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In Its Biggest Foreign Market, BMW Gets Skilled Workers for Less

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- 2911 days ago -
BMW in South Carolina had 1,000 job openings recently come and read about some of the people who applied.For all those who believe that there are "plenty of jobs" available, welfare makes people lazy, read this. More information in post


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Mary L (132)
Thursday October 28, 2010, 9:32 am
I love the irony that BMW is moving plants here in part because they have to pay higher wages to German workers. One person who applied had worked more than 22 years and then was laid off. Laid off means there will be no pension benefits from your ex-employer, no health insurance etc. There are more stories at both sites.

Once you read the article, you might want go to the website listed below. It’s a news report and video of the day BMW hired WYFF Chanel 4 you'll find video of the lines for those jobs.

******WARNING****** What follows is a very angry post about what's happening in this country, reading could make you seriously angry.

The “American Dream” is almost dead. I keep hearing that people are just going to have to settle for lowered expectations. I have a few theories as to why the Dream is on Death’s Door.

1. All those financial wizards who got millions and billions and ran the country into the ground are still making the same obscene money. They aren’t in jail. They were never going to jail and, in fact, as much as it pains me to say, two of them work for President Obama. Timothy Geithner is Secretary of the Treasury, is a Wall Street bonus baby, he worked for one of the biggest robbers, Goldman Sachs. I guess it helps to have a buddy insuring stiff regulations won’t be coming out of that department. The former top Economics Adviser Larry Summers, has a long checkered career of free rides in corporate jets, losing $1 billion of Harvard’s money are just two highlights and again being one of those revolving door Wall Streetjob Government job people.

2. US Corporations have moved jobs overseas to cheaper areas, _not_ the government. Corporations who took away American jobs can now donate as muchmoney as they want anytime they want to any candidate they want. They’re buying this country and they’re getting it on the cheap.

3. US Corporations have driven wages down further and further. When all wages are in the $7 an hour range, or lower, they’ll be able to hire people for next to nothing. That was a strong motivation for moving jobs to foreign lands in the first place. There’s even an added bonus. They’ll be heroes for bringing those jobs home. Saving money on wages thanks to no import duties will mean that there is more loot in their pockets. The corporations might be happy for a while, or they may want to squeeze the cost down more ensuring them more of their take, loot, uh profits.

4. The canard that “we aren't doing anything until the economy picks up” ensures that the economy will never pick up. The corporations know that if they build “widgets”, they have to hire workers. If they hire workers, those workers will the have money to buy “widgets”. Currently, “widgets” are a luxury few can afford.
5. Something’s wrong when people whose skills earned them $20 an hour or more are grateful to get a job at $7.25 an hour. The people who don't have those kinds of skills aren’t going to be able to get a job at McDonald's. People who use to make $12 to $14 an hour will fill those jobs.

Unless this country wakes up come November 2, there will most certainly be a new America, The United Corporation of America, Inc. I doubt seriously that it will be what people wanted or thought they’re getting.
WAKE UP Republicans love money and hate those who aren’t rich; no it’s more like contempt for anyone who’s not making more than a million a year at the low end of the scale.

The party of “No” wants not only to do away with the Department of Education, they want to do away with public education all together. Good luck if you have a child
I sincerely hope you have a Masters degree in all fields of education from pre-kindergarten through College. Of course you and a few other’s might band together to hire a teacher for a year or two. Just like the good old days. Don’t forget the paper work, wouldn’t want you not paying all those things you’re suppose to for law and order.

The party of “NO” is against social security, Medicare, Medicaid, Federal housing programs. I know you know at least one person who received one or more of those benefits. Do you really want them to go without?
What will that mean to them and to you? Let’s keep this very simple, are you ready for grandma and grandpa movie in with you? Ready to help them pay for outrageous medical bills and outrageous prescriptions prices with no help? Don’t forget the insurance they won’t have once The Health Care Reform Act is repealed. Insurers with be able to drop people faster than water in a rain storm.

Of course, it could _really_ go back to the “good old days”. People died younger, all the antibiotics that save lives, all the vaccines that keep children from dying very, very young didn’t exist or were unaffordable without insurance. Still, it will bring families back together and insure grandma and grandpa know their grandchildren and that’s good. They’ll die at home like the old days and that good too. Your children won’t have a lot if any dental work which means bad teeth that eventually someone’s going to have to pay for, but that’s a good thing. Denture makers will love it and that it will create more jobs and that’s a good thing.

The party of “NO” wants to end abortion for any reason and remove S*x education from Schools. Abstinence only has proved to be a failure, so lets’ return to back ally abortions and the chance of death, and shaming the girls for being whores. The boy’s of course will have no shame, it’s not their fault that girls open their legs, right?

