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Horse Meat in America

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Horse meat slaughter is being viewed as a successful means to save the American economy. However, the numbers do not add up and once again, the general population is left holding the bag for sloppy political thinking.


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. (0)
Tuesday December 13, 2011, 11:47 am
Saving America's Horses:

Past Member (0)
Tuesday December 13, 2011, 11:58 am
The revulsion that many Americans feel towards horse meat is purely a cultural phenomena. Most Americans would no sooner eat anything "horse" than they would anything containing cat meat or dog meat. Yet, other cultures find our consumption of beef and pork disgusting, even as they consume cat, dog, or horse products. Meat production needs to be more transparent to public inspection, more hygienic, and vastly more humane than it is at present. If these issues are addressed, then the particular type of meat should be irrelevant.

Sarah G (109)
Tuesday December 13, 2011, 12:00 pm
Cannibalism, too, is merely a cultural phenomenon. Let's go with that, too; it's all about the economy.

. (1)
Tuesday December 13, 2011, 12:02 pm
Noted. Thank you Deb.

Danuta W (1251)
Tuesday December 13, 2011, 12:14 pm

Mary T (178)
Tuesday December 13, 2011, 1:06 pm
Thanks Deb all petitions signed.

Constance F (418)
Tuesday December 13, 2011, 1:33 pm
Send this article to the Whitehouse now! Thank you for an excellent article; an article that might jolt some brain synapes in our Gov into a more positive and progressive way of thinking about our economy and our desire to move into a more compassionate co-existence with other species. But sadly, I am not holding my breathe here that the way we wish to move forward and stimulate growth will be sought other than the old and unscrupolous ways as before. We can see how great the bail out worked and turned out. But I still will retain a small, ever small, but nonetheless hope that the American Horse Slaughter Prevention Act may get a strong backing. Otherwise - I can not think.....So much now - so mind shattering....Every day our hearts are broken a little more....I leave off....

Ingrid A (524)
Tuesday December 13, 2011, 1:43 pm
Horse meat yuck.

MmAway M (520)
Tuesday December 13, 2011, 1:52 pm
Thank you Deb for getting out this article and all of these petitions! I signed most, but going to have to return since Change.Org and my laptop shut down - will save and will forward.

Guys there is so much information on this site and Nancy "R" thank you darling for the forward...I adore horses and will fight for them until I die!

Terry King (113)
Tuesday December 13, 2011, 3:53 pm
Signed all petitions!

desanka s (416)
Tuesday December 13, 2011, 5:18 pm
We, humans are domesticated the wild horses. Horses have stood always beside us, carried us, plowed our fields and remain loyal at all times. Is slaughter the only thanks they get? For me this is difficult to accept like that Chinese are eating dog and cats.
President Obama PLEASE allows American mustangs and wild burros to remain free!

Thank you Deb for the great article and the list of petitions

Shirley S (187)
Tuesday December 13, 2011, 5:30 pm
Have signed some petitions & will finish others later as am rather busy. We need a slogan like GROW MORE & EAT MORE VEGETABLES INSTEAD OF ANIMALS. We might even set up an ABATTOIR for POLITICIANS.

Kim O (396)
Tuesday December 13, 2011, 11:28 pm
GRRRRrr!! Thanks Deb! I'll keep signing and signing on this until this sick slaughter stops!!!!

Past Member (0)
Wednesday December 14, 2011, 6:23 am
i had a thoroughbred stallion when i was a little girl. he was given to me by a horse breeder in ocala florida cause they coulndt race him.

that horse was my best friend . i would fall asleep riding him cause i never wanted to be anywhere else..i couldnt imagine killing him for food.

just seems more and more like we are devolving.

Past Member (0)
Wednesday December 14, 2011, 6:41 am
ALL petitions signed ..great job on that Deb. BRAVO !! will spread it :)

Andrea Nemec (213)
Wednesday December 14, 2011, 9:07 am
Noted and signed most of the petitions (some of them are only for Americans)! Thank you Deb for great article!

Miles M (4)
Wednesday December 14, 2011, 10:52 am
Waiting for the account confirmation email so I can sign this one. Thanks.

