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Republicans War on Michigan Continues

US Politics & Gov't  (tags: Michigan, immediate effect, 3 second count, illegal, House, Governor Rick Snyder )

- 2621 days ago -
Republicans do not have 2/3 of the House and why they avoided using roll call votes is because they did not have the votes to make the laws immediate effect. 96% of the laws passed by the Republicans since Jan. 2011 are illegal in their implementation.


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Jason S (50)
Saturday April 14, 2012, 9:34 am
GOP war everything

l L (1)
Saturday April 14, 2012, 9:39 am
Thx dandelion; I saw Rachel's show, that night. As usal excellent reporting by Rachel and her staff.
Again this is the republican party at it's finest. Thx for bringing this to the limelight on your part. dandelion. I hope and trust that more and more people will become aware of what the republican party has/is up to..

William K (308)
Saturday April 14, 2012, 11:21 am
The Republicans repeatedly show that they have no respect for, or interest in maintaining, democracy. They are only interested in power for themselves, no matter the cost or body count.

The voter suppression laws are clearly unconstitutional in their inception and in their implementation. The process in overturning them will likely not come to pass until after the November elections, and then, those who so blatantly trampled over the highest law of the land will suffer no consequences for their treason.

Sheryl G (359)
Saturday April 14, 2012, 11:25 am
That is the sad fact William, is no one is held accountable and is why they continue to do what they do.

Barbara K (61)
Saturday April 14, 2012, 11:42 am
Since I am a Michigan resident, I thought I'd leave a comment. What this governor is doing to our state is so horrible, it's hard to describe what it's like to live under this dictator. My little city had $200,000 from collected property taxes, etc., to run the city. The Governor took it. He wants to make the cities and towns broke so he can take them over. This was such a nice little, clean town. But how can they continue that way when that SOB takes away our tax money? That is just one thing. There are too many to mention.

Barbara K (61)
Saturday April 14, 2012, 12:05 pm
We had a re-call on him and all the petitions were turned in last year. They somehow went silent. Have no idea what happened with them. So we had another re-call just recently. The re-call petitions were certified to be in order and legal before collecting signatures. They were all signed with many more than needed within 2 weeks and turned in. Then we were told that the typing on the petitions is too small! Why didn't they mention that before (because they are republicans that we have to turn them into and the Secretary of State is also). They are such a bunch of crooks. That just happened last week. I don't know what is happening now. I think that there needs to be a team of attorneys brought in to straighten out the state and file charges against these crooks. But that is probably wishful thinking. Thanks Dandelion for bringing this out, I have been trying to get someone to see what's been happening here for nearly 2 years. I'm also so proud that Rachel took it on. The crooked bunch also took away the voting rights of hundreds of thousands by their crooked redistricting tactics. Many left the state to find work elsewhere. We had a marvelous Governor before this crook came into being at the hands of the teabaggers, who also put in many more in all seats of the state, not just the legislature. They tied us up really good, and I hope they are suffering right along with the rest of us who did not vote for a single one of them. I am sure to tell everyone I can everywhere to VOTE STRAIGHT DEMOCRATIC AT ALL LEVELS. Anyone wondering why?

Norm C (74)
Saturday April 14, 2012, 2:21 pm
"Holy Fascists, Batman. These Republicans have stolen a whole state and are running it like their own lawless kingdom. Fire up the batmobile. We have work to do!"

Mary T (178)
Saturday April 14, 2012, 4:00 pm
Thanks Dandelion, I am all for recalling them all.

Sheryl G (359)
Saturday April 14, 2012, 6:45 pm
The Tea Bag Republicans have hit some States far worse than others, but any of them that have them in their State are having big problems, Maine, Wisconsin, Ohio, here in Florida. But I must say, Michigan seems in particular most aggregious of all.

I'm sorry Barbara that you are watching your State be destroyed, and I'm also glad Rachel Maddow has picked up on the story. I thought is was important enough to also share on here, else this will be in all of our backyards soon. I also know of the sizing on the documents, I was debating which on to place on there but thought this gave a bit more information to show the treachery.

H Nick H (1826)
Saturday April 14, 2012, 10:41 pm
Thanks for sharing this sad and terrible news. Repubcons are making me sick. I try to do what I can to stop them, but it takes all of US to do something. We don't even have the money from all these big corporations that can give secretly to these basterards that seek to destroy the United States of America as we have known it for over 200 years. It's like the rise and fall of Rome.