The party of “NO” wants to get rid of the first amendment. The reason? The founding fathers never really wanted a separation of church and state. It’s why they made it the first article, first amendment to the Constitution! _Whose_ church will be determined after the religious wars are over. Then America will be the same thing they call Afghan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Iran. Except in this example, the theocracy of America can’t be called a terror state, right? We’re different than “them”

The party of “NO” are against the inheritance tax. It doesn't kick in unless your estate is worth more $3.5 million dollars or more. Is that something you’re going to have to worry about? Do you know what percent of this country will have to pay the tax? The richest, the top 1% of Americans and they don’t want anyone to get a penny of that money except for their heirs.

The people who are screaming about inheritance taxes in the streets will never have to worry about paying it.

The party of “NO” is against unemployment compensation, it encourages laziness. What happens if you lose your job? Starve. That’s one less disgruntled person who might not vote the way they’re supposed to.

The party of “NO” _doesn't_ care about you. You aren't rich enough to be bothered with. You're only useful when cleaning their gutters or they’re blowing smoke in your eyes about how wonderful they are or telling you who you’re voting for this year.

One Republican/Tea Party candidate running for office wants the Veterans Administration sold to private for profit investors. Look a soldier in the eye and tell them the country that says they are honored doesn't want them if they're sick, injured " ”defective" in any way. They’ll be paying for the care they were promised for years. Remember, these are for profit hospitals. The vets I know are already getting that message. Services have been cut time and again, treatments mean driving for hours one way in the name of efficiency and economy. Can you do it or are you too ashamed of how veterans already got treated?

The party of “NO” wants to make sure that any court ordered changes don't really mean a thing if it costs any money. Like desegregation did. They’ll just choke off funding to any program they don’t want or like.

The party of “NO” doesn't think you should get to see any art, watch any public television or listen to public radio, you might get some ideas they don't think you should have.

The party of “NO” wants the department of Energy disbanded. The Department of Energy among other things regulates how nuclear materials are handled. The Simpson's Mr. Burns would be delighted that if they were gone. How about you? Want nuclear materials to be dumped in your city? Neither do I but with no regulations, they can build as many reactors as they want and dump the waste anywhere they want.

The party of “NO” does love the loopholes they add to laws, that way they and their rich donors don't pay any taxes, like the 700 Billion _they’ll_ have to pay if the Bush cuts aren’t kept.

IF you don’t want to live in a country run by Mr. Or Miss Or Mrs. Corporation and all their little corporations, do not vote for a Republican or a Tea Party candidate. If you want to really keep America strong, really rebuild her, really make her the land of the free and the home of the brave, we need an even larger numbers of Democrats in the House and Senate, or America will become “…the Land of the fee, and the Home of the Slave.”

While I’m at it, when was the last time you broke through a line of professional football players determined to stop you and you still ran for 70 yards? THAT what the Democrats have done. They’ve completed about 70% of their promises in less than 2 years. Less than two years! I find that an astonishing achievement given the roadblocks put up by Republicans.

Republicans who screamed about no more unemployment, because the people who receive it didn’t need to look for a job, they were getting free government money.

Well, until the people actually started grumbling and getting angry a couple of months later. THEN they tried to take credit for the very thing they swore would never happen. They passed a new Unemployment Bill. My grandma would have known what to call them – liars.

Les L (33)
Thursday October 28, 2010, 10:51 am
Thanks, Mary. Your comment is excellent, though I can't say I whole-heartedly agree with your praise of the Democrats. I'm a liberal and don't feel represented by Democrats anymore. I think they've been bought by big business, too, and have lost all courage of conviction and earnest concern for human rights. But I do support voting for them as our only chance of fighting extremist conservatism.

Caitlin M (104)
Thursday October 28, 2010, 11:41 am
Wow! Mary's summary, even as long as it is, is just about as good as it could be to sum up a very dire picture of what is going on in America! Bully for you, Mary! I agree with every word you said. I was going to be able to add something, but you covered the point about unemployment not being acceptable to the Party of 'NO' later on in your piece.

Les, I don't think the Dems are perfect, either. Mary pointed our in her first point I think about the cabinet appointments that may not have been the wisest. And I've been disappointed that the healthcare bill doesn't use a single-payer system, etc., but I believe Pres. Obama knew that he had to "get his foot in the door" in order to get healthcare addressed at all. And he was able to do it in spite of the most evil opposition I've seen in my advanced years.

Thank you so much, Mary, for all that you've said and for building upon this article to say what a lot of us couldn't say as well. I gave you one green star, but you deserve many from just me!! ... never mind all the others I'm sure you'll get.