Ruby S (44)
Wednesday December 14, 2011, 11:34 am
This is truly disgusting. Whoever put these politicians in office need to be shot LOL....This is as foul as it gets, I wonder who's idea this is. Whoever it is, let them take it home to their family. SICK....

Ruby S (44)
Wednesday December 14, 2011, 11:37 am
Whats next...... Eating our neighbors?????

Lisa S. (0)
Wednesday December 14, 2011, 11:42 am
This is atrocious and unconscionable!! I cannot believe that this would be seen as an "economic boost"!! We'll be paying for it!! Where's the demand for horse meat here??? This will definately increase the breeding of horses aoley for meat, and this article is RIGHT ON with the emersion of yet MORE slaughterhouse horrors, pollution and waste! This CANNOT begin!!! EVERYONE CALL THE WHITE HOUSE AND YOUR SENATORS EVERY WEEK ON THIS ISSUE!!!!!!!!!!!

wilma s. (0)
Wednesday December 14, 2011, 11:57 am

Natalie Alexander (107)
Wednesday December 14, 2011, 12:25 pm
Very sad, very disturbing, there are so many animals out there that are for human consumption. Leave these beautiful horses alone. Let them roam free in the wild where they belong.

Laverne Wallace (59)
Wednesday December 14, 2011, 12:41 pm
Horse meat will rott in the store before I buy any. I will not eat horse meat and I hope the rest of Americans are the same.

jennifer t (41)
Wednesday December 14, 2011, 12:43 pm
The USA and Canada are becoming disgraceful sesspits re their vile treatment of animals.Shame on them.I will never travel to either destination again and I have always been an annual visitor

Marilyn G (0)
Wednesday December 14, 2011, 1:03 pm
Truly barbaric, it saddens me greatly that the horses will be slaughtered again in America but it also makes me very sad that any animal is slaughtered. God gave us all brains to distinquish other foods with plenty of nutrition. God wanted us to be caretakers of his animals. not killers!

Jonjon Hoy (146)
Wednesday December 14, 2011, 1:21 pm
So Gladly signed a lot of petitions on this. This should be a world wide ban on horse slaughter.

MarietteAWAY G (175)
Wednesday December 14, 2011, 1:54 pm
Noted. Thanks again Deb for an excellent article!

Scarlett P (126)
Wednesday December 14, 2011, 2:07 pm
What is man without the beasts? If all the beasts were gone, man would die from a great loneliness of spirit. For whatever happens to the beasts, soon happens to man. All things are connected. >~~Chief Seattle~~>

Patricia A (0)
Wednesday December 14, 2011, 2:34 pm
Absolutely vile. I will sign every petition, and will continue to make a call each day to my representatives and the white house. During his campaign, Obama made a specific promise he would NOT allow horse slaughter in the US-HE LIED and needs to be called on it. Animals are not ours to dispose of like garbage just because we think we can make a few bucks, it is repugnant. Thank you so much for the much needed article.

Aletta Kraan (146)
Wednesday December 14, 2011, 2:38 pm
Signed , thanks !

Phillip I (67)
Wednesday December 14, 2011, 3:14 pm
Gladly signed & thanks!

. (0)
Wednesday December 14, 2011, 3:25 pm
Thank you President Obama for the opportunity to own our own horse slaughter houses.

Jake Cohen (3)
Wednesday December 14, 2011, 3:26 pm
signed a thousand petitions and noted

Roxann Shadrick (15)
Wednesday December 14, 2011, 3:28 pm

Fred Krohn (34)
Wednesday December 14, 2011, 4:03 pm
One of my friends put it well: Horses run faster than cattle and bison. Ride horses and eat cows and bison.

Claudia O (73)
Wednesday December 14, 2011, 4:10 pm
We really don't need to eat meat at all and now we don't have to eat HORSE meat.

Ruth M (839)
Wednesday December 14, 2011, 4:24 pm
Noted and all petitions signed. I am so disgusted by this. We don't eat horses. Thanks Deb.

Tysu Jung (2)
Wednesday December 14, 2011, 5:03 pm
Poor horses. They are human pets!!

Michelle S (462)
Wednesday December 14, 2011, 5:40 pm
How low has the American government got to stoop before the entire world sees us as a global laughing stock?