And this time, it's internal and planned. Only WE THE PEOPLE can stop them.

Jae A (316)
Saturday April 14, 2012, 11:20 pm
Not voting is the worst anyone can do...look how that worked out in understand why that is more so this election than ever. The rightwing has one unseat Obama and their tactic is as Karl Rove usual...turn off voters with negativity about Obama ...adding racist choirs to their daily call for doing so boot. He has them and the assorted crazies/racist from the teabaggers all fired up with that tactic. Just look at the many threads posted by them on care2 just lately. Bold and full of hate and too many non teabaggers/GOP"ers just try and ignore them...just as too many did in 2010 in my opinion.

I am disapointed in Obama, as many are,and I'm not a fan of his to say the least ...but if we let another GOP'er into the WHite House ever again....or have Congress remain in control of the GOP'ers we can all kiss every freedom/right and way/life of the old America goodbye forever.

They have wagged a war on the rest of us and we must not continue to ignore them.....I know it's like talking to a pile of Guano but to let them take us down without a battle, well that's just doesn't make sense to me. We can not depend on elections for answers so we must stand up and head into battle ....head on...up close and personal , so to say.

THis is a progressive site but they are over running our pages with their hate/greed and ignorance with their ten fake ID's to every real one...article after article with one focus...stop the left from wanting to go vote.

It's too late for an Indepent to make a fair showing the next election so Obama is the only choice we have...keep him in and by the next election the people hopefully will have a Independent candidate with funding enough to have a better than average chance of winning the next time. Let another GOP'er win and will be the Dubya years on steroids...with a downhill push.

Jae A (316)
Saturday April 14, 2012, 11:22 pm
Fight with all your might as those in Wisconsin are doing ..recall the scum bags the teabaggers put into office !..and for get out the votes to unseat them all !

Jae A (316)
Saturday April 14, 2012, 11:27 pm
Occupy movements might just be our last means for having our voices reason to wait for elections, they are not that reliable [remember the election of 2000..and that of 2004 and the rigged Diebold machines for Dubya etc.] so join 'Occupy movements' now...that's the best advice I know of.

David C (75)
Sunday April 15, 2012, 4:35 pm
not just a war against Michigan, its against all the world........

Nancy C (806)
Sunday April 15, 2012, 5:45 pm
thanx...occupy. May 1st. no purchases

Sunday April 15, 2012, 6:38 pm
The title should read "The Republicans War Against Everyone Else continues" Lol!

Sheryl G (359)
Sunday April 15, 2012, 7:15 pm
lol...Yes, and I love the persons sign in the photo too.

. (2)
Sunday April 15, 2012, 7:57 pm
Round and round and round they go.
We have to pay with taxpayers' dough.

They're doing great at winning the election for Obama.

Linda G (187)
Monday April 16, 2012, 12:05 am
I really can't understand what has happened to the old moderate Republicans. Don't any of them exist anymore? Arizona is under siege with our Governor and State legislature also. The bills they are passing are taking us back to the stone age, are taking away our rights blatantly and yet the voting Republicans here don't seem to be paying any attention and are voting against their own best interests. They are putting out absolutely no legislation that pertains to job creation, sustainability, water rights, infrastructure repair... just anti anything that does not serve wealthy old white men.

Shelly Peterson (213)
Monday April 16, 2012, 12:21 am
OBAMA 2012!!! NO, PREPAID ROMNEY ACOUNTS AS A PUPPET FOR THE GOP!..and the John birch society, which the Koch family owns and runs and is smart enough , not to be prosecuted..and now the 2012 NEO-NAZI Party is allowed on the VOTING TICKET!..(I DEFEND FREESPEECH WITH MY LIFE!!!..SO I ACCEPT THE NEO-NAZIS FOR GAINING THEIR RIGHTS, IN ...OUR COUNTRY!!.....BUT, DAMN! i WIL FIGHT THEM WITH THE VOTE, LOGIC AND RESPONSABILITY!!)... how say you?

KS Goh (0)
Monday April 16, 2012, 6:16 am
Thanks for the article.

Terrie W (798)
Monday April 16, 2012, 7:21 am
....sharpening up the pitchfork tines.....

Kathy Javens (104)
Monday April 16, 2012, 8:57 am
Noted. Video watched. Article read. My first thought was...OMG!!!!! Are they the greediest people on earth or what. I think all of Michigan needs to be OCCUPIED and the government given back to the people. In fact, this needs to happen to the whole USA!

