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Birth Defects 'Have Risen Since US Falluja Operation'

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- 3275 days ago -
A paediatrician and parents have told the BBC of a high level of birth defects among children in Falluja, Iraq, blaming weapons used by the US.


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Summerannie M (50)
Thursday March 4, 2010, 1:02 am
A paediatrician and parents have told the BBC of a high level of birth defects among children in Falluja, Iraq, blaming weapons used by the US.

Brigitte T (69)
Friday March 5, 2010, 5:29 am
Thank you Yasmine!

I don't understand why there are not more "notes" or comments on this article. This is a matter of massive child abuse by the US government. But it seems babies are less important than animals on Care2.

Sadly noted.

Carole Sarcinello (338)
Friday March 5, 2010, 5:39 am

Depleted Uranium!

Alice C (1797)
Friday March 5, 2010, 5:52 am
Yes, Understand

Abdessalam Diab (145)
Friday March 5, 2010, 6:06 am
You are right Just Carol. It is the depleted uranium.An other crime of war and a crime against humanity committed by G.W.Bush and company. An other reason to justifies bringing those people to the ICC.These poor families who are surrounded by all this radiation while the USA forces doesn't pay attention or care.They have no choice.They have to choose between depriving themselves from having babies or having babies who will suffer for ever from paralysis,brain damage ,heart defects....etc. This is absolutely unfair and is a crime against humanity.

Carole Sarcinello (338)
Friday March 5, 2010, 6:36 am

Thank you for keeping this topic public, Yasmine. We cannot allow it to be buried!

Sheryl G (359)
Friday March 5, 2010, 6:55 am
Just Carole took the words out of my mouth. If anyone gets a chance watch the DVD Beyond Treason, it explains a lot.

patricia lasek (317)
Friday March 5, 2010, 6:58 am
I agree with you Abdessalam Diab. However, not totally. We cannot blame the troops. Bush & Co. are responsible for the atrocious acts. They should be brought to justice for Crimes Against Humanity!
And Brigette, you're right. People here do seem to care more about the animals than the children. I think it is just they are so passionate about their own causes they forget ALL the atrocities commited against mankind.

Carole Sarcinello (338)
Friday March 5, 2010, 7:04 am

Excellent point, Patricia.

After all, our own soldiers are also being exposed to Depleted Uranium (DU); so if the U.S. Govt. refuses to accept responsibility for its effects on Iraqi citizens, they will, most likely, do the same for our returning veterans. (Think about how long -- decades -- the Veterans Admin. would not acknowledge PTSD.)

Pat Prest (50)
Friday March 5, 2010, 7:22 am

Bush did his "war dance" before the congress and named an incoherent "AXIS OF EVIL".....

And named it, "THE LONG WAR"

The middle east is the "golden calf" hence the war,that no one understands, and the USA will not be deterred from what they want, and they want it, regardless of who they hurt and how much it costs, not only his own people but Iraq's, Afgani's, just dont get in my way.....

Bush and his company should be brought to justice, but believe me they will not, and they know they got off scot-free with THEIR "axis of evil!"

Simon Wood (207)
Friday March 5, 2010, 7:34 am
It is time for the U.S. people to demand that the U.S. government give compensation to the people of Iraq. The money can come from military corporations (e.g. mercenary corporations and arms corporations), from Halliburton, from the individual members of the Bush administration, and from the U.S. military budget (which is currently about 45% of the entire world's military spending, so there is plenty there to draw upon).

Simon Wood (207)
Friday March 5, 2010, 7:36 am
Oh, and vote for the Greens Party and socialist parties, like I do, to end imperialist military invasions and occupations of Third World countries.

Christine M (64)
Friday March 5, 2010, 8:55 am
I hate war...

Past Member (0)
Friday March 5, 2010, 8:57 am
I knew this would happen when the second gulf war started. I doubt the United States will admit blame because then they would have to take responsibility.

Yasmine H (16)
Friday March 5, 2010, 9:26 am
What is worse is that their water will be contaminated permanently. When radiation has been absorbed enough into the earth on the banks the water is continuously contaminated. It won't be long for these peoples to die of some sickness of the other. Their children are only the start as children have a weaker body than adults.

Pamylle G (461)
Friday March 5, 2010, 10:14 am
Thanks, Carole, for bringing up the depleted uranium - not named, I note in the article. It's a weapon which keeps killing long after it's deployed, a dubious way to use radioactive by-products from nuclear energy.

The sub-atomic particles can go straight into the DNA.This means that not only can we expect birth defects & cancer rates to skyrocket in Iraq, but anyone exposed who has been in Iraq. Our soldiers, given inadequate protection or none at all, will come home & possibly parent ( it affects BOTH men & women) children with severe birth defects. Cancer is another probability. All this coming at a time when our leaders are pinching pennies when it comes to Health Care !

Worse yet, as the global winds blow, these particles will not not "stay put" in Iraq.

Carole Sarcinello (338)
Friday March 5, 2010, 10:17 am

Where in the H*LL is a green star when you need one??? (I'll just have to owe you one, Pamylle.) LOL

. (0)
Friday March 5, 2010, 10:21 am
Noted, thanks Carole, like gulf war syndrome, which manifests itself mentally so will it be with this syndrome, except it will manifest itself physically in our women soldiers when their babies are born with the same defects noted in the video.

Carole Sarcinello (338)
Friday March 5, 2010, 10:44 am

Worse than that, Beth.

The men (with their modified DNA) can transmit birth defects to their unsuspecting spouses (because it won't be classified as a real cause of birth defects, and therefore, won't be screened through testing).

Ray Bell (243)
Friday March 5, 2010, 10:51 am
Americans sue of biological weapons has short trem and long term damage. Birth defects are directly related to the enemy being exposed to these lethal chemicals in weapons we employ. Stop this now!

Janet G (108)
Friday March 5, 2010, 11:44 am
This is really scary, but honestly, doesn't surprise me! This has been going on everywhere and implemented by many governments (or shall I say corrupt governments everywhere, which is all, my opinion).

Chemicals cause cancer by corrupting the process of cell division and creating mutations. For instance, Ethelyne Glycol Ether Used To Manufacture Semiconductor Chips (our coomputers) has recently been found to cause birth defects. They are chemicals that are mutagens that deform cells in developing embryos and fetuses and result in high rates of miscarriages and birth defects. That's right here in the USA. Our waters have been poisoned by manufacturers as well, in some states and have caused horrendous defects in children, and yet the world is still pumping out poisons.
Fluoride, which is added to our waters and is supposed to protect us from poor teeth and keep us from getting sick is another biological weapon. Now, even Australia is putting it in their water and the protests are many! Fluoride is a toxic chemical. Fluoride compounds which are put in water (fluoridation), toothpaste and supplement tablets (including some vitamins) were never tested for safety before approval. Recent independent research by scientists not associated with dental trade organizations has shown the following that Fluoride is neurotoxic and Lowers IQ; that it builds up in the brains of animals when exposed to moderate levels and adversely effected. Offspring of pregnant animals receiving relatively low doses of fluoride showed permanent effects to the brain which were seen as hyperactivity (ADD-like symptoms). The toxic effects of fluoride on the central nervous system was subsequently confirmed by previously-classified government research. Two new epidemiological studies which tend to confirm fluoride's neurotoxic effects on the brain have shown that children exposed to higher levels of fluoride had lower IQs. We are in a big mess. Each of us better be aware of what we ingest and what we give our children, here and abroad!

Carole Sarcinello (338)
Friday March 5, 2010, 11:46 am

Just out of curiosity, I did a Google search using the words "DU birth defects."

There are pages and pages of articles directly linking DU to an alarming increase in Iraqi children born with extreme abnormalities, many of them going back 10 years!

As was already stated by some posters here, the continued use of these weapons constitutes crimes against humanity!

Glenda J (158)
Friday March 5, 2010, 11:51 am
I think it's pathetic people in this day in age should STOP having BABIES this planet is well over Populated which is causing a huge concern in birth defect..this is totally out of Ignorance

Carole Sarcinello (338)
Friday March 5, 2010, 12:02 pm

While taking your comment in an overall world aspect, I can somewhat understand your reasoning, Glenda . . .

In this particular case, it would amount to genocide. It's an outrage that these civilians -- guilty of nothing more than being born in a country at war (with a country that pretends to pride itself on human rights issues) -- must face the possibility that their future generations may be forever affected by the use of a material which is (and has been for some time) highly suspect of causing mutated DNA.

Carole Sarcinello (338)
Friday March 5, 2010, 12:13 pm
In fact, I did an article on this same issue almost 2 years ago:
Over 70,000 Deaths, and Over 1 Million Disabilities Among American Soldiers Attributed to Iraq Wars Says U.S. Government Data

. (0)
Friday March 5, 2010, 12:23 pm
Thannnxx for sharing.. it is truly sad.. that all innocents fall victim to the curse of war, and it is truly heartbreaking to see the birth defects in someof these children.. some are so horrific that these women should now be screened during pregnancy to prevent anymore tradegies like this

Frank G (211)
Friday March 5, 2010, 12:36 pm
You are so right, Chaz. We must end these unjustifiable wars!