WE were the ones pointing fingers at France, Mexico and Canada.

WE were the ones decrying slaughter houses and the sale of horse meat in other countries.

WE are the ones who have been advocating setting the global example of "progressive" animal welfare legislation for other nations of the world.

And now, with this, WE are looking like an utter disaster. I so sick over this I can barely type.

Sharon Fenderson (21)
Wednesday December 14, 2011, 6:19 pm
If I was the last person on earth and there were sentient living breathing beings such as horses, I would starve first beforef eat their flesh! I guess this is solely why I am vegetarian.

Andrea Connelly (94)
Wednesday December 14, 2011, 11:19 pm
Done, and thanks for great article.

Viv Flegg (18)
Wednesday December 14, 2011, 11:33 pm
Do we have to kill every animal in this world? Now horses, such beautiful animals, where is this world going? It is going straight to hell and they can take Obama there as well!!!!

Voicila G (172)
Wednesday December 14, 2011, 11:50 pm
Thank you!

Past Member (0)
Thursday December 15, 2011, 12:33 am
Thanks for this great article.

valda p (13)
Thursday December 15, 2011, 4:55 am
In time there will be no animals on this earth man's inhumanity will have killed them all ,what will he do then?

Brenda Burks (1)
Thursday December 15, 2011, 5:59 am
Thank-you for the article, signed many petitions

Yvonne F (181)
Thursday December 15, 2011, 7:59 am
This is terrible! With other words US is going to breed horses only for slaughtering in order to save the economi! If the greedy shit heads (excuse the language) wouldn't have put the whole American econimy on the other end, the horses wouldn't suffer! My God when are people going to get the value in place? Horrific!

Elizabeth Fuller (134)
Thursday December 15, 2011, 9:37 am
Thanks Deb, signed all the petitions already, except for 3 or 4 that you found and signed those too, signed the rest of the care2 ones and the last one too...Horses are NOT food. There is no economical gain from killing them...They should be preserved and maintained for the simple fact that they ARE an american icon. How shortsighted, ungrateful and savage are the powers that be NOW !

Nancy Roussy (79)
Thursday December 15, 2011, 10:03 am
Petitions one to fortytwo fiftythree already signed and noted, thank you!

. (1)
Thursday December 15, 2011, 12:27 pm
Already signed.

. (1)
Thursday December 15, 2011, 1:04 pm
Noted and signed all petitions Deb.

carol k (17)
Thursday December 15, 2011, 1:30 pm
The government always lies to us, misleads us, or falsely misinforms us on the truth of what they are doing! because they are in it for money profiteering and power and votes form the lobbyists. They don't care about America, Americans, animal rights, nor our Constitutional rights its all about the SEAT they win and the Power and money! Horses are not for food, they are noble animals that have always assisted mankind in work and war, and home and pleasure, Stop this madness of animal murder and abuse! May God rebuke the BLM and Bob Abbey & his counter evil parts

Lisa Neste (202)
Thursday December 15, 2011, 2:03 pm
Noted, thanks Deb & as always signed every single petition there,with pleasure!!

Beth K (20)
Thursday December 15, 2011, 8:02 pm

Susanne R (236)
Thursday December 15, 2011, 10:00 pm
Noted and all petitions signed. Thanks, Deb!

Dominic Delarmente (33)
Friday December 16, 2011, 12:57 am
Noted,mostly signed all the petition..Thanks Deb

Elsie Au (259)
Friday December 16, 2011, 1:36 am
Thanks Deb for another excellent article and petitions. Why some humans want to kill every animals that share this world with us!!! We should find the way to eat less meat, not to do more slaughter.

