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US Retail Companies Track Employee Thefts in Vast Databases & Blacklist Even Innocent Workers

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- 2293 days ago -
Retailers across US amassing huge databases of records on workers accused of stealing, then using info to block future employment. Info routinely shared even when no criminal charge against worker. Some coerced into confessing; ignore statements stored


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Nancy M (147)
Friday April 5, 2013, 6:01 am
Even innocent workers. Scary stuff indeed. Reminds of the stories about those with inaccurate information on their credit reports and no way to fix the problem. Might not even know.

Yes, every key stroke in any computerized anything can be tracked.

LucyKaleido ScopeEyes (82)
Friday April 5, 2013, 6:31 am
Yes, and how do you defend yourself if you don't know why your job application has been rejected?
How do you prove that you are not & never were a thief?

It IS frightening & sickening, too, because of the dishonesty & the coercion.

Sheryl G (359)
Friday April 5, 2013, 7:06 am
Another C2 member had already posted the story so I'll copy what I left there on here.

These Credit ratings and this Esteem and HireRight along with a host of other data bases that are on people who have little if any idea at all of what they contain is so wrong. People's lives have been taken from them, and they don't even know why or how it was done. These people are the lucky ones in that they somehow in the end found out.

We are being accused of so many things on these data bases and we have no way to know whether it is truthful or not, yet others are looking at them and without knowing the facts are basing decisions upon us. We don't get a right to a trial or hearing, and worst of all even able to fix this mess.

There was a whole segment on 60 Minutes about these fraudulant credit reports and there is no way to correct the errors on there without hiring some high priced Attorney who they themselves are having a difficult time clearing up the messes.

How does one pull themselves up by the bootstraps when so much is being held against you, from low wages, high cost of living, and fraudulant information being dispersed against many people.

I'm wondering if this might be why my daughter is having such a difficult time to find employment. Who knows what is in these data bases. She has worked in two places that gave the employees only part time hours and being told by Management that if she was to have her hours increased someone else would have to go. If she was told that I am sure others were told that. She was accused of wrongdoing in this one store where she took photos of families as the person was friends with Management and wanted her hours. She had no right to rebuttal and so she simply left, but what else did they place in her data base record?

She is going to see if she can find out more on this as I wasn't aware of this practice nor she until these articles were posted on C2. Peoples lives are ruined just because someone wants to be spiteful and the Employers and Managers are setting up the conditions to have this happen. It's really sick, and too many are suffering due to it.

In her last job as a Server the Management said the same thing to all the employees and it became real cut throat. My daughter wasn't the only employee that worked there and the other person confirmed what my daughter said. In order to get more hours someone had to go, so other workers were making up stories of other workers just to get them fired, and it seems that once a story whether it had any truth to it or not, the person was let go.

Well all flood gates opened up after that, if one employee didn't like another employee for whatever reason they made a story up and soon the other employee was gone or gone to simply get their hours. When some employees tried to bring this to the Managements attention he'd bring out a stack of applications and say, "I really don't want to hear your complaints, if you are not happy then leave, I have a stack of people waiting for your job."

It is very difficult in the work world, in particular with the low wages jobs which are becoming more and more all that is available. People need to start understanding, by pitting against each other they are keeping this horrific workers conditions going, sooner or later they must realize they will have to band together. But for now, the Employers are in the drivers seat and lots of employees are crashing.


Birgit W (160)
Friday April 5, 2013, 1:00 pm
Why am I not surprised. Do we have any rights left?

LucyKaleido ScopeEyes (82)
Friday April 5, 2013, 1:20 pm
Dandelion, I'd really appreciate it if you could forward the url of this story that was already posted.
I always conduct a C2 search before posting anything, so it's upsetting to me to find out that the story was posted before mine!

Was it perhaps about credit rating databases rather than theft accusation databases?

In any event, your daughter's story sounds like a nightmare!
I am so sorry for her, having these unfair judgements to deal with, particularly when the motivations for rejection remain secret.

I don't quite understand how taking photos could have harmed her status at the job..

