a hateful divided people, this planet is counting on us. The more we fight with each other them more time we give the top 2 % in power time to steal it all and destroy the planet on the way. I was reading some quotes from Dr. Martin Luther King on how to fight for change without violence and hate. When will we learn from History????????????? Come on People We Can Do Better Then This!!!!!!!!!!!!! If we work together we could have the power!! Barbara H.
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