Carole Sarcinello (338)
Friday March 5, 2010, 12:55 pm
From Veterans For Peace:
Sign the petition to create a moratorium and ban on the use of depleted uranium
Mendocino County Chapter 116 of Veterans For Peace (VFP) invites the public to join us in our petition campaign to the U.S. Congress, calling for a moratorium leading to a ban on depleted uranium (DU) munitions. The petition is now circulating locally and nationally through VFP chapters, participating groups, and individuals.
The United Nations has declared DU an illegal weapon. The European Union has passed a resolution calling for a moratorium and global ban on the production and use of depleted uranium munitions. Information and research is being suppressed and discredited by our government and military much as the toxic defoliant Agent Orange was during and after the Vietnam War. Similar to Agent Orange – now irrefutably recognized to have caused rampant death, disease, and environmental damage among U.S. troops and Southeast Asian lands and peoples – depleted uranium munitions as used in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Balkans presents a national and world public health threat we must confront.
Depleted uranium is a chemically toxic radioactive heavy metal 1.7 times the density of lead. It is the uranium waste remaining after the process of enriching uranium to be used in nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons. Thousands of tons of the waste are recycled to weapons manufacturers by the government for use in M-16 shells, tank shells and other munitions and to manufacturers of military tanks and vehicles as up-armored shields. As effective as DU is as a penetrating explosive weapon and shielding device, its effects are much more far-reaching as long-term poisonous residuals in human bodies, soil, and air. When a depleted uranium round hits a hard target, as much as 70 percent of the projectile can burn on impact, creating a firestorm of depleted uranium oxides. The toxic residue of this firestorm is an extremely fine insoluble uranium dust. The dust can spread by the wind, be inhaled and absorbed into the human body and absorbed by plants and animals, becoming part of the food chain. The breathable uranium oxides are passed through to offspring, and may result in birth defects. With a half-life of 4.5 billion years DU and its effects last virtually forever.
Mendocino County VFP-116 -- which you may remember as raising over a half million dollars for relief of Katrina victims and whose members spent months in the New Orleans area doing relief work – is reaching out nation-wide to gather thousands of signatures on this petition to our members of congress. We have not set a deadline to end this campaign.

Ian MacLeod (79)
Friday March 5, 2010, 1:53 pm
"A spokesman for the US military, Michael Kilpatrick, said it always took public health concerns "very seriously" - ""No studies to date have indicated environmental issues resulting in specific health issues," he said."

The military no doubt DOES take environmental concerns "very seriously," and they are right on track! It has been US policiy since it was formulated by Kissinger's group in 1974 (the year the old Nazi won the Nobel Peace Prize) to "depopulate Third World countries that have resources we need or may need in the future." We've been following that policy since then. Now, to it has been added the Globalist policy of 90% population reduction, including our own. This is being run from the very highest levels, and they'll never admit to it publically even though their news and information releases are ridiculously transparant lies. The Pentagon, for instance, has declared that DU is "perfectly safe" for handling and for use as a weapon. On the other hand, a 1943 DOD (Dept. of Defense) memo clearly states that the only use for DU is - guess what: Population Reduction. If any area is seeded with DU, it's contaminated for all intents and purposes FOREVER, or until it's cleaned up, a very expensive process. The Earth is 4.5 billion years old; DU will still be hellishly radioactive - just half as much as it is now - in another 4 billion years, when the sun is projected to begin dying of old age. We have initiated a nuclear war in the Middle East, beginning with the Gulf War in Kuwait. The IAEA and the rest of the civilized world, in which I no longer include America - considers DU to be a WMD, correctly. All "depleted" means is that it's no longer literally hot enough to superheat water that can then turn a turbine and generate electricity. If it was not sold as weaponry it would have to be expensively stored as deadly radioactive toxic waste. Instead, it's good for a profit being sold as a weapon, and it continues to act to destroy "the enemy" forever after.

An unstable isotope of uraneum, DU blasts out gamma rays - heavy particles - that travel near the speed of light. They are unimaginably small, but they are moving so fast that when they collide with a DNA molecule, they can actually physically knock atoms out of the DNA compound or shred entire molecules, altering the chemical structure of the DNA. DNA is what your body uses to make repairs of any damage to tissues you suffer anywhere in the body, but it's a self-building blueprint. When it acquires the right chemical to fit the necessary spot it combines with it, adding or creating another compound. Alter the compounds, and your body suddenly finds itself doing the equivalent of trying to build a skyscraper core with sponge instead of steel. And generative tissue is especially vulnerable.

When DU volatilizes, it releases - becomes, actually - nanoparticles that can stay in the air for years, decades, maybe longer, and can end up anywhere on the planet. Some may not precipitate out for a century or more. Our soldiers breathe it in, it falls into skin pores, larger particles may embed in clothing, hair, just about anything. It gets excreted in discarded skin cells, urine, feces, hair and saliva. The VA does not check for DU poisoning because it's officially non-toxic. It can be chelated out of the system, especially if it's done quickly, but it won't be. Our returning soldiers then are not only contaminated themselves, they will contaminate their families, their neighborhoods, their local water tables, everything everywhere they go. When they wash the contents of their duffle bags or use the bathroom it will go into the sewer systems, the water tables. It's the gift that keeps on giving. It should have triggered a war of survival by the rest of the Western world at least, as much as nuking Fallujah out of existence would have.

Just one more obscenity in and by a country that seems to know nothing else to perpetrate: the corrupt and murderous Land the Fee, Home of the Slaves. And it breaks my heart that my beloved country has fallen so very, very far.


Carole Sarcinello (338)
Friday March 5, 2010, 1:55 pm

Well said, dear Ian!

We must STOP THIS!!!!

Yvonne White (229)
Friday March 5, 2010, 2:40 pm
Depleted Uranium will have that effect! I wonder how many families in America (and our allies) will see birth defects because of DU, even those who Don't Know they were contaminated by it (handling bombs, being in proximity, etc.)???

Yvonne White (229)
Friday March 5, 2010, 2:44 pm
Signed the Petition too! Thanks Carole for the link!:)

Mary Donnelly (47)
Friday March 5, 2010, 2:54 pm
Thanks Yasmine for the post, and everybody for the discussion.

I am surprised that it has taken so long for this problem to get some world coverage. It will get more when it surfaces more in US veterans, who were able to and did leave the site of the crime. The Iraqis can't do that.

This is one of the tragedies of war and why our leaders, whoever they are, should think more before they decide to indulge in it.

Carole Sarcinello (338)
Friday March 5, 2010, 2:57 pm

Since the U.S. is still taking the hardline that depleted uranium is "harmless," (although, "The United Nations has declared DU an illegal weapon. The European Union has passed a resolution calling for a moratorium and global ban on the production and use of depleted uranium munitions.")

We, as citizens of a country whose friends and families have been exposed to its dangers, will not be aware of the damage caused to our military for probably years to come.

If that kind of suppression of information doesn't disgust Americans . . . WHAT WILL?

Hugh M (75)
Friday March 5, 2010, 3:18 pm
I'm really angry that the U.S. has even used this poison on a training exercise on Australian soil, sacred Aboriginal land. The animals of the area are now exposed to it and the microscopic dust can blow north or south to communites. When will the United States stop criminal behaviour and start caring for people? If it can kill its own citizens by exposing them to lethal substances like this and condemn many in future generations to lives of agony and disability what is the U.S. capable of doing to others? Well, we all know the answer to that. Who are the soulless ones responsible for these actions? Even I, cynic though I am, find it hard to believe what Ian McLeod has said here but thanks Ian for letting me know that some powerful people who are actually pursuing population reduction and that weapons such as these are designated for use in population reduction. It fits with what I hear of events in the world and the horror substances used in achieving United States goals. It's a spiritual war we are engaged in here, and no, I don't mean against Islam. I mean against evil, which is hiding everywhere in full view pretending to be good and sending people out to kill. Anyone here who has any faith left of any sort after seeing the horror around us should be praying, sending energy or vibes out every day to bring down the power of hate.

Carole Sarcinello (338)
Friday March 5, 2010, 3:20 pm

As my dear friend, Barbara, would say . . . "Hugh? BOY HOWDY!"

Barbara D (70)
Friday March 5, 2010, 3:23 pm
Thanks, Yasmine, for the article, and Carole, for the petition. BOY HOWDY +1 !

Carole Sarcinello (338)
Friday March 5, 2010, 3:27 pm

(hehehehehe) How's that for timing?

SuS NoMail Plez P (244)
Friday March 5, 2010, 3:29 pm
Noted and ThankX. ThankX Carol for sending the petition earlier. I have nothing to add, as you've all said it much more eleoquently and with more information than I could ever put to words.

Ian MacLeod (79)
Friday March 5, 2010, 4:49 pm
More than welcome, Hugh! I know a lot of people insist that this is "tinfoil hat-wearing conspiracy theory," but that's too useful a magician's hand kind of thing. The same people who financed WWII (and WWI before it along with many other wars and skirmishes) are pushing this spate of illegal, undeclared wars: the old European old-money banking and industrial families like Rothschild, Carnegie, Ford, Bush, Rockefeller and so on. They loaned Hitler the money to invade Poland (Ford went over personally - even ordered Hitler to fire a favorite general), brokered the deals to have GM make the first Panzer tanks and set up a factory in Germany, Standard oil met U-boats in mid-ocean at night and secretly refueled them while selling fuel oil to us and the Allies, and so on. Prescott Bush and some others even got caught doing deals with Germany while we were at war with them! The penalty? The assets of those specific banks were confiscated. And later returned. Do you remember the whole patriotism thing that permeated the whole country then and for decades after? They should have been hung from the nearest lamp post after ALL of their assets had been nationalized. ALL of them are still in business.

