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Too Little Too Late for Tyson?

Animals  (tags: tyson, prison, kangaroo, canada, licketysplit.animalabuse, AnimalWelfare )

- 4426 days ago -
One animal in particular -- Tyson, an Australian kangaroo -- held for several years in what activists call deplorable conditions at the Lickety Split Ranch and Zoo in London, had drawn international and local attention and had raised awareness of the plig


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Wednesday June 6, 2007, 3:42 am
Today, Premeir Dalton McGuinty prorogued the house, meaning more than 100 private member's bills died on the order paper. The adjournment comes three weeks earlier than the previous planned date of June 28.

Among those bills left to perish on the legislature table was Bill 154, which if passed, would have given teeth to new legislation protecting animals in Ontario roadside zoos.

One animal in particular -- Tyson, an Australian kangaroo -- held for several years in what activists call deplorable conditions at the Lickety Split Ranch and Zoo in London, had drawn international and local attention and had raised awareness of the plight of exotic animals in Ontario.

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Wednesday June 6, 2007, 5:30 am
Could you please immediately attribute your above comments to, editorial director Ross McDermott. Our editorial content is copywritten and MUST must be attributed or it cannot be used. We allow other websites to link to our news articles to inform, and at the same time, drive traffic to our website for reading. What you have here is Mr. McDermott's column written yesterday, June 5, 2007. I expect this to be done by day's end....Other websites are allowed to take the 1st paragraph only of our articles and then you must link to our website for the rest of the story....Thank you in advance. The plight of Tyson has been very important to the staff of because the Lickety Split Zoo and Ranch is only a 10 minute drive from our office. It's awful what is happening and we aim to make it better. We do what we can to inform the people of London, Ontario Canada to take action....but we are also an independent news agency that creates original content. That content being copywritten is not allowed to be taken.
I await to hear from you expediently and this situation to be rectified immediately.
Jodi Bryans, President of

Past Member (0)
Wednesday June 6, 2007, 5:33 am
Here's the link to the column on for proper you can attribute properly and only take the 1st paragraph of the column. This column is also entitled "Beyond the Onions", which is also copywritten and must be used with the headline of the column....I await your reply.....
article link:
J. Bryans - President -

Past Member (0)
Wednesday June 6, 2007, 7:41 am
This is so sad that they don't even know where Tyson is or even that he is alive.

Maureen S (122)
Wednesday June 6, 2007, 11:19 am
Eleni, Samantha, and of course Jodi,
First, I would like to support Jodi's statement and do so without any ill will, as she is my friend; however, Jodi, I might add that many people don't always recognise when attribution is necessary and I also know that Samantha has personal issues that might have precluded her from doing so; moreover, given that the site is linked with the story, there are most likely those who deem that enough attribution, not recognising that by quoting a part of the story within their comments is outside the attribution requirements. =)

That stated, it is indeed sad that no one knows where Tyson is, or whether or not he's alive; I do hope that London is investigating with good hard reporting . . . so that we might all discover whether or not he is alive. The sad part is that most likely, he's not alive. Given the overall attitude towards roos in general, and the perception that they are available for brutal hunts and cullings is--in and of itself--the predominant premise on which to rest one's "justification" for doing away with him. Particularly since he's caused so much trouble for them . . . as well as Tyson. After all, they did not open as expected, and no doubt Tyson paid the ultimate price for causing a "loss of revenue!" I don't even want to consider what he went through.

On the upside, it does demonstrate that we here at C2, who have fought bravely for Tyson, have the power to make changes . . . so much so that Tyson has paid . . . and I pray to the Goddess that he is okay, not suffereing anything, and that Canada will do the proper thing and resurrect 154!!!

Past Member (0)
Wednesday June 6, 2007, 4:19 pm
Please excuse my late reply due to time differences.
Jodi ~ thank you for this explaination ~
I had no idea when receiving the link from a Care2 friend.

I Sincerely apologise for not attributing my first comment
here to, editorial director Ross McDermott.

I sincerely apologise also for useing this story here at
and to anyone who may have been mislead by any word or act!

