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Open Thread - 7/9/2018

US Politics & Gov't  (tags: Open Thread )

- 74 days ago -
Personal news, a Jig Zone puzzle, 3 short takes, and a homemade cartoon (shown). If you would like me to send you cards with links to my articles, add me as a friend.


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Joanne Dixon (38)
Monday July 9, 2018, 1:28 pm
5:05 For some reason I started wondering what it would be like to be an Eclectus parrot and transgendered.

CA - Lucky indeed. If I were to stumble into a rally in my home town, it would be far more likely to be a Trump rally.

C&L - You and Howie have hit on why I, and lots of other Dems, have stopped giving to DNC, DCCC, DSCC, even DLCC, and started giving to individual candidates. I try to respond to some of the panicked emails to point that out. I might be able to respond to them all if I made a piece of boilerplate and just plugged it in, but it would still be time consuming. On the other hand, preaching to the choir makes no converts.

DC - It truly doesn't matter which. It only matters whether. I was a little discouraged thinking about the "deny a quorum" idea, because it requires total participation to work. But then I realized, without one Republcan vote, we have nothing to lose by trying. Well, we'll see.

Cartoon - "Collusion isn't a crime anyway." Maybe not - but treason, espionage and sedition are crimes, as is conspiracy.


David C (111)
Monday July 9, 2018, 2:09 pm

Pat B (356)
Monday July 9, 2018, 2:31 pm
CA: Such a great read !!! Unfortunately, not gonna happen here (tx), though. But we are rising.....

C&L: Good article, passing this one on to my galpals.

DC: ugh!

Cartoon: Which it is. Throw in a handshake, a hug & a kiss, and it's (been) a done deal for quite a while now.

It's been raining here all day. (which is great). Hope that you have a good evening, take care, Thanks, Tom.

Nita L (123)
Monday July 9, 2018, 4:14 pm
Thank you TomCat. I shared the articles.

Glennis W (395)
Monday July 9, 2018, 5:56 pm
Hope all goes well with your catscan Take care and rest well .Thank you for caring and sharing TomCat

Mitchell D (87)
Monday July 9, 2018, 5:58 pm
Is there really no such thing as a president can not nominate a SCOTUS justice if he is under investigation?

Animae C (506)
Monday July 9, 2018, 6:29 pm
Thank You TC for the continual education to this Aussie, it’s appreciated! 💋

Freya H (358)
Monday July 9, 2018, 7:50 pm
We The People need to get out and vote - not just vote, but cast informed ballots. We Progressives need to support genuinely progressive candidates, but an establishment Democrat is better than another Rethuglicanazi. Vote Blue no matter who, because losers don't make policy.

Colleen L (3)
Monday July 9, 2018, 9:11 pm
CA: Power to the people. We had one here over the weekend. tRump needs to understand that we are totally against his immigration.policies 100%.We have heart and care about others..
Cartoon: Ditto exactly what Joanne wrote.
I hear you well regarding the high heat. It has been disgusting all day long, even at night it stays above 80. Crazy.No relief till the weekend.
Take care. Thanks TomCat .


Winn Adams (179)
Tuesday July 10, 2018, 6:27 am
Thanks Tom Cat

Mitchell D (87)
Tuesday July 10, 2018, 7:03 am
After a phone call to one of Senator Booker's offices, it appears that the answer to my question, above, is NO, there is no such stipulation, anywhere!

Lynn Squance (235)
Tuesday July 10, 2018, 7:36 am
Puzzle --- 3:21 Sorry handsome birdie, but I couldn't save you from that rapacious Puddy Tat! Sharpen your beak and nails and you might be able to fend him off!

Current Affairs --- A good article by someone who actually thinks.

"That means we have to think substantively about what exact kind of immigration policy we want, and how the government should be organized to implement it. It means going beyond the slogan in order to ask serious questions about how exactly our immigration system ought to look."

Robinson makes an excellent point. How many times have we talked here about low information voters? How many times have we talked about voter turn out? People need to feel they are being listened to.
People need to take action to understand a situation and be an enabler of change. As a manager at work, I asked the staff how they thought a change should be made when it impacted their job responsibilities. We could not always implement their suggestions, but they always knew why. At first they were like a lot of voters . . . not engaged. But as they saw things change and had a hand in it, they became more engaged. I am not the type of manager who says I have all the answers. Quite the opposite . . . I don't do these tasks day in and day out. From honest discussions about what the immigration system should want to accomplish will come how it can be organised. The big thing is "we have to think substantively". Yes there are risks, but there are even bigger risks if people don't think or contribute . . . like Drumpf and Republicans. We won't always get our way but we can contribute.