Kit B (276)
Thursday October 28, 2010, 12:34 pm
I watched a special about the trash problems world wide, BMW is using the methane produced by a nearby trash dump to power at least one plant. They didn't do this to aid the trash problem or help reduce methane, none of the companies that produce waste feel a need for responsibility; they found it profitable to so. Just as it is profitable to take advantage of the economic situation currently occurring in the United States.

It took many years to accumulate the instability to bring us to this ecomonym to the brink of disaster; I don't expect it to turn around within a 2 - or even 8 year period. Thirty years of disassembling the structures that make a society and economic policy that secure a policy of safety and fairness to workers will not simply be rebuilt. It's trendy to blame the democrats for not responding fast enough or being just as corrupt, and surely some are; but the core beliefs of fairness for the worker (therefore the middle class) are not found within the structure or platforms of the republican party. I will continue to vote my strong belief that the people are far more important then either a party affiliation or Corporate profits. Companies can declare bankruptcy and then reform and offer new shares, individuals can not. A company can take a smaller share of the market and still show a profit, for individuals forced into ever lower paying jobs it, means the lose of a home and neighbor- therefore a life style earned. Americans are not lazy, nor do they wish to live from hand outs from the government, many simply have no choice.

Thanks Mary!

Jae A (316)
Thursday October 28, 2010, 1:34 pm
Well hells bells people..this is what happens when you take a dang'd ol nap. A great thread starts and goes and goes and goes along until it leaves zero for me to comment as in something added that hasn't been said..Guess for now I will just say........ WOW..great comments from each and everyone of you. Mary, you hit a home run with your comments and ..well !.
Sorry I was late Mary...that darn'd ol nap thing...sigh. Then who knows, once I am fully awake again, and I have read everyones commnents again I just might have to comment on more than what I have so far.
Ooops, I can feel the anger starting to take hold in me..and I am but half awake still.
So..... We'll see....yes we will. Anyone want to place a bet on that either way :-).

Jae A (316)
Thursday October 28, 2010, 1:51 pm
Well that took all of ten minutes.

Now I get the big picture..We are becoming another,current Mexico, for other nations as well as for many already here.. There really is not any difference in Drug Lords or Corporate Lords...Both want control of all the money and they don't give a flip about how much blood they spill,or lives they ruin ingeneral, of their own citizens in order to accomplish thair corrupt and greedy goals !
They sure as hell don't want to pay a decent wage much less provide jobs that have insurance or other benefits for their workers.

Oh I am good an angry !

Past Member (0)
Thursday October 28, 2010, 1:58 pm
As an American it makes me feel kind of "third worldly" to be thought of as cheap labor by a foreign country. Oh well, you reap what you sow. (Uneducated, uninformed, gullible citizens are not going to save America.)

Jennifer T (101)
Thursday October 28, 2010, 2:56 pm
These are all concerns my family and friends have been discussing recently, but I could never have articulated them as well as you have Mary. I am deeply fearful of what has happened to this country and the path it's on. Our entire system is rigged to protect the financial interests of the uber-wealthy. The Republicans/Tea Party embody this agenda & excel at exploiting the naive to vote against their own interests.

Your voice is refreshing Mary - no matter how dire, it's always an unexpected surprise to hear the truth spoken these days! And that's where anything good has to start - with the truth.


Debbie G (306)
Thursday October 28, 2010, 4:10 pm
Thanks Mary. What a sorry state things are becoming in this country. I hate greed and that's what's taking over this country.

Trish K (93)
Thursday October 28, 2010, 4:22 pm
And I was honestly thinking that all the jobs had gone overseas because the industrialist families had all gotten cancer from their own illegal dumping and then they all decided to pollute and geologically rape foreign soil.
Now here come the foreigners. Tit for Tat

Susan S (187)
Thursday October 28, 2010, 4:56 pm
My perception of BMW as a corporate entity is jaded. First, they were bragging about how many animals died to manufacture their new car. This offends me because I am concerned about animal welfare. Second, the whole image of driving a BMW is tied around status and prestige and that is wrong in my books because cars are really for transportation and reliability and we rely far too much on oil. Third, any attempt to pay workers lower wages is evidence of their greed and lust for higher profits. Corporations do not care about nationality anymore and they do not have a code of ethics other than worshipping the almighty BUCK. They are not concerned about the welfare of their employees and will move their manufacturing plants in a heartbeat to the ends of the earth if they can save money on wages, or benefits to workers. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

Jeannette A (137)
Thursday October 28, 2010, 6:06 pm
This is the same thing that was happening 40 years ago but, without the internet, it wasn't publicized and couldn't be visualized because our society seemed so successful and progressive. And there was progress. AND, without the Republicans, it would never have been this wide spread nor would it have gotten beyond our ability to control it. The seeds were planted and have been growing ever since the end of WW2. What has driven capitalism in this country was the idea of UNLIMITED RESOURCES! Guess what? Now we are in a desperate race to save our planet from rape and our economies from collapse. The Republicans and the Teabaggers (read Carpetbaggers) and the Corporations view their immediate needs/wants as all important and will continue to rape and pillage. And if we do not get out and vote for the very best available to us, we are letting it happen. Ladies and Gentlemen, we are now in the fight of our lives....