Sheryl G (359)
Monday April 16, 2012, 9:36 am
I couldn't agree with you more Kathy.

l L (1)
Monday April 16, 2012, 12:46 pm
I've read your posts. I keep up with Rachel. I am so thankful for her and all of you that share what you know.
I have family in many places. Michigan for one.. I don't hear from them; but I inquire of them. Rachel and that night crew of reporters I am really thankful for. The m/o we see in all republican governor states are the same. Get rid of the economy lie and take ove. We see they are blatant in their dishonesty and they don't care that you know it or call them on it. But you see; the traction and plan as they have weaved it since 2000 and before.
It amazes me; that our government has no teeth to stop them or even act like there is a serious problem.
Question? how much have they taken control of as we sleep?

FYI; and you may already know this, In the years rolling over fromm 1999- 2000, Many things were happening. I was watching... Newt was out and about with his greater good campaign behind the scenes. Rush L was finally silenced for all his hatred of a Democratic President..Newt had not too far back been drummed from congress after being Prs. Clinton's smut details on the I-net for a price and keeping the country turned upside down for the three years he had a powerful government position as 3rd in line for the presidency.
Beyond that; the middle east was quiet. The peacemakers had managed to secure that.

Then; these cascade of characters, take their positions and all hell breaks strategically loose on the earth.
Who would have thought in Israel where the 3 main religions co-existed that the towns would be bombed and blown to smither renes.
The peace makers who had the talents to bring peace in any culture were murdered. Who would take their place? I certainly don't know how to. It is too complex.
After the 2000 eelctions here in America; Bush was ranting and raving about weapons and arms and war. It was stunning cause world leaders were not talking any of that language. SO to Whom was Bush talking to/with?
This went on until 9-11 and we se what a question mark that brought.
Weaved in that Bain Capital and Romney and profits. The first waves of depression setting itself in play. The stock market and Romney and companies going out of business. Newt and freddie and fannie lining his pocket and we not knowing it. Blackh2o, Haliburton etc. And behaind the scenes the infamous Koch brothers at play and we didin't know it.
Bush buying off religion and giving them money and controlling their teachings weekly by sending down such thru the top man. His words not mine-- till he was defrocked.
However during this time; they loved him so much, that they wanted to make him a king of america and take away the people's government.. There would be public teachings on air about what is required to live under a kingship and the expectation is different. You couldn't talk back to a king. The rules are different.
There were teachings on air about how it would be , the different positions given out to underlings leaders over sections of the country. I --suppose much like we see in Florida Michigan and other places. It makes me wonder about Virginia whose governor has his things in place of you legally can't doo this, this and this. And must be that htat and that and can't be of the democratic party and- must- go to church.
When whoever the reporter, reported about virginia, it made me wonder are they doing their plan thing?

How far have they gotten with it? I wondered with Rupert Murdock and Fox News in 2010 election, how he spent so much of the companies money in these governors races. Their strategies to get as many r governors in place as possible and they succeeded. So ; we noticed all of the trouble these states are having ANd how people are suffering.
I am sure all of us can add many observations.
The point is; it is important to know; America is in the hand of a broad based conspiracy.
I wonder how much hands are tied. We see the Palin apprach=crosshairs as she dog whistles and they come. Decent people and their families are running scare. The peterson groups are in the mix. I think it was saturaday past and this guy bowles puts an article of an all inclusive government, being one that would include a votinf space that ID's a canditate with a nazi sign if he etc is a neo nazi. There were many comments, that lit a fire storm.
I came away confused and I wasn't clear. Bowles claimed himself to be a neo-con Nazi. Is this the same simpson- Bowles who is in charge of being the go-to decider of the big 3? I wasn't clear.
I said what is going on--Really?

Arielle S (313)
Monday April 16, 2012, 12:52 pm
Disgusting - we need more than Batman and more than pitch forks! We need a revolution...

Sheryl G (359)
Monday April 16, 2012, 12:57 pm
At least you are looking and questioning Lyn L., yet too few do, and still worse too many still vote for the ones who have been their undoing.

Susanne R (236)
Monday April 16, 2012, 7:31 pm
It's hard to believe that this is happening in our country! Michigan's Republican Governor and the Republican members of the legislature are behaving as though the Democratic members of the legislature and the citizens themselves don't even exist! They're ignoring their state constitution and passing laws illegally, defiantly and with tremendous arrogance. I wouldn't be surprised if their next act will be to overturn the 1992 amendment to the Michigan constitution that imposed a lifetime term limit of two four-year terms for the office of governor.