Samantha White Raven (Mantha)

Maureen S (122)
Wednesday June 6, 2007, 5:45 pm
Greetings Jodi, After some thought, I just wanted to respond a bit further to your comments as regards attribution; perhaps you should note something on your news site about your policies? And perhaps it might benefit if you were to note also that atrribution will be considered plagiaerism. Not that Mantha is one of these individuals, however you are no doubt aware that there are many out there who are TOTALLY unaware or don't care about plagiarism; it seems there are a few new generations that think nothing of it. I can assure you however, that Mantha is not one of those individuals. It might also help if you expanded your profile here . . . so we members don't feel as if you are a troll out there "looking to stir the pot!!!" We've had some issues here lately; and my final suggestion is that you word things more kindly next time, as well as considering a contractual agreement with Care2 that provides for some statement that attribution to stories is necessary in order to avoid this. I know that if I had awakened to something like that it would have blown my day.

Mantha has worked tirelessly for Tyson and all the kangaroos! Please consider this; many people believe that the link to the story is enough to give attribution; and thus, if they happen to quote inside their comments, they don't consider it plagiarism. When you come out so harshly against members who aren't necessarily aware of these things, and something like this occurs in complete innocence, you could end up with members not citing your stories at all. As a newspaper editor, you might also consider that your remarks as stated are threatening . . . . and C2 members have had about all we can take on that end. Too many trolls, stalkers, and harrassers. Just a few suggestions. =)

Andrea C (57)
Wednesday June 6, 2007, 6:13 pm
I would have to say that I sympathize with Mantha, to wake up to these comments would be upsetting, and Jodi,( no offence ) but you were a bit harsh on Mantha. Although you may have an issue you could have been a bit nicer about it. Problems can be solved without harsh words.

Maureen S (122)
Wednesday June 6, 2007, 7:00 pm
Thank you so much Andrea! =)

Past Member (0)
Thursday June 7, 2007, 3:43 am
Hello...I would first like to comment on Maureen's comments. First, when you visit, an independent local news website, copyright is clearly stated on the bottom of our homepage by the date. That's all this is legally required. Second, plagarism, to which I never accused seems harsh, attribution is what I sought. Third, sometimes emails/comments seem harsh and are not meant to be that way, but only to educate and inform. Fourth, I clearly state who I am on on my first and second comments. Fifth, has also spent many hours trying to help the plight of Tyson and all of the animals at Lickety Split Ranch here in Ontario, which we are happy to oblige. Sixth, Ontario is the ONLY province in Canada that does not have laws protecting exotic animals. So, it's the Ontario Gov't that needs to be squeezed which we have done what we can so far among our pages on We will continue when the time is right. Sixth, sorry but not a troll to stir the pot...publisher of a news website that gave a crap for a change, unlike so many other news leaders today. Seventh, I work tirelessly to make sure if any website across the world is using articles and not properly giving our writers credit for their work, as well as credit as the owner of that copy, it is my job and duty to rectify, inform and fix....that's all.
Apology accepted Mantha. Keep up the great work. You have a terrific, very resourceful website.
Have a nice day........Jodi Bryans - President of

Pam F (221)
Thursday June 7, 2007, 4:20 am
The articles by Ross McDermott are excellent ,I wish some of our columnists here (Adelaide,Australia) would show the same compassion and guts to speak out against the government on animal welfare issues.And,when it comes to animal welfare issues,it seems governments are the same the world over - couldn't care less.
Poor Tyson,it doesn't sound good.

Pam F (221)
Thursday June 7, 2007, 4:30 am
The articles written by Ross McDermott are excellent,I wish we here (Adelaide,Australia) had columnists of that calibre willing to speak up for animal welfare issues.Sounds like governments on all sides of the globe are the same,when it comes to compassion for animals - they all couldn't care less.
Poor Tyson,and all the other animals in that sickening place - it doesn't sound good for them.

Andrea C (57)
Thursday June 7, 2007, 6:25 am
It seams that Mantha was so upset by all this that she may have left. If you click on her profile you will see. She did email me this morning when she first saw this and she was upset, but I haven't heard from her since.????? I hope she comes back as she is a good friend.