Marilyn K (50)
Thursday October 28, 2010, 6:20 pm
Perhaps, one day we will get a leader that is not only truly interested in people's rights and fairness but also takes on big corporations, monopolies, self interest groups and wealthy individuals who use their money as a club to get their way. One thing the Dems have yet to learn is "Unity and Loyalty" within the party to pass laws that are fair and beneficial to the public.

. (0)
Thursday October 28, 2010, 6:41 pm
Excellent post, Mary.

Mac R (289)
Thursday October 28, 2010, 6:57 pm
Mary, I'm copying and keeping your post so I can pass it on on other sites to counter teabaggers and republiscum arguments. Well put!

Past Member (0)
Thursday October 28, 2010, 9:01 pm
Wow... Green Stars to all of you, which I can't send 'til next week... :(
Mary, You're awesome!

Ivy S (2169)
Thursday October 28, 2010, 10:32 pm
Mary thanks for the valuable info you shared with us. Your write up is simply great I say. Well done!

patricia lasek (317)
Friday October 29, 2010, 4:06 am
Excellent read. thanks for the post Mary!
Please, if you truly care about this country, vote Democrat on 11/02/2010!
Don't let the Republi-cons and Tea-baggers "take our country back" to the past.

Joi J (106)
Friday October 29, 2010, 10:20 am

moggy w (119)
Saturday October 30, 2010, 9:00 am
first the corporations exported our jobs to countries where they could pay low wages. They will now have to export the finished products, cars in this instance . Because workers who are paid low wages have tospend it on food and rent, not BMW's or other luxuries. Hope the manufacturers are happy.

Mary L (132)
Saturday October 30, 2010, 12:59 pm
Thank you all so much for your wonderful responses.

Moggy the worst part about the lower wages is they can use that to drive down the wages they pay to other countries.

Jae A (316)
Saturday October 30, 2010, 1:31 pm
...and the low wage war will simply snow ball...Min. wage Workers around the world will suffer.

Bon L (0)
Sunday October 31, 2010, 12:47 am
Thanks for the info.

Norm C (74)
Sunday October 31, 2010, 12:53 am
One of the unspoken issues of this article is where goods are produced and for what markets. I am all in favor of producing stuff where it will be bought and sold. I am in favor of goods being made by some of the people who will be able to buy them. In other words I think that localizing production is a good thing.

Before I start singing the praises of BMW or any other company, I want to know if the people making the stuff are being pod enough to buy it. I want to know if the people making the stuff are able to acieve a decent standard of living. Many of those BMWs will be sold in the US. That is good. But from the numbers mentioned in this article, I doubt that many of the people in this plant will be able to buy one. That is not good. Hopefully they can buy a new Ford or a Chevy. But that does not appear to be possible either unless it is a Cruze or a Focus, maybe a Malibue or a Fusion.

The problem for manufacturers will become quite severe if this downward wage spiral persists. Before long they will be able to sell a modest number of Cadillacs and Lincolns and a much diminished number of Chevies and Fords. The vast majority will have to buy used cars. But where will the used cars come from if most cannot afford to buy them new?


Charmaine C (177)
Sunday November 21, 2010, 6:42 am
I beg your pardon Mary for the tardy reply. This is how far behind I am in my emails. Very good comment. The UK has been sold out from underneath us, we have no industry and we buy and sell houses and insurance to each other. Even our customer services have been outsourced to countries like India. The minimum wage in the UK is $9.00 and for a lot of people who hold degrees the only jobs available and which the government encourage people to take is for nine bucks an hour. As long as you come off the unemployment statistics, they don't care if you can survive in a very expensive country where nine bucks an hour just doesn't cut it...that's $9.00 before taxes and social security payments and where the average rent for a small two bed roomed, back to back house in a cheaper suburb is £500 pm or $750 pm. Most companies who can offer you work can also only offer you 16 hours a week employment or less. The math doesn't work which ever way you look at it. So from my perspective, I completely understand how y'all feel.
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