They have no country, these people. They're multinational "elites." I always put that word in quotes; it's self-proclaimed, and now they insist that they are genetically superior, natural elites who own so much and control so much because they ARE superior to the run of humanity. They are eugenicists, and have pushed that for almost a century. They believe they have the right to do whatever they like with all the rest of humankind, just as a rancher has that right with the creatures he breeds and raises and OWNS. They are sociopaths. David Rockefeller I believe it was commented that the Chinese Revolution (all of them together) was "the most magnificent social experiment ever undertaken by man." That would be the three or four revolutions under Mao that killed off about 150 MILLION Chinese, some quite horribly. You nailed it earlier when you used the word "evil." They do NOT understand "the common man." To them, ordinary people are useful or they are not. There is no connection for them, no relating to suffering (it's irrelevant)no compassion ("Why do you care about all those people? They mean nothing to you." David Rockefeller to Aaron Russo regarding all the people who were slated to die in the takeover). They live in a luxury that's just as alien and unimaginable to most of us, and with personal power that's the same, as the inside of a Safeway store is to them. These people can give orders to the government or any agency in it and get action. They are immune to our laws. Any one of them could shoot someone in full view of a crowd in broad daylight and get off scot free. They can send a personal jet to any part of the planet to go fetch a favorite loaf of bread from a bakery they like and not ever consider the cost - literally, it would never cross their minds. And they'd get as much of a kick out of talking a street vendor selling food down to half price - those who would eat something like that - as they would in taking over a multi-million dollar company. They count their pocket change and never let go of a penny they don't have to. Hard to reconcile, isn't it? But that's the basic mentality. As far as they're concerned, they own everything there is, but more than anything, ALL money is inherently theirs. They designed it, they manipulate it as they choose, and it's ALL THEIRS. They made banking and commerce, interest and all the rest deliberately complex because that makes it easier to steal. It really isn't so much wealth as control of the flow of value, and paper money HAS NO REAL VALUE. That's why the Founders MANDATED that US money should always have an intrinsic value - like gold, silver and such.

They are the Enemy. Maybe a couple hundred families own more than 90% of the world's wealth. Now they want the rest of it, and they want to quit wasting money on "useless eaters" who are wasting THEIR resources. I think they also want total acknowledgment of their power and position finally. They want to RULE. It's gonna be a mess. They HAVE to succeed now that they've shown their hand. And we MUST destroy them as powers or die, with the survivors living as less than slaves. They're shooting for a world population of 500 million. If you look at all the different ways we're being poisoned and our resources being set to be made unavailable to us, you begin to realize that if we don't stop them very soon, they just might make it.


Lynn M (192)
Friday March 5, 2010, 5:05 pm
Things never really change at all. They just get swept under the rug or hidden in some government files only to surface again years later as some 'unknown revelation.' It's a f**ked up govt. that will pay $$$$$ to bail out the auto makers, banks,or whatever else they see fit to do for corporate America but deny our own veterans benefits for illnesses contracted due to radiation. The US is directly responsible for these actions and atrocities and should face accountabilty; all concerned.

LucyKaleido ScopeEyes (82)
Friday March 5, 2010, 6:02 pm
It is rather strange that the BBC is just investigating now the frightening trend of increased birth defects in Fallujah.

Just about three months ago (120 days), our Iraqi C2 co-member & friend, Uhoud, posted the '' FILE OF BIRTH DEFECTS IN FALLUJAH 2009 :: 2009-10-19, which shocked so many of us on the C2NN: "Young women in Fallujah in Iraq are terrified of having children because of the increasing number of babies born grotesquely deformed, with no heads, two heads, a single eye in their foreheads, scaly bodies or missing limbs."

At that time, I looked for other info on the situation and found an IPS article dated Jun 12, 2008 reported from FALLUJAH by 2 Iraqi journalists:
IRAQ: 'Special Weapons' Have a Fallout on Babies -- Fallujah underwent two massive bombing campaigns in 2004. "... After denying it at first, the Pentagon admitted in November 2005 that white phosphorous, a restricted incendiary weapon, was used a year earlier in Fallujah. In addition, depleted uranium (DU) munitions, which contain low-level radioactive waste, were used heavily in Fallujah. The Pentagon admits to having used 1,200 tonnes of DU in Iraq thus far. ..." (this was written June, 2008)

On September 01, 2009, Sky News published their foreign affairs correspondent Lisa Holland's report on her follow-up visit to the children born with deformities at Fallujah hospital in an article entitled, The Truth Of Iraq's City Of Deformed Babies This was a follow-up because it came 15 MONTHS after the FIRST Sky News INVESTIGATION on these horrific, devastating birth defects and deformities; and the doctors' view of their origin: US 'special' weapons.

Well, the journalists are doing their job; the newspapers and news services are publishing the reports and the investigations. We, the population, have been informed, but our awareness & our opposition did not change anything inside the Pentagon and the White House where the decisions as to what weapons to use were made.

Have you seen the birth defects of Vietnamese children, the legacy of our last war? There is at least one documentary that takes the viewer to Vietnamese hospitals and homes where the most damaged children live; homes because they are either orphans or their parents cannot deal with their defects.

Tragic, too, although not as horrendous as the deformaties of Fallujah's babies. We must be making progress in inhumanity!

LucyKaleido ScopeEyes (82)
Friday March 5, 2010, 6:07 pm
I wanted to give Uhoud credit for her post, but I mistakenly linked to the '' file, instead of Uhoud's post

Judy C (91)
Friday March 5, 2010, 6:22 pm
Such treacherous evil.

Carole Sarcinello (338)
Friday March 5, 2010, 6:33 pm

It's not just now being investigated; it's just that, periodically, these stories come out (and, not surprisingly, get little U.S. media coverage). As I stated above, if you Google "DU birth defects," you'll find page after page of stories about this, some going back almost 10 years. And, as I also mentioned, when I first heard of this, I posted a much more comprehensive Care2 News story on this myself in March 2008 (and that was from Canada).

It's because the U.S. REFUSES to accept DU as the cause -- even though other countries have. This government's behavior is criminal!

I truly wanted Uhoud to make some of her very compelling statements here; andI made a point of sending her a notice of this story, and the petition, because she lives in Iraq and has very passionate feelings about these heinous crimes against her people.

(And I hope she'll still check in.)

I am completely disgusted with the arrogance of this government . . . and it's NOT just the Bush administration!

Carole Sarcinello (338)
Friday March 5, 2010, 6:38 pm
March 2008 story:

Over 70,000 Deaths, and Over 1 Million Disabilities Among American Soldiers Attributed to Iraq Wars Says U.S. Government Data
"Birth defects are up 600% in Iraq - the same will apply to US Veterans children." When depleted uranium nuclear waste in the form of a "dirty bomb" is blown ..."

Carole Sarcinello (338)
Friday March 5, 2010, 6:41 pm
Care2 news story linking to that article:

Carole Sarcinello (338)
Friday March 5, 2010, 7:13 pm

These weapons are still being used by the U.S. in the Middle-East. Now, in Afghanistan under Obama's leadership. (He IS, after all, this country's Commander in Chief.)

Joseph Yanik (38)
Friday March 5, 2010, 7:26 pm
Is there ANY hope for any of us? There are SO MANY chemicals that we are exposed to in every-day-life, many of which we have NO IDEA of what the long-term effects may be, that it can be said with a fair amount of certainty, that we will simply keep seeing more and more health problems (in nearly everyone) across the globe.

Humanity has dug itself into a massive hole In the Name of Profit ("Praise Be To Profit!") Although capitalism has spurred enormous advances in technology, innovation, living standards, and quality of life, the trade-offs/costs are almost too numerous to quantify. What is it all for, really? No, really, I don't know so I'm asking?

I know my life has been mad easier by "modern" society, of course it has! But when do we get to the point in saying that: "Okay, there has to be another point to life than to run around trying to consume as much as we can so that everyone can have something to do in order to consume as much as they can, in order that we all consume as much as we can so that we can compete for finite resources."

Does that "point of life" even make sense? To me it does not.

There is a way to maintain innovation and technological advancement of society WITHOUT greed (and no, it's not communism, socialism, or any other -ism). Who knows, maybe someday we'll get there, but until then, stories like these will become increasingly prevalent and disturbing.

MmAway M (519)
Friday March 5, 2010, 8:19 pm
Just Carole thank you for the forward...Noted and signed...

Sadly guys, I am signing off so haven't had a chance to read all of your great comments..

ROUGH DAY...just trying to get thought some messages!

Outstanding NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yasmine...

greenplanet e (155)
Friday March 5, 2010, 8:30 pm
DU is waste or byproduct from nuclear power plants. It's disturbing that this administration is planning more nuclear power for many reasons, and DU is one of them.

Matloob ul Hasan (81)
Friday March 5, 2010, 8:31 pm
Noted, thanks.

. (0)
Friday March 5, 2010, 9:03 pm
Thanks to all for the comments here on a topic that is rarely discussed... very enlightening. Also, gladly signed the Veterans for Peace petition, thanks for posting that link Carole.

Jenny Dooley (830)
Friday March 5, 2010, 9:04 pm
Many thanks Carole!

E A (28)
Friday March 5, 2010, 10:45 pm
You're right Brigitte T. This topic is treaded upon lightly. Out of sight,out of mind which is exactly what the U.S. wants.This issue is just as important, if not more so than any other cause on Care2.The fact that its not discussed more is the relative issue.They touched upon it lightly in the" Open Burning Pits" article. The fact is this matter is not the result of the Iraqi invasion only but another contributor which began during the Gulf War.
A spokesman for the U.S. military said" it always took public health concerns very seriously." Where in your own back yard? Please Mr. Kilparick ! Perhaps your head is still buried in one of those open burning pits !

Ellyn S (48)
Saturday March 6, 2010, 2:05 am
The 4th Reich is alive and well within the present administration, run by Rahm Emmanuel and his Mossad gang, and the gang that runs Israel. They really don't care how many civilian or military lives they destroy, as long as they get what they want.

A Rahm Emmanuel quote: "You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before." Rahm Emanuel

Or, put another way: You create a serious crisis to enable you to do what you couldn't do before.


Agnes H (144)
Saturday March 6, 2010, 2:18 am
Noted and a petition which I came to first of all signed also sent to both my sons who were in the Gulf as some of you know, but luckily NOT ashore they did their duty at sea and in the air. although he didn't drop bombs I'm pleased to say. I could send the petitions to my gmail friends which I also did.