Past Member (0)
Thursday June 7, 2007, 6:37 am
Come back Mantha.....your work is necessary and we need you....Jodi -

Maureen S (122)
Thursday June 7, 2007, 9:17 am
Good Morning all . . . It is indeed a very sad morning . . . both as to Tyson, and more impotantly as to Mantha! In the spirit of oneness that Mantha holds so dear, I would like to respond to Ms. Jodi of!!! And as to the "mistake" of noting Jodi as a friend . . . that should have been Mantha!!! Which demonstrates that I too was shocked at the harshness of the response . . . particularly given that Mantha is now not available and this is a GREAT LOSS to Care2's community!!!

1. As to copyright, when visiting a page it means NOTHING!!! My page and EVERY page which holds intellectual property states that; that DOES NOT however, preclude anyone from taking one's intellectual properties;

2. As to attribution; if attribution is NOT given properly, it IS considered plagiarism!!! So, I merely used the term in regards to your statements DEMANDING (and that is precisely how your post came across given that you used IMMEDIATELY in it); it was as if you were threatening her that if she did not do so as you requested; and that "request" was made with "I expect this to be done by day's end . . . " (Ibid). If that is not a demand, then I need some readjustment. Perhaps in Ontario it is not perceive that way. However, this is an INTERNATIONAL site with members globally and certainly--even as a scholar--I would have considered that such. Making a demand for attribution IS--by way of framing--an accusation of plagiarism!!!

3. "Third, sometimes emails/comments seem harsh and are not meant to be that way, but only to educate and inform." (Ibid) And yet your post to me is somewhat misconstrued; were it not for the fact that being a conflict resolutionist keeps me (most of the time; I am human after all) from "reacting," that is not the case apparently with you. Note please that I said APPARENTLY!!!

4. You may state who you are within the content of your comments, however your PROFILE does not!!! And THAT is what I referenced. Your profile also shows that you joined on the VERY DAY that you made the comments to Mantha!!! So, what does that say? You join on the day that you DEMAND something of a member which is so hurtful that she has left!!! Tsk, tsk. Being softer goes much further; and being kind does as well.

5. NO ONE, least of all myself, made ANY accusation at all about whether or not did not, has not, nor will not continue to help Tyson's plight; thus, I fail to see the necessity of that remark. Moreover, at least I was kind and extensive in explaining why I took to Mantha's defense at your remarks.

6. Yes, we are ALL painfully aware that Ontario is the ONLY province which does not regulate roadside zoos. I fail to see what that has to do with anything either; it certainly DOES NOT go to the topic of driving a beloved member away with your harsh words. And, as pointed out by Andrea, your comments were harsh.

6. (redundant) Should be 7: " . . . sorry but not a troll to stir the pot...publisher of a news website that gave a crap for a change, unlike so many other news leaders today." (Ibid) Well, as a publisher perhaps you need read your comments more carefully for the sake of editing? Note again the word PERHAPS! And as to your being a troll or not, no one ACCUSED you of being such. That TOO was an explanation as you state that you are just trying to educate! As to your "giving a crap" (Ibid), no one stated that you didn't; obviously the paper did care enough to put the story out there. However, you come across as though I don't care, or that others don't care, DESPITE the fact that you then state that Leadership doesn't; we are all painfully aware of that as well. Nevertheless, how you worded that is ambiguous and can leave one feeling attacked and accused of not caring. Though such is not the case with me; I have much tougher skin than that. As for the troll issue . . . when someone joins on the day they comment as you did and there is no information on their profile, no picture . . . our first reaction is that they are, indeed, a troll. And you have stirred the pot quite well. Moreover, I DID NOT ACCUSE . . . but gave a reason as to why we react to things such as this as we do. I went on to state that we've had issues here lately with this type of thing. AND YOUR PROFILE MATCHES THAT OF A TROLL, or one of the other undesirables here on Care2 that have caused problems with harrassing, threatening (and you did threaten by inference), et cetera. It has caused other members who work on equally important issues to also have to leave Care2, in part, or in whole. They have had to move important issues from Care2; were you a member, and had you done your research in more depth, you just might have discovered that.