Valerie W (52)
Saturday December 17, 2011, 6:02 pm
I may have seen this a little late, but I will still my mind. For over 235 years America has NEVER bred, raised nor sold American horses for the sole purpose of "food animals"!! If Europeans & other foreigners raise THEIR horses specifically for food to feed their gross, heartless, bottomless stomachs, that is THEIR business. If you want to eat horses, get OUT of America! Sending American horses to slaughter to feed ANY human or animal, anywhere, will NOT help this miserable, failing economy, getting all the stupid lunatics OUT of office is the ONLY way to help our economy. Quit sending all the jobs overseas & across the borders, quit WASTEFUL government spending! Like why does our not-so-smart government have to "borrow" from social security, for one, in the first place? It wasn't you or me that caused this mess, it was them. Selling our American horses for slaughter for consumption also should be looked into & researched DEEPLY by attorneys, as doing so should be considered a felony offense with intent to cause bodily harm or death. EVERY American horse is routinely given any number of different highly toxic, poisonous & carcinogenic drugs to control parasites, swelling, pain & to enhance performance. These drugs NEVER leave the horse's body. Animals raised soley as food animals are regulated much differently. One more major reason I'm a vegetarian. Humans do NOT "need" meat, if they choose to eat meat, once or twice per week is plenty. We will NOT profit from selling our horses to be brutally killed & eaten, only the foreigners will profit. There are plenty of animals raised & killed for food in this world, we do not need to add another. This is also NOT the "answer" to a man-made "problem" of so-called horse over-population, neglect, abandoned or starving horses. We need to come up with a better & humane way to own up to OUR responsibility! Maybe charging a "horse tax" as an incentive to require & help fund equine shelters & retirement facilities, maybe regulate all horse breeders & sterilize all animals not considered "breeding or show quality", stop using horses in medical research as in Premarin, aka "PMU" farms (pregnant mare urine), where mares are kept pregnant & their resulting foals are simply discarded, also, stop the "nurse-mare" practice that goes on in the thoroughbred horse industry. Do some research people, &, as I said, if you want to eat tainted horse meat, get OUT of America! WE don't want it here!

Valerie W (52)
Saturday December 17, 2011, 6:20 pm
One more little comment, if American horses aren't considered "pets or companion animals", why then is the horse supply & tack companies, as well as all horse related merchandise such a huge money making business?? Have you seen all the fancy stuff they make & sell for horses, & for the humans that love them & ride them? No different than all the cool stuff out there for our dogs, cats & other pets. The ONLY difference is that most of our pets live in our houses with us, & our horses being the size they are, live in barns & pastures. Even REAL cowboys consider their horses their best friends, buddies, partners & co-workers. America needs to rethink our classification of horses, we do not view them the same as we might think of cattle, pigs, or other "true" livestock. And, we need to become more humane towards all animals, they didn't ask to be your food, they don't get a choice, they do deserve to be treated with care, respect, dignity & with compassion.

Jill Vickerman (416)
Thursday December 22, 2011, 4:10 am
There are too many people that see animals as food in the world, they are not food, people have been brainwashed over hundreds of years to close their ears to the voices of the animals so that they dont feel so guilty about eating them. Some of us hear their voices though and those of us that do, know that killing them and eating them is so very wrong.

Stelizan L (258)
Saturday December 24, 2011, 3:21 pm
"Horse meat slaughter is being viewed as a successful means to save the American economy" - the US of A should utilise the funds they're wasting on international wars to save their people and the economy!

Sylvie Bermannova (42)
Saturday December 31, 2011, 10:29 pm
Thanks for this; all petitions signed.

This provides one of many examples of how taxpayers' money are expended on things (many) taxpayers disagree with and would not personally support in this or any other way. This shows one of many instances in which economy takes precedence over compassion or principles; then even iconic animals such as American mustangs are degraded in the manner described.

Only when we neither kill horses nor eat horsemeat nor import or export horses/horseflesh for consumption can we say that we have nothing whatsoever to do with this ignoble business...

May these horses stay in America and LIVE! Let all horses, all animals, all beings JUST LIVE!


Danica Mirkovic (108)
Sunday January 1, 2012, 10:18 am
Noted and signed

Past Member (0)
Sunday January 1, 2012, 12:26 pm
Just signed so many of these a list...wonder why we can't have one or two so that all against this can easily build up a larger number of signatures instead of falling short as they re so scattered and numerous!

Maria p (151)
Wednesday January 18, 2012, 12:14 pm

Ruth C (87)
Friday February 24, 2012, 1:44 pm
If we keep quiet about the cruelty inflicted upon animals then we are contributing to their deaths!!

I will always fight for animal rights and for justice to be done for the innocent ones!!!
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