I didn't read every comment like I usually do as I would be at it forever, but I might take my time tomorrow when I'm in the car. This however sounds the same as Agent Orange used in Vietnam and American Vets are still dying from that. So goodness who knows how long it's going to take for this to work on the Americans fighting in Iraq in this area? I dread to think about it.I just hope that the soldiers coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan get a better homecoming than the Vietnamese vets did as they didn't get a welcome at all. They got nothing but abuse and I've seen what my son had to go through when he came home from the Gulf. Having to cover the soldiers going on land. They were USA and UK soldiers and marines and whoever had to go on land to do the fighting there. He was asked how many Arabs he'd killed! He did his duty and followed orders just like the soldiers in this place and they'll be the ones who'll suffer with their own life! Not straight away but years later, when it's least thought of or expected.

I feel sorry for the Iraqi people and their children right now they are the ones sufferring now but who'll be suffering lateron? The children will keep on suffering but then their elders will start sufferring as well and won't be able to take care of their children who need their aid. Who's going to pay for that???? The US government??????? Not on your nellie they won't have a bar of it even though they spread this horrible poison on the land and in the air and in the water. The hardest thing for a woman to hear is that it's best that she won't have any children! What would any of you have said if you were told that it would be better for you and the unborn not to have any children??? I know what I would have done and I'm not telling that here!

LucyKaleido ScopeEyes (82)
Saturday March 6, 2010, 4:04 am
I am not defending Rahm Emmanuel, whom I don't particularly like, but he --and the Obama Administration-- were nowhere near our government in 2004, during the two massive bombing campaigns in Fallujah.

The effects of DU don't disappear in time, the genetic mutations remain; it is scientifically explainable that the consequences become more evident and increase over time.

Carole Sarcinello (338)
Saturday March 6, 2010, 4:14 am

DU is still being used. Now, in Afghanistan.

From the Veterans For Peace petition:
"– depleted uranium munitions as used in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Balkans presents a national and world public health threat we must confront."

Let's not pretend that Bush/Cheney, et al. were the only culprits. Mr. Obama can take credit for any havoc continuing to be wreaked -- and can explain why it didn't stop when he took office.

Dell J (4)
Saturday March 6, 2010, 4:21 am
Don't just blame America. I'm sure less civilized countries use far worse.

Tim Redfern (581)
Saturday March 6, 2010, 7:27 am
I remember reading a news item in 2004,
two years after the invasion/occupation of Iraq had begun.
It stated that enough DU had been used in Iraq to poison
25 million people.
The population of Iraq at the time was 25 million.

In my opinion, the soldiers who are there, and in Afghanistan,
don't bear as much of a degree of "victim" as do the innocents
of Iraq and Afghanistan.
It is, after all, an "all-volunteer" military, and no one who is (*ahem!*)
"serving" there absolutely had to go. They could have said "no", and in so doing
would have been refusing to obey an illegal order. Yes, they would have done prison
time, but they would have had a far better chance of emerging from prison with their minds,
bodies and lives intact (and not being irradiated for life) than if they'd agreed to be "deployed".
"What if they gave a war and no one came?"
Peace be upon you all.

Tim Redfern (581)
Saturday March 6, 2010, 7:29 am
I'm not going away.

John Farnham (52)
Saturday March 6, 2010, 7:49 am
PakAlert posted a terrible story a while back about increased use of DU in AfPak : worse than Fallujah or Gaza. Here's a file relating to both DU and mining hazards...something native Americans have been more aware of.

Carole Sarcinello (338)
Saturday March 6, 2010, 7:53 am

Thanks so much for that, John.

People need to realize that Fallujah was not the only tragedy. The use of DU continues!

Even when the rest of the world acknowledges the "irrefutable evidence" of the potential health devastation of this material -- and the UN has declared it to be an illegal weapon -- the U.S. Government just continues putting its fingers in its ears and saying . . . "I don't hear you."


Carole Sarcinello (338)
Saturday March 6, 2010, 8:11 am
As stated earlier, I've found evidence that the dangers of DU have been reported for almost ten years.
Using John's referenced blog, I found the following, which is very worthwhile reading:
Broadcast Exclusive: U.S. Soldiers Contaminated With Depleted Uranium Speak Out
(There is very little reported about the effects of DU on U.S. soldiers.)

Kit B (276)
Saturday March 6, 2010, 8:17 am
What does not going away mean? That you will not be serving in Iraq/Afghanistan/Yemen/Pakistan...or that you will plan to continue leaving comments?

Does your first comment mean that you would encourage a volunteer soldier to disobey what you interpret to be an illegal order, therefore spending the rest of his/her life with the mark of a traitor and ex-con?

Hey, I don't pretend to have the answers here not for these political wars, or possible illnesses being discussed. I do know for sure that for one or even a few to refuse orders will destroy their lives just as surely and a weapon of war.

I also find those who do claim to have all the answers in a neat package - full of hockey pucks. Easy answers don't exist in a complex situation and not one of us is on a battlefield. To discuss and ponder ideas is a healthy American way of attempting to reach a reasonable set of answers, but is it not hubris to assume that one or two casually tossed "ideas" will remedy a situation deeply affecting hundreds of thousands of lives. (?)

The military has a function, it is "TO PROVIDE FOR THE COMMON DEFENSE" unfortunately it is human beings with political and financial agendas that make the decisions about "common defense" - like making us safe from terrorists. To me logical dictates that this newest group of terrorist do not need a country or homeland, only their radical beliefs and desire to wreak havoc. So I guess we just might chase them to the ends of earth and then where.........................? I am not in a position to make or change policy in DC, but if nothing else history does show that messing in the middle east is a kin to playing with a hornet's nest.

Aside from this discussion, I would very much like to see the USA stop being policeman to the world, we cannot afford it and desperately need to focus all of our resources on our own people and rebuilding our own country. When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1989, the US was "the last man standing" in terms of so called Super Powers. Is it not time to lay down the burden of being every where but at home? Is this really making our citizens safer? For me these answers are clear.

For those who seem to need to get a barb in at someone you don't like or who you disagree with - why find not another sand box it get tedious for the rest of us and really it is also boring - this one has adults. Yeah, you know who I am talking' to - and yeah, it is you!

Tim Redfern (581)
Saturday March 6, 2010, 8:28 am
"not going away" means I'm not going
to quit leaving comments, even ones which I'm sure
are going to piss people off. ...ESPECIALLY the comments
that piss people off!
That little comment was NOT
directed at any particular individual, I promise you.

I would absolutely encourage a soldier to disobey an illegal order,
even if that means years in Leavenworth as a result. If our
government declares a war (or, in this case, an illegal invasion-
occupation) and the soldiers declare a mass mutiny, how is the invasion
going to happen? And, if enough soldiers/sailors/airmen./marines refuse
to go, I'm quite sure that the Judge Advocate General's office does not have enough
lawyers to prosecute the tens of thousands of these people who would refuse
to go. I guess I said all that to say this:
There is no "way" to Peace:
Peace IS the way!

Carole Sarcinello (338)
Saturday March 6, 2010, 8:30 am

Thanks, Kit. This discussion is much too important to be hijacked by those with a personal agenda, who don't seem to realize that there is a world beyond just themselves.

I appreciate it.

Carole Sarcinello (338)
Saturday March 6, 2010, 9:48 am

I encourage all others (who can think outside their small boxes) to spread this information.

Air and water are not stagnant. This contamination is spreading as we speak.

Without any warnings from a U.S. Govt. (who refuses to acknowledge the potential dangers), OF COURSE, returning veterans (male and female) are in the process of procreating.


Carole Sarcinello (338)
Saturday March 6, 2010, 10:02 am

Further, any comments directed at me personally, in an attempt to derail this most worthy discussion, are being recorded.

I will make EVERY effort to put a halt to those who attempt to stifle my freedom of speech, through insidious intimidation!

Carole Sarcinello (338)
Saturday March 6, 2010, 10:07 am

While I encourage freedom of speech, I have recently encountered an unscrupulous individual, who uses this public forum as an avenue and attempt to embarrass me by introducing personal aspects of my life.

I find this to be despicable, and a definite violation of Care2 Code of Conduct and Terms of Service,

Should this individual continue, I will proceed with certainty.

Barbara D (70)
Saturday March 6, 2010, 10:19 am
Sadly, the military doesn't care about either the locals or their troops. For example, this is from the Wikipedia entry for Admiral Elmo Zumwalt about the VIETNAM War:

A new herbicide, Agent Orange, could be sprayed on the foliage to remove the cover that the Viet Cong used so effectively. The side effects on humans of long-term exposure to Agent Orange were not yet known, and the manufacturers, Dow and Monsanto, were eager to reassure potential users about its safety. Admiral Zumwalt acted to protect not only his own son, but also his many comrades from a "clear and present danger," but in so doing, he inadvertently exposed them to chemicals now known to cause cancer. As all commanders must do, Admiral Zumwalt acted quickly and decisively on the available information; in this case, he relied on sources that were biased and unreliable, as later developments made clear.

Zumwalt's son, Elmo Zumwalt III, died in 1988, aged 42; Zumwalt's grandson (born 1977) suffers from a congenital dysfunction that confuses his physical senses. Zumwalt's son said in 1986 that "'I am a lawyer and I don't think I could prove in court, by the weight of the existing scientific evidence, that Agent Orange is the cause of all the medical problems - nervous disorders, cancer and skin problems - reported by Vietnam veterans, or of their children's severe birth defects. But I am convinced that it is."[2]



Carole Sarcinello (338)
Saturday March 6, 2010, 10:21 am

Bless your heart, Missy Barbara!
(a "true" Christian)

Carole Sarcinello (338)
Saturday March 6, 2010, 10:27 am

Our troops are being denied the "truth" -- the same way American citizens are.

They are VICTIMS.