The whole working environment you describe sounds absolutely horrendous: people so desperate for work and/or for more hours of work, turning them into ruthless liars, ready to make up any false story to get rid of someone else in order to take over his/her hours!

In any event, your comment about low-paying jobs,

Nancy M (147)
Friday April 5, 2013, 1:23 pm
Lucy- I have been seeing this for a few months. Stories are getting posted more than once. The URL thing is no longer working.

LucyKaleido ScopeEyes (82)
Friday April 5, 2013, 2:18 pm
my comment got submitted before I'd finished! I inadventantly pressed a wrong key!

I'll resume: In any event, your comment, Sheryl, about low-paying jobs, about them "becoming more and more all that is available" is exactly what I read in Naomi Klein's brilliant book, "No Logo," some of which I actually got through (it was hard going for me!) some years ago. I'd been really out of touch with the States, what the changes in the economy & the business world were doing to the job market. But Naomi really tells it straight and it was a distressing eye-opener for me.

In France, global competition for markets has put such an emphasis on productivity that people have to endure terrible pressure at work. France holds the European -if not the world - record (can't remember which) for consumption of tranquilizers & antidepressants . Certain companies - some banks; Renault, the car company & a few others have had suicide epidemics because of new management techniques 'revolutionizing' the working environment, & placing unbearable objectives & stress on working people. Orange, the French telecom company - "Orange" (Wiki explains better than I can) "represents the official brand --for mobile & landline telephone services as well as the fixed (ISP), mobile internet services & IP television"-- of what used to be a French national & nationalized utility, France Telecom, where employees enjoyed the traditional French job security that the French used to expect, but has become "a French multinational telecommunications corporation." When these changes from top management came down, employees suddenly found their job security vanished, and their usual job responsibilities and duties changed: employees were expected to accept new positions, with new & different work requirements at the drop of a hat! There was a major suicide epidemic at the new France Telecom/Orange that I posted about when it was happening in 2009... to negligible interest on C2. ("Suicide Count Rises to 24 at France Telecom/Orange - 'French Touch' Managers Cause Untold Suffering") It's become so cool to say 'Mitakuye Oyasin,' I see C2 people writing it all the time, but when push comes to shove, nobody cares what the French (or anyone else for that matter) are enduring at work, even if some are jumping out of their companies' higher storey windows, so unbearable have working conditions become for them. But my view is apparently not the dominant one for a US-dominant C2 audience. I insist: everybody should care about working conditions everywhere! We, as working people, are facing & enduring changes being made in companies & corporations that should concern us all, because these companies & corporations are 1st of all reacting to perceived global economic imperatives & 2nd of all, the human element is never taken into consideration. There was a slogan I saw a lot of, not so long ago: "People not profits"! Well, the corporate hierarchies that rule our working lives don't care what their policies or the working environments that they create do to either the populations whose environments they pollute with toxic substances, nor do they care what effects their work organization has on the people they employ, trying desperately to earn a living. There is an expression in French, which loosely translated says that we are just lemons, or 'they' are treating us like lemons, to squeeze & throw away once there's no more juice left.

Aurea Aurea Walker (226)
Friday April 5, 2013, 3:29 pm
The real crooks are right under our noses and not only are they not in the databases they are living like king Midas. Take a look at all the malfeasance in banking, wall street, insurance companies, hospital and of course most of our bribed politicos. This is why I call them fucorporations. I have worked in the corporate world, mostly in male dominated fields and most of them thought I had achieved my position by sleeping with the boss or higher up. My MBA, 5 languages and extensive Curiculam Vitae meant nothing. Thank goodness I now own my own small little business and do not and will not deal with any major fucorporation. Am stuck with AT&T and a few others but am always looking for alternative options. Kit am truly with you regarding your daughters challenges. She should demand by whatever means possible to have her info made available to her so that she may properly defend herself. Heck if she can try to open her own small business. That may sound daunting but even selling goods at flea markets can become lucrative. The best of luck to all who are being penalized unjustly.
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