Crooks and Liars --- Identify the "enemy" (GOP) and fight them, not each other. The role of the GOP is to win elections as is the role of establishment Democrats and progressives. The GOP would just love to divide and conquer, and if the "left" is already fighting amongst themselves, it makes the GOP's job that much easier. Get your shit together Democrats/progressives or be prepared to lose elections!

Daily Caller --- When it comes to the appointment of judges for our Supreme Court, we are so much more civilised about it. There are no big ad buys, no big lobbying efforts and very strict rules as to who can be a Justice. But then we don't have big money in politics like the US either. Harper tried to tell off the former Chief Justice, Beverley McLachlin, and he ran into trouble being accused with interference. As of 15/12/17, the Chief Justice is Richard Wagner after McLachlin retired (age 75). From Wikipedia:

"The justices are appointed by the Governor-in-Council (Governor General of Canada on the advice of the Cabinet). The first six justices of the Court were all appointed in 1875 by the then Governor General of Canada, the Earl of Dufferin, on the advice of the Canadian Prime Minister, Alexander Mackenzie.

Of the nine justices, three positions are required by law to be held by judges who are either judges of the superior courts of Quebec, or members of the Bar of Quebec, at the time of their appointment.[4][5] Traditionally, three of the remaining judges are appointed from Ontario, two from the four western provinces, and one from the Atlantic provinces. The judges from these provinces, other than Quebec, must have been a judge of a superior court, or a member of the bar of one of those provinces for ten or more years prior to the appointment.[6] A Supreme Court justice, as with all federal judges, has guaranteed tenure during good behaviour, and may sit on the bench until the age of 75 years.[7]"

Cartoon --- Drumpf is so Machiavellian, and definitely not a smart person. I hope Mueller is able to nail his ass to the outhouse door where everyone can have a shot at him.

Resist, Persist, Remove!!!

Silence is Consent!!!

Well it's cool and rainy here. I have a busy day today and then physio tomorrow. I'll be pooped by Thursday. So who said retirement is easy peasy?! Good luck with the medical mayhem! I am sure that the technicians will be pleased you changed the date!

Roberto MARINI (88)
Tuesday July 10, 2018, 8:26 am
noted thanks Tom Cat

Lona G (67)
Tuesday July 10, 2018, 8:38 am
CA: If there were more rallies and more people joined them, the chances would increase of meeting likewise thinking people. Make yourself and others happy, make it happen.

C&L: Democrats better get over themselves and unite in one group under one banner of unification. There’s no time for power play and a good-old-boys-against-newbees mentality left. America as you know it may depend on it!

DC: Judicial Crisis Network is setting up a political campaign no matter who Drumpf picked as his candidate for SCOTUS, which is essentially a non-partisan, independent position. Now knowing that Drumpf picked Brett Kavanaugh, the one person he can be most certain off who doesn’t want to persecute him, we can be sure the JCN will go all out to have Kavanaugh installed. The whole damned Right wants Drumpf’s, and their own, a$$ covered, so the least they want is a justice with the required and necessary independence from Drumpf himself so that he/she will serve as a check on his abuses of power. I wonder if we’ll ever hear if Kavanaugh was their pick whom the pushed on Drumpf.

TomCat S (126)
Tuesday July 10, 2018, 1:18 pm
Thanks all. Hot tired Hugs! 😻

Janet B (0)
Tuesday July 10, 2018, 2:43 pm

pam w (139)
Tuesday July 10, 2018, 6:02 pm
Today at Planned Parenthood, I sat with a patient whose decision to end her pregnancy was obviously very difficult. She cried for about half an hour, while I held her hand and comforted her. I thought about this BASTARD whose mission is to make this girl's life miserable. And I wondered how they can get away with this kind of oppression. Since they CLAIM to be acting on behalf of their would seem they forget the "Judge ye not..." comments he allegedly made. How very convenient.

Debra G (0)
Tuesday July 10, 2018, 11:28 pm
Mitch McTurtle wants the Dems to give Kavanaugh a fair hearing - just like he gave Merrick Garland, right?

While we are all being incensed at the distracting center ring antics, safeguards are being gutted in the other rings: grants to outreach groups that help people sign up for healthcare are ended; another $200billion in tariffs on consumer goods are going into effect; Washington DC’s mayor wants to roll back the $15/hour minimum wage voted on by the public, etc.

Janis K (126)
Wednesday July 11, 2018, 12:14 pm
Thanks for sharing TomCat

TomCat S (126)
Wednesday July 11, 2018, 12:16 pm

Margie FOURIE (148)
Sunday July 15, 2018, 2:12 am

Jan S (0)
Sunday July 22, 2018, 12:17 am
thank you
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