Carole Sarcinello (338)
Saturday March 6, 2010, 10:31 am

Anyone who would even propose the ignorant argument that they are not equally victims, is uninformed -- and obviously unaware of the power of propaganda.

Good heavens -- who is more subjected to government propaganda than military recruits? (It's RIDICULOUS to blame them, or minimize their resultant health damages from exposures to dangers their own government withheld.)

Deb E (63)
Saturday March 6, 2010, 11:16 am
Noted and thank you. Anyone who would EVER blame the troops for this should be ashamed of themselves. Hasn't anyone read about all of the birth defects in Vietnam since we were there? And it is the same situation where the defects are actually at the DNA level (from Viet Nam, it was the Agent Orange), and so it is not just the ones who are exposed that are going to suffer the consequences, but also their children and their children's children and so on down the line. The United States has done some horrible things in the name of "democracy". We need to keep this and the Vietnam experience out in the public eye as much as possible. We are fed propaganda by our government, as are the troops that think they are serving their country. They are serving the desires of just a few horrible people who have power, but they have been so brainwashed that they could never see that. Not to mention what happens to them when we they come to the realization that not only were they lied to, but they also did things they never would have done had they known the truth. They have to live with this for the rest of their lives. Just ask any Vietnam Vet how difficult that is.Hasn't anyone noticed the increases in autism here in the states? Nervous system issues are at the root of it. It is becoming more and more prevalent as more and more Vietnam Vet's children are having children whose grandparents on both sides were in Vietnam and exposed to that awful stuff. The DNA is being changed. And the ones who will not be affected are the ones who never had family members involved in any of it. Gee ... I wonder who that would include. Green stars to all who have noted and commented.

Ian MacLeod (79)
Saturday March 6, 2010, 11:39 am
To an great extent, you're right, Carole. Most reruits are pretty much teenagers, and no one needs approval more. Plus American males are raised on superhero stories, "Die Hard," "Lethal Weaoin" and all the RPG on Playstation and X-Box... The military has a multi-thousand year database on how to turn a farmer into a killer; they're very, very good at it. They take into account the idealism of youth, too - there are ways around it. With modern psychology and the obscene military psych research added to advertising knowledge, most of those kids have almost no chance to refuse once they're in.

The government also knows exactly what it's doing with DU, just as it did with Agent Orange. There's a 1043 DOD memo that says outright that ALL glycophsphate weedkillers and DU are good ar "depopulation" of an area. They knew then, they know now. My best friend here is a disabled Vietnam vet with combat experience, including Agent Orange. His son has had cancers and intestinal problems that do NOT run in the family, and he's only about 35, now with multiple operations behind him. Glycophosphate poisons are DNA scramblers, and the DNA in generative tissue is always more vulnerable than any other. The only conclusions I can reach are that this is a)an attempt to depopulate the oil countries leaving them open to industrial raiding, b)it's a plan to kill off returning troops, saving money in not having to treat them if they delay treatment long enough, c)it's part of the intended eugenics-based depopulation of the planet to 500 million referenced by PNAC papers and members as well as banking "elites" like David Rockefeller. The whole planet is being poisoned, and America is the epicenter - there is almost no possibility for Americans to escape being poisoned now, and that little bit remaining is under attack with things like Codex Alimentarious and "harmonization" efforts. There's a bill under consideration now offered by McCain for that. It would make even home truck gardens illegal without the addition of toxins, would classify supplements and vitamins as "toxins" and in general leave us all wide open, with no source for uncontaminated foods.


Ian MacLeod (79)
Saturday March 6, 2010, 11:40 am
And that was a 1943 DOD memo.


Carole Sarcinello (338)
Saturday March 6, 2010, 11:51 am
I just got back to this!



Huda A (45)
Saturday March 6, 2010, 12:14 pm
The plan is working well for them , only intelligent well to do rich white male and female are the one who will inherit the earth! so who cares what happen to any one else this is the plan, and it is working well, and those who have not been exposed will be finished by vaccinations, which has been mixed with sterilizing chemicals !

Lil Judd (70)
Saturday March 6, 2010, 12:44 pm
This surprises anyone...... WOW really.....

Ian MacLeod (79)
Saturday March 6, 2010, 2:00 pm

Evil is as Evil Does

Evil is as Evil does;
Evil doesn’t change
And what was Evil long ago
Is Evil still today

We feel it in our heart of hearts
With voice like Conscience Stilled
When what was ours is stolen,
Or when those we love are killed

Now you who live with blinders on
All bide behind Fear’s Wall,
And see no part of what we must
Whose “Us” is part of “All”

It’s never that when Evil’s done
The black or white remains;
It’s which we choose as our default
The chooser’s soul engraves

And when the ones we follow lead
Down Half-Truth’s twisted path
Then who still follows? Who is free?
Who dares, demands - who asks?

You, placing all you know and hope
With those whose “truths” can’t last
In innocence may shelter, but
Blame’s not so simply passed

Our children will see all the truth
Or theirs, or theirs again:
That you who abdicated knew,
And let the Evil in.

For Evil is as Evil does;
Still Evil has not changed
And what is Evil in our time
Will stain tomorrow’s day

Ian MacLeod


Carole Sarcinello (338)
Saturday March 6, 2010, 2:04 pm

I love that . . . "Whose "us" is part of all. . ."

Yes, even those who don't see the same truth as "us," are included in the ultimate carnage.

(and embraced)

Carole Sarcinello (338)
Saturday March 6, 2010, 2:10 pm

A simple truth?

Over a simple matter (I'd been suspended by Care2, and happened upon a comment on a petition for my return) I saw a comment: "We are one."

It came from a friend on my list, but someone I was not in constant connection with: So, I'll acknowledge you here, Elfmagic.

That simple phrase had a profound effect on me.

Thank you, simple -- and pure -- Elfmagic.

Carole Sarcinello (338)
Saturday March 6, 2010, 2:28 pm

On my profile, at the very beginning of my list of things that "are meaningful to me," is the following:

"In Germany, they came first for the Communists,
And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist;
And then they came for the trade unionists,
And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist;
And then they came for the Jews,
And I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew;
And then . . . they came for me . . .
And by that time there was no one left to speak up."
~Pastor Martin Niemoller

This would be a much better world if we all lived our lives remembering these words.

Alicia V (181)
Saturday March 6, 2010, 2:37 pm
Yes Just Carole WE ARE ONE, and war makes us be a thousand million little pieces, so we can see the results, there are many and very horrible. Thanks to all of you who care you really make a difference.

Carole Sarcinello (338)
Saturday March 6, 2010, 2:41 pm

Thanks, Alicia!

LucyKaleido ScopeEyes (82)
Saturday March 6, 2010, 3:31 pm
There isn't any 'far worse that I can think of, ' Dell -- what did you have in mind?

Short of an atomic bomb, I can't think of anything worse than DU weapons.

DU weapons, white phosporous and DIME (Dense Inert Metal Explosives) create hell on earth, not just for the immediate victims, but for generations, creating the genetic mutations that continue and result in such horrors as babies born with two heads, or with one eye in the middle of the forehead or with huge tumors that disfigure the face and threaten nerves and/or eyes, for example. You can see such images and write-ups in Uhoud's post that has a link up there, or the Sky News coverage, also linked to, which includes some graphic videos at the end of the article.

If the use of weapons that do this to people & gestating children is a sign of greater civilization...I wonder what your definition of civilized could possibly be.

I suppose you would consider Rwanda and the means used to carry out the genocide there as being 'less civilized' -- the Hutu murderers often used machetes to hack their victims to death. Is this 'less civilized' for you? It is definitely more primitive, less technological, but is this ' personal destruction technique' worse than DU which condemns future generations, as well?

I really don't think that 'civilized' is an adequate term; perhaps what you mean is 'technologically sophisticated,' or something along those lines...

This makes me think of the novel, "the Book of Daniel," by E.L. Doctorow. Loosely based on the trial and execution of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg, as seen through the eyes & memories of their (fictional) son, the plot is regularly interrupted by passages which describe and examine in objective tone & terms, the various ways that people have been put to death by societies, since the beginning of time. Are they 'less civilized' than the electric chair that took the lines of the Rosenbergs?

I am horrified, Carole, that DU is being used in Afghanistan. I didn't know.

I just wanted to set the record straight with my earlier comment -- Obama can be blamed for a lot of things, but not for the use of DU weapons & white phosphorous in the 2004 Fallujah campaign.

I do blame him for quite a few things, like not putting an end to war & occupation in the Middle East; for not having the US sign the treaty to ban anti-personal landmines; for not getting rid of Blackwater; for sending drones into Pakistan; for not repealing the Patriot Act; for spreading the myth of 'clean coal' & failing to end mountaintop removal --this list is not exhaustive, just off the top of my head.

But we should be careful about making erroneous claims!

With DU being used in Afghanistan, we have something (else) to fight against. There is no specific prohibition in international law on the use of Depleted Uranium munitions, whereas there IS a treaty against cluster bombs. I have googled DU Afghanistan to get some specifics, but I can't find anything recent.

Carole Sarcinello (338)
Saturday March 6, 2010, 3:33 pm


(I thought I'd lost you.)

Carole Sarcinello (338)
Saturday March 6, 2010, 3:36 pm

Jill, look at the petition:

From Veterans For Peace:

Sign the petition to create a moratorium and ban on the use of depleted uranium

Mendocino County Chapter 116 of Veterans For Peace (VFP) invites the public to join us in our petition campaign to the U.S. Congress, calling for a moratorium leading to a ban on depleted uranium (DU) munitions. The petition is now circulating locally and nationally through VFP chapters, participating groups, and individuals.