(7) 8. "I work tirelessly to make sure if any website across the world is using articles and not properly giving our writers credit for their work, as well as credit as the owner of that copy, it is my job and duty to rectify, inform and fix....that's all." (Ibid; Jodi Bryans 2007) Since you work so tirelessly, perhaps you might consider the way that you do come across in your demands to make sure that your writers are given their due credit for their intellectual property; when credit is taken, that is plagiarism!!! You need look the definition up perhaps? I don't know; that's not the point either. Had you been a longstanding member of Care2, or had you clicked on the link TO THE STORY WHICH DIRECTS YOU TO LONDONTOPIC.CA . . . you would have recognised that that is your dear ATTRIBUTION!!! Just because she might have used part within the story, does not mean she was stealing Mr. McDermott's work; again, harsh statement that you make. Moreover, you sign your post with "President . . ." implying some authoritative position that can also be taken as a threat. Again, if you were a member of Care2, you would realise that in posting a story . . . one HAS TO PUT THE LINK TO THE PAGE WITH THE STORY. That is Care2's policy and is to protect intellectual property. However, since you joined just that day in order to "inform, rectify and fix . . . " (Bryans 2007), it seems that you didn't take the time to discover that!!! CLICK ON THE LINK THAT STATES "visit site!!!" How are we to know that you "give a crap" about members when you join on the same day and your profile states NOTHING whatsoever about you!!! in other words, you joined as it was the ONLY way that you could do your job!! Whilst it's easily understood that chasing down "stolen intellectual/copyrighted" work, this time you caused great harm by your "fixing."

9. "Apology accepted?" (Bryans 2007). BIG DEAL!!! You have done harm . . . "And harm ye none, do what ye will." You took the time to visit her site; she is the owner of graphics for bloody sake; do you really think that she was attempting to plagiarise Mr. McDermott's work? That she did not know? Again, had you taken the time to get to know more about Care2, the link and thus attribution was IN THE STORY!!! Instead, your demanding the correction and joining on that day implies that is the soul reason you did so; as one cannot leave a comment to a news story without becoming a member first.

As to you're being a troll, when we see no photo, and we look at a profile that has absolutely NO INFORMATION on it except the basics, and again, chastise a BELOVED MEMBER of Care2 to the point of running her off, you should be ashamed of yourself. What you state to me is rather rude and implies that I made accusations that clearly I DID NOT!!! Now you plead for her to come back? She can't even access that now. As Andrea points out . . . her page is gone!!! Fortunately, she is a proud member of Mantha's Graphics; how sad that you can compliment her on her page, and yet do not recognise that the way you stated what you did was hurtful. Had you gone to her profile you might have noticed that she was from Australia and thus there is a BIG TIME DIFFERENCE.

Manthat messaged me that morning as well telling me that she was considering leaving as her hard work was taken in such an offensive way . . . and she has worked TIRELESSLY to help animals, particularly roos, day in and day out. How would you feel Jodi if you WOKE UP TO A POSTED NEWS STORY with that response!!! Would you feel good? Would you feel as though other's appreciated what does is well received? I doubt it.

It is my opinion that you owe Mantha a PUBLIC APOLOGY; and, I could say the same for myself, however I don't really care. My point is that yes, things can be MISCONSTRUED!!! You certainly misconstrued what I wrote as I was merely attempting to explain to you!!! So much for that one. I am extremely upset that one tiny little post worded the way it was, by someone who joined MERELY to correct this, has driven a Care2 member that many of us care deeply about . . . from OUR community!!! And personally, I hold the view that OWES THE PUBLIC APOLOGY TO MANTHA!!!

Why should we not consider you a troll? Why should we not consider your purpose only to "stir the pot???" As stated repeatedly, you ONLY JOINED to post to this story and ". . . rectify, inform, and fix" (Bryans 2007)??? That's what trolls do . . . go from site to site and deal with others in an inappropriate way. And that is, as far as I can see, all you did. And you as much as admit that's what you do; so, because you could not comment in your search that day to ensure that intellectual property is protected and respected, you joined Care2, did not create a profile, and then went on to chastise our member! Shame on you!!!