The results of the elections of 2010, influenced heavily by the Tea Party, are wreaking havoc on this country. We can't sit back and let this happen. Rick Snyder has become a dictator, and he and his flunkies in the legislature have to go...

Thank you, Dandelion, for posting this very important information!

Sheryl G (359)
Tuesday April 17, 2012, 10:37 am
This is what a Fascist Government looks disregard of all rules and laws and just boot step their own agendas into being.

l L (1)
Tuesday April 17, 2012, 9:52 pm
You are right. But remember; it is all the John Birch society, Libertarianism, Religious right, all are Koch enties, The heritage foundation and the list goes on and on.
who would have thought a law on the books would be used in Michigan to take over that state. That is how devious and preplanned they all are.
Take note of how they think. This is the perfect picture of how the emergency manager thing works with republicans. It makes the republican gov the dictator and the manager the figure head pretending he has power, when it is really that R. governor.
But you know; leading up to the 2010 elections; those republicans in congress was telling us how the black people have been so in need of being returned to the plantation and how they wwerem treated better and how the end of abortions and birth control would benefit them cause they were treated so badly since they were liberated and their liberation didn't benefit them. This was a congressman from SC or one of those nearby stated. His eyes looked shifty. All Red flags.
There is a congressman who stands with Boerner and the youngs guns, who in 2010-2011; when their party were deciding who they were going to put up for the 2012 presidential election; he was thinking of putting his name in the hat. His MOM came out in the news and adamantly said NO her son was not running. He has all white hair. A Red flag. Why am I mentioning this? Shows what conversations they are having in their private circle and what is being planned. I took it that she wanted him to have no part in it. So what terrible thing is being planned, that some of them will not be a part of? Red flag.
Another red flag-- the 1st year of the dems/Obama /Biden presidency; trying to get a jobs bill going and healthcare and stimulus -while trying to find common ground with the repugs lead by the "young guns",
Canter or Ryan says don't do anything to turn around the economy. Leave it alone it will correct itself. He/they state it could just be" an accounting error". Red Flag-- did he/they know something the rest of us didn't know? Cause they had no interest in relieving any suffering in any form. It was like they were stalling to get to the mid-terms. Just red flags everywhere.. The tea party are paid koch flunkies you know those who helped hitler-- hitler murdered after he took control. I hope this people wake up before their fate is sealed-- Koch doesn't represent niceness, The poor conservative ?

l L (1)
Tuesday April 17, 2012, 10:00 pm
Dande; I saw a picture of your candidate Rocky Anderson about a week and a half ago. The guy I saw on Bill Maher was this Buddy guy and not Rocky Anderson. Rocky looks attractive in his platform. Just thought you should know.

l L (1)
Tuesday April 17, 2012, 10:10 pm
Pennsylvania's got some repubs running talking about how bad casey and obama has wrecked things. They say they are conservatives like that is a badge of honor as they are continously destroying their state with their own repub governor and such.
I don't know how true this is; but the guy who hoste d Rachels, Chris Hayes; reported that in New Jersey under Chris Christie; that the tax money the tax payors in that state paid into their state taxes stay with the employers. It is never turned over to the state. It is a perk for the corps from their employees.
I thought that interesting. That was just a few days ago. I believe I got that right.
Who would have ever thought?

Sheryl G (359)
Wednesday April 18, 2012, 6:26 am
The media had been too complaciant for too long, is exactly what the whisle blower in my other story had said. Too many journalist went along for a ride and kept the investigative reporting on the back burner instead reported the party line concerning the various war actions.

For those who might want to read the story I'm referring to it is a link below:
Koch also has ties to Stalin.....nice bunch, eh?

The Soviets had been trying to take advantage of their immense oil reserves since gaining power in 1917, and under Joseph Stalin the drive to industrial efficiency was pursued with ruthless speed but without the benefit of Western technology.

Fred Koch offered to build oil refineries in the Soviet Union that would be more efficient than those in the West. The young engineerís ideas were welcomed, and he was awarded a large contract to coincide with Stalinís first five-year plan, beginning in 1929. The contract called for construction of 15 refineries for an initial fee of $5 million, from which Koch and his partner, L. E. Winkler, are said to have netted a $500,000 profit. Kochís work in the Soviet Union necessitated sojourns in that country, offering the Texas farmboy an intimate look at the Soviet system while providing the cash he would later need in building his U.S. empire.

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