The United Nations has declared DU an illegal weapon. The European Union has passed a resolution calling for a moratorium and global ban on the production and use of depleted uranium munitions. Information and research is being suppressed and discredited by our government and military much as the toxic defoliant Agent Orange was during and after the Vietnam War. Similar to Agent Orange – now irrefutably recognized to have caused rampant death, disease, and environmental damage among U.S. troops and Southeast Asian lands and peoples – depleted uranium munitions as used in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Balkans presents a national and world public health threat we must confront.

Depleted uranium is a chemically toxic radioactive heavy metal 1.7 times the density of lead. It is the uranium waste remaining after the process of enriching uranium to be used in nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons. Thousands of tons of the waste are recycled to weapons manufacturers by the government for use in M-16 shells, tank shells and other munitions and to manufacturers of military tanks and vehicles as up-armored shields. As effective as DU is as a penetrating explosive weapon and shielding device, its effects are much more far-reaching as long-term poisonous residuals in human bodies, soil, and air. When a depleted uranium round hits a hard target, as much as 70 percent of the projectile can burn on impact, creating a firestorm of depleted uranium oxides. The toxic residue of this firestorm is an extremely fine insoluble uranium dust. The dust can spread by the wind, be inhaled and absorbed into the human body and absorbed by plants and animals, becoming part of the food chain. The breathable uranium oxides are passed through to offspring, and may result in birth defects. With a half-life of 4.5 billion years DU and its effects last virtually forever.

Mendocino County VFP-116 -- which you may remember as raising over a half million dollars for relief of Katrina victims and whose members spent months in the New Orleans area doing relief work – is reaching out nation-wide to gather thousands of signatures on this petition to our members of congress. We have not set a deadline to end this campaign.

PLEASE, help us stop this!

Carole Sarcinello (338)
Saturday March 6, 2010, 3:42 pm

There is NO justifiable reason for this continued CARNAGE.

Carole Sarcinello (338)
Saturday March 6, 2010, 3:46 pm

This is GENOCIDE -- beyond question. We have created an inestimable and beyond comprehension wrong -- one that prevents viable future generations. WHAT could be more EVIL? (Women can no longer conceive children that are not mutated!!!)


Carole Sarcinello (338)
Saturday March 6, 2010, 3:48 pm

I cannot even couch friends who can understand this evil and not understand its UNDENIABLE outrage to human rights.

Carole Sarcinello (338)
Saturday March 6, 2010, 3:53 pm

Any party who is on my friends list who can't comprehend how OUTRAGEOUS an atrocity this is -- PLEASE DELETE YOURSELF!

(I do not even WANT to know such creatures.)

Rhonda B (7)
Saturday March 6, 2010, 4:40 pm
Chemical warfare and it comes through the FATHER. I had a girl in my class in the 1989 whos father had been in Vietnam. I had one in 2002 whose father had been in an earlier Iraq conflict. In both cases the fathers had been exposed to chemical agents and the child born was the first one. In these cases the child looked normal physically but had severe brain damage, profound retardation (the lowest--IQ untestable or 0-20) and were cortically blind. (blindness caused by brain damage rather than a defect in the eyes) and severe seizures. Both mothers went on to have second children who did not have birth defects. The first specifically had a second child so she could care for her sister when she was gone and maintained a large life insurance policy to help her do so. (older parent). She also became a school social worker so she would have a nice pension to leave her kids. Both went to VA clinics and said there were several other children there with similar conditions. The second said that the first time they had sex, which was when she got pregnant, the semen burned.

Maybe the defects in Fallujah came through the mother and that made the kids have more visible defects, but I feel really bad for the kids. Remember the orphans who were being starved to death because they had disabilities and some were adopted by soldiers? I think that was in Fallujah too.

By the way, chemical causes are some of the most devastating of birth defects. A crack baby is invariably hyperactive and has learning disabiliites, retardation and often visual issues and cerebral palsy. There have been some born with no eyes. Emotional/behavioral disabilities are also common. Kids with fetal alcohol syndrome have cognitive and learning disabilities and may also have cerebral palsy and hydrocephalus (water head) as well as particular physical characteristics that identify the syndrome. Chemicals can make a mess out of a perfectly good child.

Carole Sarcinello (338)
Saturday March 6, 2010, 4:42 pm

This is tragic beyond comprehension.

Rhonda B (7)
Saturday March 6, 2010, 4:46 pm
Didn't Saddam Hussein also use chemicals on his own people? The Kurds I believe. What is to say he did not sneak and use them more than we know. I am not saying our military did not do it, but he attacked his own.

Carole Sarcinello (338)
Saturday March 6, 2010, 4:47 pm

Oh, and there was such an uprising to kill "Chemical Ali."

How is this government better?

Carole Sarcinello (338)
Saturday March 6, 2010, 4:48 pm


LucyKaleido ScopeEyes (82)
Saturday March 6, 2010, 4:51 pm
I made my comment right after Dell's and before Reverend Tim's first one -- it has not shown up in the right order ! When I came back to continue, hours later, my comment hadn't appeared ANYWHERE (not on this thread, nor in my SENT file) & I tried to make a new one!

I said that I had investigated the link that John Farnham left, but that among all the interesting articles there, none deal with the use of DU weapons in Afghanistan.

That comment has not come out, but the one I made right after Dell's has shown up 27 (I counted!) comments later!!

I hope I'll have better luck this time.

Two things:

1) Agent Orange: Legacy of a Weapon of Mass Destruction /Vietnamese Victims in NY to Reinstate Lawsuit and Vietnam Vet's Daughter Tells of Father's Recent Death From Agent Orange & Support For Vietnamese Victims In NY For Court Battle (Federal Court of Appeals Manhattan scheduled to hear oral arguments against Dow, Monsanto & 35 other companies that manufactured Agent Orange & related herbicides used in Vietnam. Horror of cancer, death & birth defects from dioxin still occurring -- awful photos to prove it!)

2) From DN! March 5th headlines: Levin Questions Blackwater Bid for $1 Billion Deal in Afghanistan

"A top Senate Democrat is raising concern over the private military firm Blackwater’s bid for a $1 billion contract to train Afghan forces. On Thursday, Senate Armed Services Committee Chair Carl Levin urged Defense Secretary Robert Gates to “consider the deficiencies” in Blackwater’s operations before making a decision. Levin cited a series of Blackwater-linked scandals that he said “appear to have…undermined our mission in Afghanistan.” In a separate letter, Levin asked the Justice Department to investigate allegations Blackwater established a shell company called Paravant to win a separate $25 million contract in Afghanistan. In other Blackwater news, the company is denying a report the Republican Party is scheduled to host a fundraiser at Blackwater’s North Carolina headquarters. On Thursday, Politico reported the Republican group for donors under forty known as the “Young Eagles” had announced an event at the sprawling Moyock training facility for April 16th."

. (0)
Saturday March 6, 2010, 5:48 pm
Thanks Yasmine and Abdessalam for the fwd. Signed with pleasure.

. (0)
Saturday March 6, 2010, 5:50 pm
Soooory signed a petition on the US vererans site...Will post as news, back later.

Carole Sarcinello (338)
Saturday March 6, 2010, 5:52 pm
Grigory, if you could post the petition as news, it would be much appreciated.

James W (10)
Saturday March 6, 2010, 7:40 pm
It should be obvous to those using these that this would happen. Or did they just not care?? As usual we operate under the premise that "The end justifies the means!!" Must be cool have your name on Nuke carrier tho! Wow, what a HERO you must be to get that. Prescott Bush and his father have to be proud of their offspring. Genetics at it't finest. Poison the world only tree huggers care. Like ME!

Lionel Mann (23)
Sunday March 7, 2010, 12:41 am
It is to be hoped that this obscenity will rebound on to the U.S.A. and awaken the abysmally ignorant populace to the heinous crimes being committed in their name around the world by their military. No nation has ever inflicted international mayhem without eventually suffering retaliation. You are all guilty by association and building a mountain of sorrow to fall upon your heads. May it come sooner than later and rid the world of your evil.

Bill C (91)
Sunday March 7, 2010, 1:49 am
Noted with sadness and disgust. Thanks for forwarding, Just C.

Ian MacLeod (79)
Sunday March 7, 2010, 2:05 am
I've been writing about this for years now. The DU in the Middle East will NOT stay there, either! WHen Chernobyl heppened, just days later there was a huge spike in strontium 90 in cow's milk in WIsconsin. There are nanoparticles, or much of the DU that's been fired is, and those are so light they can travel the wind to any place on earth! With that and all of the other poisons, including the vaccines, I don't understand how ANYONE can doubt there is a deliberate effort at worldwide genocide happening. Still, there are people here who call me a "conspiracy theorist" and make suggestions like I should get on an SSRI or an antipsychotic - SSRIs work, BTW, because of the active ingredient: fluoride compounds. Another poison, like the toxic waste they dump in our drinking water.

The"elites" have announced their intentions over and over again. Deny it, and you're part of the problem


. (0)
Sunday March 7, 2010, 2:33 am
"Grigory, if you could post the petition as news, it would be much appreciated."

I have posted the petition as news but cannot post a link to it here...(Firefox doesn't like me :-) Can anyone else?...I would much appreciate that.

It would appear that many are taking this seriously. If you would like to do something positive you can sign the Veterans for Peace petition...HELP!

. (0)
Sunday March 7, 2010, 2:49 am
The title: "ACT NOW - Petition to end the use of DU weapons and the birth defects they cause - US veterans for peace"...Still cannot post a link, can you?