You even took what I stated out of context. Shame again! We love that has taken up Tyson's cause; we love that the independent news source cared enough to make sure that his story--including his disappearance--is OUT THERE!!! However, in your rush to correct you did more harm than good. As to posting a news story on Care2, we are only allowed to put in a limited amount of characters. Mantha included additional information to INFORM AND CARE ABOUT TYSON, just as you claim. And yet, redundantly, you did harm . . . and whether Mantha gets your message to "[c]ome back Mantha.....your work is necessary and we [who is we???] need you....." shall not reach her ears unless another member such as Andrea can get that message to her. I know I will try regardless. I miss MY FRIEND!!! Next time EDIT YOUR WORK Jodi . . . and test the waters as to how it comes across; moreover, do a little research and perhaps your job will be one of writing rather than searching for websites that don't give "proper attribution!"



Past Member (0)
Thursday June 7, 2007, 8:10 pm
Good luck with your plights...I did not bother to read the above....maybe laws are different in Australia....I must get back to work now and good luck to you...

Past Member (0)
Thursday June 7, 2007, 8:18 pm
Let it be duly noted that I request Care2 to please take the link to the article and the copywritten info immediately. Also it be noted that I, as publisher and owner of would rather Care2 not link to our articles any longer then. It seems that the reason for the Care2 website existence has been lost...Instead it has become a bashing session...Maureen you are way over really need to read my posts more closely before spouting off...the very action you have accused me of...interesting....just silliness that I can not be bothered with. I too will no longer visit Care2...I don't have enough time on my hands. Way too busy....

Past Member (0)
Thursday June 7, 2007, 8:22 pm
I no longer give a crap =)

Celine L (22)
Friday June 8, 2007, 8:01 am
Jodi, why make your request public rather than send Mantha a private email? Good public relations involve being understanding and polite where it is called for. You say that “sometimes emails/comments seem harsh and are not meant to be that way, but only to educate and inform”, yet imagine what it would be like if you were Mantha, whom did not attribute that one bit of information, finding a public comment that does not acknowledge or recognise her work for Tyson, or acknowledge that she has on this one ocassion, not given attribution (perhaps because she only used a few lines): but rather, finding a public comment that uses words that many people would not even understand (i.e. expediently and rectified) and waffles on about the achievements of the publication; when common sense (not to forget good public relations) would mean sending a personal email to Mantha, worded in the simplest humane way, something like “it has come to our attention that the following …. has not been attributed to …. Please can you immediately give the correct attribution”.

Such an approach would be professional too, rather than your public comment which is un-necessarily long, in the manner of being both repetitive and over-blown.

Past Member (0)
Friday June 8, 2007, 6:06 pm
I am so saddened that my dear friend Samantha may have left C2, she also emailed me on the day of this post and was very upset with what has happened. I emailed her back but as yet have not received a reply and after reading all this I feel that maybe Andrea could be right and Samantha has left. One of the most beautiful, caring and loving person I have ever come across. She was concerned that I might leave and she was right I was on the verge of doing so but it was the fact of just having people like Samantha as my friends that held me back and now she has left instead. I have sort of semi left as I have cut back on my activities on C2 but a big part of the reason I am still here is beginning to dwindle.

If you read this Samantha, please don't go, we can still do good things on C2 even if we have barriers.

Celine L (22)
Friday June 8, 2007, 7:04 pm
Mantha clearly says that she is just having a break. Let's think about Mantha and wish her well in moving through what has recently happened, rather than think about ourselves missing her. Love and hugs to you, Mantha. You are always in my thoughts. Come back when you are ready.

Celine L (22)
Friday June 8, 2007, 7:13 pm
Also, I feel, as an Australian friend of Mantha's, that she wouldn't want public discussion here of her "condition" or how she is faring, given that she has stated that there are "watchers" of this news, whom may not be interested in that information, for Mantha's or the Group's best interests. I suggest that if anyone wants current or ongoing news about Mantha that she/he simply ask in the Friends of Australian Native Wildlife Group that anyone in the know send her/him a private message, to update her/him; rather than make that information public.

Maureen S (122)
Friday June 8, 2007, 7:49 pm
Greetings Celine and Eleni,

Thank you so much for your additional information and showing of true caring. And Celine, I have NO PROBLEMS admitting that I may have overstepped as regards Mantha, and I am very sorry for doing so. I meant no harm whatsoever. I love Mantha dearly and she has been a rock for me, as well as others. I am also glad to know that she is merely "taking a break." You are also totally on point that the issue here is TRULY Mantha. I did receive e-mail and when i saw her profile gone, i was at a loss as to how to contact her. I have not been able to be "active" in the groups I am a member of and had to also pull back. So for that I thank you and I stand corrected, GLADLY, once again. I deeply appreciate your input. =)

Eleni . . . thank you too. I apologise if anyone else felt that I went overboard! =P My concern truly was for Mantha and the rudeness that was exhibited by someone that did not handle things very professionally. As to her (i.e. publisher) coming back to Care2 . . . as I stated, she wasn't a "member" until that day. This is so sad for Mantha . . . not for me.

And as my integrity is the most important thing to me . . . I absolutely stand corrected, apologise and will be more considerate of what I post as regards others in future. All my friends here at Care2 mean alot to me; I have been taught, and by the grace of the Gods have also been able to impart knowledge and awareness. Always my goal.

In my view . . . I don't feel it's a great loss to C2 as regards the paper! Just my view. Manthat darling Sister, take care of yourself, and when things are more settled for you, I look forward to seeing you again. Most important . . . take the time YOU NEED . . . and do not concern yourself with me--particularly--and the point that I miss you. I can wait; and celebrate when you are feeling ready to return. You are in my thoughts and prayers . . . each and every day. My deepest apologies to you if I did express things that were not mine to express. *chagrine*

I am joining Eleni is "pulling back" from Care2 as there seems to be too many people entering that are interested in bashing . . . regardless of topic. And given these individuals apparently are those who "don't give a crap" (Ibid) . . . it has taken much of the joy from the power we create through out strong coalitions.

Once again Eleni and Celine . . . thank you! =)

Danielle Bryant (0)
Monday June 11, 2007, 8:25 am
For anyone looking to contribute or keep up to date with bill 154 (next OCT, since session closed early) or Tyson the kangaroo and you have a FACEBOOK account please join my group of +800 people search Lickety Split Ranch. 800 voices strong and counting. We're looking for contributors to the news, supporters or anyone who cares to keep abreast of the situation. Best Regards, Danielle Bryant
OR on facebook Dangyell Briznyant.

Ali Hirst (286)
Sunday July 8, 2007, 4:12 pm
Firstly I think it was very rude of Jodie to speak out to Mantha publically as she did. A simple private message would have been much better and less hurtful to Mantha who does so much here on Care 2. Copyright laws are different in each country and a simple mistake is no reason to be rude.
I am glad to be back also with Mantha. My break was not sceduled but my computer decided it for me. I am glad to be back and hopefully we will hear some good news on Tyson very soon. We acted as soon as we could, it was Canada who should have acted first about Tysons plight.

Maureen S (122)
Monday July 9, 2007, 9:49 am
Greetings Helen!

WOOHOOOOOO!!! I had wondered where you went . . . and am thrilled that you too are back. Indeed, your statements as regards this are right on target!!! Some don't think before they jump all over another . . . which is nothing more than "reaction" as opposed to attempts at working together to correct a mistake. And, amasingly, it was Jodie's joining of Care2 JUST to do this!!! As we can all see, she has no profile and is no longer a member. There is something desperately incorrect and offensive when someone joins merely to attack . . . and then cancels their membership! *sigh* This is precisely how conflict gets started and then escalates rapidly!!!


Ali Hirst (286)
Monday July 9, 2007, 8:54 pm
Great to be back Maureen. Now we need to find Tyson....again
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