Carole Sarcinello (338)
Sunday March 7, 2010, 7:07 am
ACT NOW - Petition to End the Use of DU Weapons and the Birth Defects They Cause - Veterans For Peace

Tim Redfern (581)
Sunday March 7, 2010, 11:33 am
So, again I ask,
if the troops exercise their freedom of choice
and refuse to be "deployed", how can an illegal
invasion/occupation occur?
Does basic training rob them of their mental ability to say "no"?
These people knew exactly what they were getting into, so if we're going to
discuss all the "carnage", please let's not blame just "the government", but
the individuals who willingly, illegally and immorally enter these countries,
pull the triggers, set off the bombs and launch the mortars against the
innocent men, women, children and babies.
The government gives the orders.
It is the individual men & women who have the right to say "no"
who are responsible for this cold-blooded murder.
"Get real", indeed!
Any person, any civilian, who is a "true Christian" would have the
same opinion I do. Anyone calling themselves a Christian and supporting
these massacres is dishonoring the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Who
would NOT approve of what the U.S. government and their paid, trained murderers are doing.

Reggae S (2)
Sunday March 7, 2010, 7:44 pm
This is an Atrocity!! Our Youth are our Future!! Let we all keep this subject alive and get it out MUST STOP!!
"There is no trust more sacred than the one the world holds with children. There is no duty more important than ensuring that their rights are respected, that their welfare is protected, that their lives are free from fear and want and that they can grow up in peace."

Anne T (180)
Sunday March 7, 2010, 9:53 pm
Noted, signed and shared! :) Depleted uranium is a silent killer which keeps on mangling and killing in future generations with out ceasing. No one and nowhere is safe from this horror as its dust is microscopic and changes our DNA. Once in the environment wind and water carry it everywhere.
Depleted uranium is not depleted!
Basically it is full strength uranium which is naturally dangerously radioactive. The misnomer of "depleted uranium" comes from the fact that it has been previously enriched for use in a reactor and is what is left over [waste] after its use in the reactor so it is the "enriched" part that has been depleted. It is still full strength uranium and fully radioactive. The reason it is used is because of its heavy weight.

Past Member (0)
Sunday March 7, 2010, 11:21 pm
Its deliberate. And they care no more about the native Iraqis than they do for the US soldiers and their families who are exposed to the nature of war.

carte edge

Ian MacLeod (79)
Sunday March 7, 2010, 11:40 pm
Does basic training rob them of their mental ability to say "no"?

Tim - in many ways, yes! You've heard how they "tear the ment down, shred 'em down to nothing, the we build 'em back up - into soldiers!" They're NOT joking. They use young people not just because they're ift, Tim, but because a)in lots of ways they're still children, still looking for approval, and b)they don't realize yet what death is, and they can be conditioned to run TOWARDS a firing machine gun. Where a 30 year old might be just as fit, give him an order like that and he'd likely say, "You want me to do WHAT??" Unless he's was in the military from a young age. Did you get that? It's not just training - how to field strip a rifle and put it back together in the dark. It's also CONDITIONING. Also called "BRAINWASHING." Also called "MIND CONTROL." Some people that young, a very few, have been raised such that they're strong enough to resist, but they are very, VERY rare. Most cannot. The higher-up, the command structure, those I hold completely responsible. Ordinary ground troops not so much. THere's a special brotherhood, and special mindset that you don't find in anything else. When they're all that stands between you and a bunch of people who want you dead, when they can save your country, you're glad for them. When they're misused, lied to about EVERYTHING as they are in these corporate wars-for-profit, they're monsters. In WWII there were atrocities, but we tried to keep them to a minimum. Now, with the Christian Reconstructionists and the neocons in charge of what these young people are conditioned to, they're made into the creatures that laugh as they randomly blow a civilian vehicle off the road and lie, saying it fired on them. Again, lay most of it on C&C, not the ground pounders. They're just professional bullet-stoppers as far as Command goes. More later when I've had some rest. Just remember Tim, not all are CLAIMING to be Christians, and they are doing EXACTLY what they were intended, conditioned, ordered to do. The human mind doesn't really mature until about age 25. Before that, it's very malleable. And it takes time to truly learn to value life. For most.


Hugh M (75)
Monday March 8, 2010, 12:28 am
I read posts like this and all the comments and have to guard myself against falling into complete despair. However, I suggest that you all find some spiritual path to follow if you don't have one already. There is no other answer. The people who are creating and using and profiting from these terrible weapons are now too powerful for any direct action to topple. Summarize what you have read here if you don't believe me. Now we have knowledge so what do we do? There is only one thing to do and that is to personally get involved in mobilizing the only forces more powerful and they are spiritual forces. Oh, you're an atheist and think I am talking bullshit? Sorry, you have no answers. Whatever you believe, believe that those spiritual forces are not in competition with each other and pray, send vibes, send energy or just worship and ask them to come together as one wonderful force and change it all. We have nothing left that will work other than this. I will not give in to despair. One united spirittual plea is the answer. Let's combine the spiritual and activist streams of Care2 and activate power that the money eaters will crumble before.

. (0)
Monday March 8, 2010, 2:26 am
The people who are creating and using and profiting from these terrible weapons are now too powerful for any direct action to topple."

Have you heard of the French or Russian revolutions Hugh?...Praying will not solve anything on earth.

Ian MacLeod (79)
Monday March 8, 2010, 4:44 am

There are two stories about people who wanted to do something like this, one science fiction, the other in the Bible. If you want it to have any chance, try this:

Put together a short, clear email. Pick a day, maybe one with religious significance. Ask people at noon of that day in America, or some other place, to pary for God to intervene, just to answer in some way that He's there and cares. Figure out what time of day on that date it would be in each country so that everyone prays at the same time. Just ask them to take a moment, maybe five minutes. Like in the bible they could ask God to say, "Earth - stand thou still," but all we're asking for is for some indication from God He/She/It is there and cares. Try to get it to go viral; ask everyone to forward it to everyone else. If it catches on, you could have three or four billion people praying on that day, at that time. At a guess, even professed atheistss will do it, figuring, "Why not? Can't hurt; might help."

How's that?


LucyKaleido ScopeEyes (82)
Monday March 8, 2010, 4:47 am
I agree with Jafferty: "Its deliberate. And they care no more about the native Iraqis than they do for the US soldiers and their families who are exposed" but not "to the nature of war" -which is a bit vague for me, but RATHER to these dangerous, toxic weapons.

How US military leaders, starting with Gates, can consider their own troops as 'collateral damage' is beyond me, but I am convinced it is true. How they can consider the civilian population of Irak &/or Afghanistan as 'collateral damage,' too, is a crime against humanity. After Sky News' investigation into the birth defects, deaths & deformities of Fallujah's newborn babies, and the publication of the results, there can be no excuse for not banning these weapons. These decision-makers are quite simply in total DENIAL. I question their humanity and sanity.

The fact that Obama kept Gates on as Sec of Defense is a powerful & frightening message: no change to expect in the way the US is carrying on war & occupation -- as we've all noticed!

The fact that he appointed Vylsack as Sec of Agriculture, Michael R. Taylor to the FDA, & other BIO-TECH &/or Monsanto SHRILLS to every top AGRICULTURE & AGRiCULTURAL TRADE postion is a clear & horrible indication that there is no hope for the defense of biodiversity & sustainable farming growing healthy farm produce. These various appointments sparked immediate debate and even OUTRAGE among many food & agriculture researchers, NGOs and activists; there have been petitions in each case, but all to no avail :

Just to give you an idea of who they are:
1) Vice President for Public Policy at Monsanto Corp. from 1998 until 2001, Michael Taylor exemplifies the revolving door between the food industry and the government agencies that regulate it. He is reviled for shaping and implementing the government's favorable agricultural biotechnology policies during the CLINTON ADMinistration. Yet what has slipped under everyone's radar screen is Taylor's involvement in setting U.S. policy on agricultural assistance in Africa. In collusion with the Rockefeller and Bill and Melinda Gates foundations, Taylor is once again the go-between man for MONSANTO and the U.S. government, this time with the goal to OPEN UP AFRICAN MARKETS for genetically-modified (GM) seed and agrochemicals.

2) 24/09/09- More Monsanto men join Obama:
1.Monsanto's man Beachy joining Obama administration
2.Obama's Chief Ag Negotiator Nominee is a CropLife America Lobbyist
3.Big Ag places a foot soldier at the U.S. Trade Office
More Monsanto men join Obama -

"President Obama nominated one of their own as the chief agricultural negotiator at the U.S. Trade Office.
To take the post, Islam “Isi” Siddiqui will have to leave his current perch as vice president for agricultural biotechnology and trade at CropLife America, the trade group representing the U.S. agrichemical industry (member list here ). Its mission: to hip the public (and the government) to the ““benefits of pesticides and crop-protection chemicals.”

This is the crew that chided Michelle Obama for daring to opt not to use “crop protection” (i.e., toxic pesticides) in the White House Garden.

As the Doha round of global trade talks lurches on, Siddiqui’s position will be an important one. Southerm-hemisphere nations like India and Brazil are pushing for lower U.S. crop subsidies, while the U.S. is demanding wide-open markets for U.S. goods—everything from foodstuffs like industrial corn to agrichemicals. Siddiqui can be counted on to push that agenda hard.

Another critical ag-related trade issue is GMOs. Many nations have opted to ban GMOs on the precautionary principle. The few companies who dominate the GMO seed market—Monsanto, Dupont, Syngenta, and BASF, all Croplife America - find that attitude abhorrent. Siddiqui can be expected to play hardball in using trade talks as a blunt instrument to KNOCK THOSE PRECAUTIONS DOWN."

You may say that I am off subject and I hope you won't think I'm pushing a personal agenda with these comments, but I can see some connections to what has been said before in this discussion:

1) the use of technologically sophisticated or 'advanced' methods nomatter what the dangers to populations, in the US or abroad;
2) failure to breaking away from previous policies & bring about the change Obama was elected for -- Gates a Bush carry-over; Monsanto shills as in the Reagan; both Bushes; Clinton Administrations;
3) a blatant disregard for the Vox Populi.

Carole Sarcinello (338)
Monday March 8, 2010, 8:04 am

Ian, thank you for explaining the brainwashing process of the military, but we also must consider a few other factors.

Many American families are proud to enumerate their members who proudly "served their country." Their young men and women were brainwashed before they even entered the service.

Recruiting tactics have become very attractive to those who come from poor families (an ever-growing number of Americans) and who have little education or job training. Promises of bonuses, education, seeing the world, etc. can be a definite enticement.

This "volunteer army," while initially looking much fairer to those who were scared witless about being drafted during the Vietnam era, has shown its very dark side. Soldiers now are in perpetual servitude; and worse, even the public feels little remorse for their situation because . . . after all, they volunteered!


Carole Sarcinello (338)
Monday March 8, 2010, 11:26 am
The U.S. hypocrisy of pretending that they are warring for democracy and freedom is utterly nauseating.
I recently posted a share:  War Is A Racket.
"Smedley Butler was the most honored man in Marine Corps history. He wrote and spoke that the purpose of US wars is millions and billions in profits for America's leading “bankers, industrialists, and speculators.” War is a “racket:” a deception whereby its purpose of blood money from American taxpayers to “insiders” is always disguised as noble and necessary ventures to keep Americans propagandized into paying again and again."

Carole Sarcinello (338)
Monday March 8, 2010, 11:28 am
War Is A Racket.

Carole Sarcinello (338)
Monday March 8, 2010, 11:29 am

(For some reason, if you reference a Care2 internal article, the link drops part of the URL. Annoying!)

. (0)
Monday March 8, 2010, 4:22 pm
"after all, they volunteered! "

Try 'after all they were unemployed and had no health insurance...To kill or be killed was the perfect option'. (Freedom's just another word for nothing left to loose?)

The troops are only kids and wide open to governmental propaganda and brainwashing in order to obtain a reasonable salary to support their families ...The a**holes that sent them to war to line their pockets with gold are guilty of using kids as cannon fodder to satisfy their greed...Why are the wars still going and why are these a**holes not in jail?

Carole Sarcinello (338)
Monday March 8, 2010, 4:27 pm

I knew you'd get it, Grigory.

Ian MacLeod (79)
Monday March 8, 2010, 5:59 pm
'How US military leaders, starting with Gates, can consider their own troops as 'collateral damage' is beyond me,*SNIP* How they can consider the civilian population of Irak &/or Afghanistan as 'collateral damage,' too, is a crime against humanity. *SNIP* there can be no excuse for not banning these weapons. These decision-makers are quite simply in total DENIAL. I question their humanity and sanity.

Peasant Diva Sprite - First, they're not so much "collateral damage" as planned obsolescence. Remember the plan to "reduce" the world's population to 10% of present. Also, it's hoped and intended that they'll die off before forcing the VA to spend too much money on their healthcare, and meanwhile the reduction of the population and the sickening of survivors will make taking control of those oil countries much easier, or so they believe. To them there's just no down side.

They don't need an excuse, but even so agencies under the control of Wall Street and industry insiders are pushing - blackmailing, bribing, etc. - legislators and other agency officials to publish lies, pass protective laws for the perpetrators and in general they enabling the plan: profits from stolen resources, removal of their tools in those projects before they become expensive and start taking money out of the pockets of corporations their owners. They're NOT "in denial"! They know exactly what they're doing, and it's by intent. Remember when the Bush EPA ordered regulatory agencies and pwoer plants to "treat mercury as non-toxic"? They KNOW exactly how toxic it is. And that suit their pusposes - ALL of them. Again: population reductionm infinite profits. Or so they think.

Look at what's being done here. They can't spread DU all over the place, but they CAN erect microwave cell towers, and they do. Current science says THERE IS NO SAFE LIMIT to exposure, period. During the Cold War a Russian embassy bombarded an American embassy at .01 microwatts per square centimeter over a decade, and almsot everyone who rotated through tht embassy came up with one exotic cancer or another. The FCC regulations allow 580 microwatts per square centimeter exposure, calling it safe! The wya it's set up, no matter HOW high the exposure is, it will always be "within safe limits" per the law. Employees - installer and the like, citizens who have no choice about having towers erected right next door, so entire neighborhoods are exposed, plus there's the ubiquitous use of cell phones, including by children, who are the most vulnerable. Add WiFi and laptop computers on people's laps, wireless networks (generative tissue is also especially vulnerable), use of leaky microwave ovens... Americans HAVE NO CHOICE about RF and microwave bombardment, and even these aren't the end of that list! In another ten to twenty years, though it's already begun, there's going to be a cancer epidemic in America, and those who caused it are already protected by law from accountability, though they've carefully hidden studies that show the effects are inevitable.

Then we can add pthalates in plastics that leaches into more than 90% of our foods and drinks, especially coffee, fluoride, one of the most toxic cehmicals known being dumped in the drinking water and now into bottled water (add pthalates to that too because the bottles are plastic), and the active ingredients in SSRIs like Paxil are fluoride compounds. The Russians experimented with that as a tranquilizer in the drinking water of gulags that also causes brain damage and helps make people stupid (lowers IQ, especially of chilrdren whose parents were exposed, and then are exposed themselves), plus causes genetic damage and immune system damage. It's in the form of toxic waste from the herbicide and nuclear bomb industries, and the few studies people quote are the ones falsified by the bomb industry to shield the government from law suits by farmers whose crops and animals were destroyed by fluoride gas leaks.

Face it: it's a MASSIVE poisoning effort, we're all in the middle of it, and it's deliberate.



Carole Sarcinello (338)
Monday March 8, 2010, 6:01 pm

Thank you, Ian.

Time is not of the essence to these folks. Time is on the side of the clock key possesor.

. (0)
Monday March 8, 2010, 6:55 pm
"fluoride, one of the most toxic chemicals known being (legally) dumped in the drinking water"...

It prevents tooth decay? Ask ICI...They are making a fortune out of being paid to contaminate water supplies worldwide.

I guess we will all die with great teeth? :-)


Tim Redfern (581)
Monday March 8, 2010, 7:08 pm
Grigory, with all due respect to you, my friend,
prayer changes EVERYTHING, and I'd be willing
to go to a flaming death before changing my opinion on that.

Carole Sarcinello (338)
Monday March 8, 2010, 7:29 pm

(clenching teeth and biting tongue to hold back the words . . . hehehehe)

. (0)
Monday March 8, 2010, 7:45 pm
"prayer changes EVERYTHING"

Prayer changes nothing, only people can and if you can prove me wrong please do so Tim.

We had many great conversations before you put "pastor" in front of your name. Why have you closed your mind and decided that a god in the sky is more powerful than you, here on earth?...It's me.

The use of DU will not be stopped by a mythical being. It can be stopped if you stopped praying and took a little action.

Tim Redfern (581)
Monday March 8, 2010, 7:53 pm
Grigory, tsk, tsk, tsk.
You're in my prayers.....ironically enough.

let it fly.
hehehehe to you, too.

John Farnham (52)
Monday March 8, 2010, 9:20 pm
Wow. What a thread. There are others - including on Care2 - aware of this type of situation in our world. That's why Home - by the Home Project and many other specials were made.
Online repositories like Third World Traveler, Common Dreams, Mother Jones, AlterNet and many more list reams of material exposing the sickness loose on our planet.
I've likely confused some because I have been putting out 'Denier' articles. There's 'denying'...and then there's publishing.
Yet you people aren't even the crowd I thought might need help finding their way around online. Librarians, scientists and educators have many tricks available for general use.
There was a request for information about DU in Afghanistan


Ian MacLeod (79)
Monday March 8, 2010, 9:52 pm
"I guess we will all die with great teeth?"

Nope; it's a lie. Kentucky was the first state to have fluorinated all of their public drinking water. They had THE worst teeth in the country. As things stand, if they suddenly couldn't contaminate the drinking water with it, they'd have to figure out what to do with all that toxic waste, and it would likely cost lots of money, instead of getting paid for the stuff like they are now. Same with DU - if it can't be used as a weapon, then it's toxic, nuclear waste that has to be properly disposed of.


Abdessalam Diab (145)
Tuesday March 9, 2010, 3:31 am

Huda A (45)
Tuesday March 9, 2010, 5:38 am
Please take time and listen to this video 5 parts! :(

NoEmailsPls W (95)
Sunday March 14, 2010, 9:26 am
This is very upsetting. Thank you for sharing Yasmine.

. (0)
Sunday March 14, 2010, 8:16 pm
"The meek shall inherit the earth" BUT NOT THE MINERAL RIGHTS! ("WE" need the uranium to kill the meek?)

Tim Redfern (581)
Monday March 15, 2010, 10:41 am
"The meek shall inherit the earth."
End of story.

Yasmine H (16)
Monday March 15, 2010, 11:59 pm
Pastor Tim, I have to say that even prayers go only so far.
It is only with action that someone can truly make a difference. Nothing in this world can change if we are all meek and let it run rampant. When you see wrong you need to speak out against it – when you see someone being harmed you aid them.

You can’t just sit back and pray that God will come down and do the work for us. Prayers and belief lift the soul and try to give life meaning, but a strong heart that doesn’t allow things to just pass but rather takes a stand is what truly makes man pious.

Ian MacLeod (79)
Tuesday March 16, 2010, 8:37 pm
"The meek shall inherit the earth."
End of story.

Sorry, Tim, but you're right - only not the way you think. The meek generally only inherit a plot that's about 6'x6'x3'. Sometimes you either fight, or you bare your own throat and those of the ones you love to the violent, the destructive, you allow Evil to have its way unopposed, and I'm just not built that way. If that's a flaw, talk to the manufacturer, my friend.


Tere M (75)
Monday March 29, 2010, 12:18 pm
Noted with sadness...

Sandra M Z (114)
Thursday July 1, 2010, 11:17 am
I'm late to sign this, but no matter, the problem is surely still there.

Signed and noted TY Yasmine and Just for sending
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